Roger Benson, “Bare Bottomed at Birchwell” Chapter 4: Juvenile Justice

Bare Bottomed at Birchwell by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 4: Juvenile Justice

In the previous episode of this series, lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy and pretty Patsy Maidenly were undergoing their prolonged (and painful!) preparation for polite society under the strict tutelage of Miss Agatha Webster, the imposing mistress of a well-to-do Sussex estate. During the summer of 1962 the girls undertook a great deal of learning, aided with the helpful motivation of the traditional English cane applied to their delightfully deserving derrieres.

Meanwhile, several thousand miles away – on the other side of the Atlantic ocean – Mr. Billy Hackmore was in the spacious, walnut-paneled study of his apartment in Chicago’s exclusive Lakeshore area. The internationally famous syndicated columnist and writer on domestic discipline issues had chosen the “Windy City” as his headquarters because of its proximity to the Consolidated Publishing Corporation. Consolidated was the proud purveyor of the publications in which Mr. Hackmore’s “Swell Exclusives” appeared – including Teen Topics, Discipline Digest, and the always popular Juvenile Justice. Indeed, at this very moment, Mr. Hackmore was putting the finishing touches on the Summer 1962 issue of the latter publication – provocatively subtitled “Bobbysoxers Bared for Bottom Justice”! This issue of Juvenile Justice included a number of exciting illustrations by a celebrated artist of the day, Mr. Roger Benson.

The lead story was entitled “The Perils of Backseat Dating.” The title referred to the fact that many cute and shapely bobbysoxers would “entertain” their slobbering boyfriends in the backseats of hodrodded automobiles. Many distinguished community leaders – such as Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing and Miss Pricilla Penworthy, national PTA president – had decried the practice and called for strict disciplinary measures. As Miss Penworthy succinctly put it, “These naughty bobbysoxers who allow their delinquent boyfriends to take improper liberties should be taken to the woodshed and taught a good, old-fashioned lesson in morality!”

Illustration by Roger Benson.

The accompanying illustration ably depicted the type of situation that doubtless so distressed Miss Penworthy. To be specific, the picture showed a young lad – his “souped-up” autocar in the background – bidding goodnight to his bobbysoxer girlfriend. In addition to tongue-kissing the ponytailed object of his adoration, the enterprising lad had pulled her skirt up, her panties down, and was busily fondling the girl’s most shapely bottom in a highly suggestive fashion!

The article included a number of “reader responses” including the following from Mrs. Ida R. of Salt Lake City. “Dear Mr. Hackmore: That girl certainly needs to have her bottom bared – but not for the improper attentions of her immoral boyfriend. No, indeed! She should have it bared for a good, long session over Mother’s knee with a traditional hard backed wooden hairbrush! I’ll wager that, after that experience, she’d think twice about her behavior in the company of the opposite sex!”

Mrs. Ida R.’s views were strongly echoed by Mrs. Helen L. of Muncie, Indiana: “Dear Mr. Hackmore: As the mother of two pretty and well-developed bobbysoxers, aged 15 and 17 respectively, I naturally have the strongest possible concern with matters of bobbysoxer behavior and appropriate disciplinary measures to ensure the preservation of proper behavioral standards. I can respectfully assure you, Mr. Hackmore, that if I ever caught one of my darling daughters engaging in the activity so graphically depicted by the illustration, she’d be on the receiving end of a bare bottom session she’d never forget!” Mrs. Helen L. went on to mention that, “for certain special occasions,” she allowed her seventeen-year-old to wear a garter belt, sheer nylons, and spike-heeled pumps. This elicited a tongue-in-cheek editorial enquiry from Mr. Hackmore if such “special occasions” included a spanking session!

Mrs. Vera M. of Spokane, Washington generously shared her disciplinary views with Mr. Hackmore. “My sixteen-year-old is as pretty and shapely a bobbysoxer as you’d hope to find and, most of the time, is well-behaved. But, like all teener girls, she slips up from time to time. On those occasions I require her to report to my bedroom with her buttocks already prepared for discipline. That means completely bare from the waist down except, of course, for her bobbysox and loafers or perhaps saddle shoes. Naturally, at her grown-up age, she is considerably embarrassed but – as far as I am concerned – that is simply part of the punishment. I commend these methods to the mother of the naughty girl who allowed her boyfriend to bare her bottom in your most graphic illustration!”

Miss Henrietta G. of Rockport, Illinois was brief but to the point: “Dear Mr. Hackmore: That girl letting her bottom get felt up that way deserves at least ten minutes with the hairbrush and good, long soap and water disciplinary session afterwards.”

