Roger Benson, “Bare Bottomed at Birchwell” Chapter 3: Dress for Distress

Bare Bottomed at Birchwell by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 3: Dress for Distress

Fifty years ago, Miss Agatha Webster, the imposing mistress of a well-to-do Sussex estate, had never met the American writer Billy Hackmore personally, but she was aware of the work of the famous, internationally syndicated columnist and reporter on domestic discipline matters. She enjoyed the breezy style of his “Swell Exclusives,” not to mention the fascinating content of this recurring series, which frequently focused on the disciplinary habits of no-nonsense matrons dealing with misbehaving daughters.

Indeed, it was the inspiration of Mr. Hackmore that led Miss Webster, in the late nineteen-fifties, to commence publication of a quarterly journal entitled The English Gentlewoman’s Guide to Domestic Discipline. It was not long before she assembled an impressive masthead of editorial advisors, including Eric Wildman, Esq., the President of the National Association for the Retention of Corporal Punishment and President of the Corpun Educational Association. She was also fortunate to secure the involvement of Mr. Justice Bleary, of The High Court, who contributed his considerable expertise in the field of corrections under the nom de plume of “The Learned Justice.”

In the July 1959 issue of her journal, Agatha Webster personally penned a most informative article on “punishment dress.” As the good woman sagely observed about disciplinary accoutrements, “there are few disciplinary procedures that are more supremely humiliating for the well developed teenage girl. I am also proud to note that there is general agreement that this uniquely effective disciplinary ritual was invented in England, yet another example of the creative ingenuity that characterizes this Sceptered Isle, this Land of Kings!”

As Miss Webster went on to observe, the singular ingenuity of “punishment dress” is the way in which it combines two rather contrary themes in, to favor understatement, a thoroughly embarrassing fashion. Thus, the shapely (but naughty) teener miss finds herself standing on a rickety stool in The Sewing Room, her cheeks scarlet with humiliation, her lovely eyes glazed with tears, particularly when she catches a glimpse of herself in a nearby mirror.

The reason for her distress is evident, for she is wearing only her skimpy bra and panty set, an off-white elastic garter belt (or suspender belt, as the English would say), tautly suspendered nylon stockings and high, spike heeled pumps in glossy black patent leather. Meanwhile, her strict mother or guardian is busy at the sewing machine putting the finishing touches on a “little girl dress,” complete with puffed, short sleeves, a tight waistband, and a full little skirt hemmed to end precisely at the terminal curves of the young lady’s girlishly plump, delectably shapely buttocks!

“The psychology behind the punishment dress is simple but effective,” Miss Webster wrote with authority. “The combination of sheer nylon hosiery and spike-heeled pumps with the juvenile frock reminds the miscreant miss that she is a big girl being punished like a little one.”

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Naturally, it was not long before lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy and pretty Patricia Jean (“Patsy”) Maidenly learned of this disciplinary technique. Consigned by their strict but loving mothers to spend the latter half of 1962 in Merrie England under the supervision of Miss Webster, Lorna Jane’s maiden aunt, the girls were to be trained at Birchwell Manor as paragons of perfection in polite society. Alas, any training session is not without its faults, and any fault must be swiftly corrected!

So it was that each girl found herself, in turn, in Birchwell’s well appointed sewing room. It was a task that Miss Webster could have easily delegated but its delightful nature motivated her to take personal responsibility. Indeed, the middle-aged matron positively beamed as she approached Lorna Jane with the semi-finished dress. The red-faced and tearful girl stood awkwardly on the rather unstable stool in her spike heels, nylon stockings, and appealing underthings. Her hair had been braided into delightfully juvenile pigtails.

Having ordered Lorna Jane to put the dress on, Agatha Webster now moved slowly around the girl, carefully basting the hemline until it ended precisely when Lorna Jane’s lovely bottom did. This arrangement ensured that dear Lorna Jane’s stocking tops, bare upper thighs, and garter belt straps would be on constant, shaming view. It also made certain that the slightest of bends would cause the ludicrously short little skirt to flick up, revealing deliciously bare terminal buttock curves and skimpy panties!

Later that afternoon, a highly polished silver gray Bentley pulled into Birchwell’s sweeping curved drive. A liveried chauffeur leapt out to open the door for Lord and Lady Leechmore. Agatha Webster’s butler, Humber, obsequiously received the distinguished couple and ushered them to the elegantly appointed drawing room where tea would be served.

In addition to the tea and cakes – served by a young, attractive, and appropriately humble maid – Lorna Jane and Patsy were required to make an appearance. The girls’ red, tear-wet faces were easily explained by their attire – both were in full punishment dress! Neither Lorna Jane nor Patsy were invited to take tea, but they were given an opportunity to walk in a wide circle, holding hands, and – in addition – take turns walking with a heavy book balanced on their heads. And, of course, while the girls “performed,” three pairs of eyes were glued to their every move. Alas, both Lorna Jane and Patsy dropped their books on two occasions!

As a result, Lorna Jane was the first to go over Miss Webster’s knee for a panties-down hand smacking while poor Patsy, tears dripping from her quivering chin, was required to watch. Then, to complete the “correction of faults,” the girls switched places. After both girls had been properly chastised, they were required to stand – side by side – facing the wall, panties at their knees while they held their little skirts up with their hands behind their backs. Then a second round of tea and cakes was served to Lord and Lady Leechmore, both of whom fulsomely congratulated Agatha Webster on both the quality of the refreshments and the entertainment!

Softly crying and totally humiliated, Lorna Jane and Patsy faced the wall, displaying their well-smacked bare bottoms while Miss Webster, Lord Leechmore and his lady wife chatted amiably.

“Harumph, dear lady,” Lord Leechmore affected the hoary tones he used when addressing the House of Lords as he turned to Agatha Webster. “I applaud your dedication to strict discipline. It’s what these naughty children need, as I have commented on several occasions in the Upper Chamber!”

“To be sure, Cedric,” Lady Leechmore chimed in. “But I must say, my dear Agatha, that from the look of those girls’ well rounded rumps they are most appropriate candidates for the cane!”

An icy shiver convulsed Lorna Jane and Patsy’s shapely spines, culminating in a delicious spasming of their prettily reddened bare buttocks.

“They most assuredly are, Loretta, dear,” Agatha Webster was quick to agree. “And that is why I have invited the most distinguished Mr. Eric Wildman to tea in just two days’ time so he may, ah, inspect the goods at first hand and recommend the appropriate instruments.”

“A capital idea, Agatha!” Lady Leechmore enthusiastically agreed, her beady eyes not failing to note the distinct flinching of two ripely rounded rears.

A Visit from Eric Wildman

For the next day and a half, Lorna Jane and Patsy spent much of their time in the well-equipped “classroom” Miss Webster had designed for her laudable work in the training of young ladies for polite society.

The spacious, well-lit room featured a large blackboard and gleaming hardwood floors. At the head of the room was a large and imposing desk, behind which was seated the ever-present personal assistant to Agatha Webster: Miss Frobisher. In her direct line of sight was a row of three old fashioned hardwood and wrought iron student desks with attached seats. Patsy occupied the front desk while Lorna Jane was directly behind her. The wooden seats were unforgivingly hard, and the sizing of both desk tops and seats (and the space between them) was uncomfortably tight for girls as well endowed as Lorna Jane and Patsy.

Thus it was quite easily to become rather distracted in this austere classroom. Both girls, however, had been made abundantly aware of the penalties for poor performance. Accordingly, they made desperate efforts to memorize the materials given to them – which included the 500 page classic Principles of Etiquette for Properly Reared Young Ladies by Percy Bottomley, M.A. (Oxon).

It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon when Miss Frobisher gave the order, “Books away, girls, and stand up!” Lorna Jane and Patsy obeyed at once, neatly placing their learned texts in the open spaces under their desk tops and then squirming awkwardly out of their constraining accommodations. “Very well, girls,” Miss Frobisher continued in her non-nonsense tone of voice, “you may now remove your skirts and underpants and place them neatly on your desk seats. Now, if you please.”