The Perils of Petting

The next story in the Summer 1962 issue of Juvenile Justice was entitled “The Perils of Petting” and told the tale of Bernice M. and Nancy R., two pretty and very shapely sixteen-year-old bobbysoxers who were sophomores at Clearbrook High School, an institution located in a prosperous suburb of Denver, Colorado. An illustration with the story presented an appealing view of the two teeners walking down the corridor at the end of the school day. Giggling and tittering, a pony-tailed Nancy is telling an avidly interested Bernice about a telephone conversation she had with her boyfriend last night during which the lascivious boy told Nancy what he planned to do to her on their very next date!

Alas, Bernice and Nancy are not on their way to the school library to put in some solid study time. Rather, they are on their way to the school parking lot to meet their senior year boyfriends Brad J. and Craig W. The girls will jump into Brad’s hot-rodded Ford autocar and drive off to Pecker Point, a secluded area where their goings-on are unlikely to be witnessed by responsible adults. Unfortunately for their grades, the girls invariably engage in this naughty behavior at the end of each school day, the only source of variation being that they sometimes go in Craig’s souped-up Chevy Bel Aire.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

When the girls finally get home for supper, they fib to their mothers about how long and hard they worked at the school library – having very carefully checked their lipstick to ensure that there are no tell-tale smears. The Pecker Point sessions involved, Mr. Hackmore blushed to report, petting to climax! Although both Bernice and Nancy were “technical virgins,” there was very little they had not done with a boy!

As usual, Mr. Hackmore published reader comments. Mrs. Dora S. of Portland, Oregon, offered a simple but effective solution. “Dear Mr. Hackmore: Those girls should be bent over the back of two sturdy, straight backed chairs – minus their skirts and panties, of course! Then their mothers should take turns walking up and down behind them with a hard-backed wooden hairbrush. The hairbrush should be used to punctuate a very lengthy and detailed lecture on proper bobbysoxer behavior. Needless to say, the sobbing, squirming girls would be expected to answer many pointed questions during this lecture as well as make the sincerest of promises about their future demeanor! After such a session, I’m certain two tearful and deeply red-bottomed bobbysoxers would think twice about using their shapely bottoms to entertain delinquent boys as opposed to using them to sit in the school library to learn their lessons!”

Mrs. Darlene E. of Kansas City was equally definite in her views. “Dear Mr. Hackmore: This is a case for maternal discipline if there ever was one! Both girls should be thoroughly scolded and then given good, long, over-the-knee bare bottom strappings! After the appropriate crimson hue has been obtained on their girlishly plump behinds and the backs of their shapely thighs, they should be marched into the bathroom and have their mouths washed out with Ivory Soap. The very idea, fibbing to their mothers!”

Miss Flora J. of Cleveland, Ohio felt that “…those two girls should be spanked together, if not by their parents then by a caring female schoolteacher. I’d like to see that Bobbysoxer Bernice standing bare bottomed and tearful as she was required to watch that Nancy girl get her just desserts with the school paddle – all the while knowing that she was going to be next!”

Indeed, there was not a single contributor who felt that the girls should be spared strict “bobbysoxer bottom justice”! As Mrs. Hanna D. of Oak Falls, Vermont summed it up: “Bernice and Nancy should be wiggling down a corridor – minus their skirts and panties – and they wouldn’t be on their way to a red hot necking and petting session either. They’d be on their way to the Execution Chamber that is Mother’s Bedroom for a red hot bare bottom hairbrush session! While they were getting their richly deserved spankings, the sobbing and squirming girls would be totally preoccupied with their burning, throbbing bottoms. But afterward I’m sure they’d make the connection between misbehavior and punishment and think twice about their future actions. When Mothers spank their darling daughters, they’re doing it because they love and care for them and want to make sure those cute bobbysoxers grow up to be properly behaved young ladies who will be a credit to their families and their communities!”

High School Initiation Hi-Jinks

The High School YMCA Society (“Hi-Y” for short), a national student leadership organization, was more than 70 years old in 1962. Dedicated to engaging youth in positive actions to influence Christian life in homes and communities, the Hi-Y organized itself around all-male and all-female chapters at high schools throughout the country.

Although the Hi-Y girls’ adjunct had a national office in Dickinson, Kansas, the individual chapters across the country had considerable discretion as to how they executed their affairs. The Hi-Y society at Clearbrook High had several rules and regulations. First, they would only accept girls who were sophomores. Second, they were only interested in the shapeliest, prettiest girls from the best families. Third, their initiation practices were, shall we say, strict!

Being a member of the Hi-Y society brought many social status advantages. And, as highly attractive girls from prosperous families, neither Nancy nor Bernice were surprised when they were invited to be considered for membership. Truth to tell, however, both were more than a little apprehensive about the legendary initiation rites! Nevertheless, both girls “passed muster” and were accepted.

Enquiring and thorough reporter that he was, Billy Hackmore telephoned both Nancy and Bernice and arranged to travel to Denver do an exclusive interview. The girls’ incentives included shopping certificates for use at their local Marshall Fields Department Store!

The interview took place at The Pink Pumpkin, a local gathering spot for area teens. With his breezy style and youthful manner, Mr. Hackmore had no problem “fitting in.” In fact, both girls were frankly flattered that the internationally famous journalist had taken an interest in their adventures.

After a few opening pleasantries, he asked the girls what they saw as the greatest advantage of Hi-Y membership. “Gosh, Mr. Hackmore,” Nancy responded with a cute giggle, “I guess you might say it’s on the social side. You’re surely envied by the girls who aren’t members!”

“That’s for sure,” Bernice chimed in brightly. “Why just a week after I became a member, the Captain of the Basketball Team asked me out on a date!”

But of course, Mr. Hackmore had heard that the initiations are rather strict. Bernice blushed and nodded, and turned to her friend. “They surely are strict,” Nancy replied, her lovely blue eyes very wide. “The big sisters even p-paddle new pledges!”

Asked if they received their initiation swats on the bare bottom, both girls stammered “Y-Yes!” simultaneously, blushing warmly.

Mr. Hackmore now received a full account from both curvaceous girls about how they had to play “nose against the wall” under the strict supervision of Miss Sally Sloan, the Clearbrook High Senior who headed up the Hi-Y Initiation Committee. As the illustration in Juvenile Justice shows, Nancy had to stand on tippy toes, bare below the waist except for her bobby sox, and hold a piece of paper against the wall with her cute nose. A wooden rod, balanced on top of two Coca Cola bottles, ensured that she remained a foot away from the wall. (The penalty for causing the rod to topple off its precarious perch was a session with Sniffy, the tame white rat who was the Clearbrook Hi-Y’s mascot!)

To make matters worse, the girl being initiated had her wrists securely tied behind her back and had to remain in the required position for a full half hour while a large, old fashioned alarm clock loudly ticked the oh-so-slowly passing seconds! Looking very morose and squirming prettily, Nancy and Bernice both admitted to Mr. Hackmore that they had dropped the piece of paper which had the number “12” written on it – the number of paddle strokes they would receive for failure!

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

“Gosh, Mr. Hackmore,” Nancy observed with a warm blush, “the strain on my legs was just awful! And the paper kept sliding downward, ever so slowly!”

Mr. Hackmore enquired with an engaging grin just how the paddlings had been. “Ouuuhhhh, it was just awful!” Bernice blurted out with a stop-light blush. “I was bawling like a baby after four!” Nancy, too, confessed that she had cried, her lovely features reflecting remembered distress. Sweetly, the girls proceeded to hold hands to comfort one another.

Renowned reporter that he was, Billy Hackmore probed on until he learned much more. He discovered, for example, that four of the pledges – blindfolded and hands tied behind their back – had been driven off one night (initiation lasted an entire week!) to a cemetery and left there. By the time the girls got free they were in a total tizzy. When they discovered where they were they became hysterical with fright and fled!

The pledges were also threatened with being taken to the local Nursing School so the student nurses could “practice on them” with enemas and bare bottom injections! Fortunately for the girls, that remained only a threat. Equally fortunately, Sniffy the Rat remained in his cage for Initiation Week.

There were, all in all, many memorable “hazing hijinks.” One Mr. Hackmore particularly liked was “Heels and Hose Day.” The pledges were required to wear their highest spike-heeled pumps, sheer, charcoal-hued nylons held up by a garter belt, and a skirt that had been shortened so that it was impossible to make the slightest move without showing off stocking tops and even bare thighs! The hapless pledges were required to retain the same attire for an evening session that included such hazing pranks as marching “Spanish Step Style,” “Lift That Skirt!”, the “Pushing a Peanut with your Nose Race,” toasting the Clearbook Hi-Y Club with a glass of water to which several drops of cod liver oil had been added, and – of course – more bare bottom paddling! One other stunt the hapless pledges found particularly distressing was the requirement that they get at least four boys on the Basketball Team to autograph a pair of plain white panties – while the girls were wearing them!

Everyone agreed that the Summer 1962 issue of Juvenile Justice was an outstanding success with its focus on Bottom Justice for Bobbysoxers and that dynamic duo – Mr. Billy Hackmore and his able illustrator Mr. Roger Benson – were to be roundly congratulated. Indeed, just two weeks after the issue came out, legendary Hollywood producer Lamont van Renselier III contacted the two gentlemen in question about converting the issue to a script and storyboard that would provide the foundation for another drive-in movie triumph. Mr. van Renselier even went on to suggest that this could be the beginning of movie careers for beautiful Bernice and nubile Nancy!

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Smiles and Spanks,

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