Stifling gasps of dread, a red faced Lorna Jane and equally crimson cheeked Patsy squirmed out of their form fitting skirts and little panties. The girls then stood, arms haplessly at their sides, clad only in their tight, short sleeved sweaters and bras, off-white elastic garter belts, tautly suspendered, sheer tan nylon stockings, and glossy black patent leather pumps with high spike heels.

“And now we are going to the Drawing Room,” Miss Frobisher didactly explained. “You will lead the way, Welworthy. You will follow, Maidenly. And I shall follow up your rears. Now, march!”

Miss Frobisher’s eyes were fastened on Patsy’s behind. She could not wait for the opportunity to cane that pale, ripely curvaceous rump that swayed and jiggled so appetizingly with each clicking, spike-heeled step.

On entering the Drawing Room, Lorna Jane and Patsy gasped, froze, and immediately covered their prettily thatched love nests with their soft hands. Agatha Webster was seated regally in a high backed wing chair. Across from her, on a Chippendale sofa, lounged a well-tailored man of distinguished appearance. A young and shapely maidservant hovered obsequiously in the background, ready to obey any command.

SMACKKK! Miss Frobisher’s hard palm made stinging contact with Patsy’s lower right buttock. Squealing, the girl stumbled forward accompanied by Lorna Jane who had at once comprehended the price of dilly-dallying! Both girls ended up in front of Miss Webster, crimson-faced, blinking back tears, their heads bowed in abject humility.

“You have the honor, Welworthy and Maidenly,” Miss Webster spoke in a cold but level tone of voice, “to be in the presence of Mr. Eric Wildman, President of the National Association for the Retention of Corporal Punishment, President of the Corpun Society, and purveyor of punishment canes for use on naughty children such as yourselves. Incidentally, you forgot to curtsey to Mr. Wildman. Three demerits each. Make a note, Miss Frobisher, if you will.”

“At once, Madam,” Miss Frobisher enthusiastically agreed, producing her ever-present companion, a small, black leather covered “punishment book.”

“Now present your backs to Mr. Wildman,” Miss Webster ordered the frightened girls in a commanding tone, “and place your hands on top of your heads.”

“Ah, a well developed pair,” Eric Wilman observed in the clipped, educated voice of a distinguished schoolmaster. “How old are they?”

“The fair haired one is nineteen,” Miss Webster responded, referring to young Patsy. Then she gestured to Lorna Jane’s back. “The brunette is 20.”

“And their, ah, hips. Would you know that measurement perchance?” Mr. Wildman ventured.

“They share the same, ah, avoirdupois,” Miss Webster replied. “Thirty-eight inches”.

Leaning forward slightly, Mr. Wildman poked his well-manicured index finger into the plumpest portion of Patsy’s left buttock. The girl stifled a gasp. The flesh sprang back instantaneously. He then repeated the procedure with Lorna Jane.

“I would recommend a Number 2,” began the gentleman, “the Girls’ Tutorial model, as we style it. You really should have a pair – one for each pupil. Its flexibility and suppleness are without rival. I can have them to you in two days via The Royal Mail.”

“I would be in your debt, Mr. Wildman,” Miss Webster responded with a warm smile.

As promised, the two punishment canes arrived at Birchwell two days later, via The Royal Mail and marked “PERSONAL AND CONFIDENTIAL TO MISS AGATHA WEBSTER.” On a complimentary basis, Mr. Wildman also enclosed an additional light cane, along with a note on his personal, crested stationery. It stated:

My dear Miss Webster:

I have the pleasure to send you, as discussed, two Number 2, “Girls’ Tutorial” punishment canes. I am confident that these will serve your requirements most admirably.

I also take pleasure in sending you, on a complimentary basis, our lightest cane, which is intended for use with younger girls. Notwithstanding their ages and well-developed hindquarters, I believe that such an instrument may prove useful in connection with your disciplinary programme for Misses Welworthy and Maidenly.

To be specific, it would be appropriate for such girls to receive twenty-four strokes each with the light cane. The cumulative effect of such an extended chastisement would produce salutory results.

I remain, madam, your humble and obedient servant,

Eric Wildman, Esquire President, The National Association for the Retention of Corporal Punishment

As it turned out, the arrival of the punishment canes was indeed propitious!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Maiden Canings

Miss Frobisher had set a Tuesday morning test for Lorna Jane and Patsy. The questions would address a wide range of important issues pertaining to matters of proper etiquette in polite society. The passing mark was set at 80 percent. Alas, despite their efforts to memorize a diverse array of complicated material, both Lorna Jane and Patsy proved to be deficient pupils. Lorna Jane’s score was a dismal 58. Patsy fared even worse at 54.

All too soon, both girls found themselves standing – tearful and trembling – in front of Miss Webster’s imposing desk while Miss Frobisher hovered in the background. After a lengthy and pointed scolding on their poor performance, each girl was sentenced to “six of the best” on their girlishly plump bare buttocks with the Number 2 “Girls’ Tutorial” cane.

Lorna Jane’s execution was set first, for two o’clock in the afternoon. For one hour beforehand, the girl would stand in the corner wearing a dunce cap, holding her skirt up with her hands behind her back while a nearby clock loudly ticked off the inevitable arrival of the distressed damsel’s dire doom!

At precisely 2 P.M., Miss Webster and Miss Frobisher took charge of a tearful girl. Her dunce cap was removed and she was then commanded to take off her skirt and panties. Then she was marched to The Caning Chamber. Apart from a powerful overhead light, the window-less room contained only a solid wooden chair, with arms, that had been fastened to the hardwood floor with metal brackets.

Lorna Jane was required to bend forward over the back of the furnishing, and grip each of the chair’s arms at their mid-point. Leather straps, secured to the undersides of the arms, were snugly buckled around the girl’s wrists. Then Miss Frobisher produced a black leather buckling strap which she secured around Lorna Jane’s lovely, nyloned ankles.

Lorna Jane was bent forward, but not excessively, thanks to the height of the chair arms. This posture presented her peerless posterior in the most vulnerable and humiliating position possible. A delicious patina of gooseflesh crawled over her quivering buttocks and the tops of her ripely rounded thighs, where they were bare above her stocking tops.

The girl gasped with sheer dread as she heard the hissing sound of parting air as Miss Webster tested the cane’s characteristics. Then Lorna Jane heard herself scream as the ultra-flexible cane made stinging, searing contact with the ripest curves of her bare behind.

“One,” announced Miss Frobisher in a controlled voice. The pink welt that decorated Lorna Jane’s succulent rump was already darkening.

Lorna Jane’s poignant pleas for mercy were cut short by another scream as the cane made its mark precisely one inch above its last caress.


“I suggest you study more diligently, Welworthy,” Miss Webster sagely observed, “if you wish to avoid a repetition of this discomfort.” Lorna Jane’s shriek followed almost immediately.

“Three,” Miss Frobisher dutifully recorded, a slight smile playing at the corners of her thin lips.

The fourth and fifth slashes of the cane made the pain mount to a seemingly unbearable level in the howling girl’s plump bottom flesh. The sixth stroke sliced into that most exquisitely sensitive area of all, where thighs merge with buttocks. A screaming, hysterically sobbing Lorna Jane was lifted off her spike heels for an excruciating moment.

After about five minutes, Lorna Jane was released from the caning chair and made to grovel on her rounded, nyloned knees in front of Miss Webster and kiss the cane from crook to tip and back again.

“Make your kisses lingering and tender, Welworthy,” Agatha Webster advised, “to show your appreciation to Mr. Bendy.” (The good woman had many affectionate names for the instruments of correction she employed.)

Poor Patsy was next! After a humiliating and seemingly unendurable hour’s wait in the corner, during which she replayed over and over in her mind the terrifying sight of Lorna Jane’s pale bottom flesh being painted with angry pink wheals, the girl was finally secured to the caning chair to receive her just comeuppance.

Patsy’s screams of pain matched Lorna Jane’s, howl for howl, decibel for decibel. By the time her six-stroke punishment was finally over, the girl appeared to be dancing in her bonds in a futile attempt to ward off the extreme discomfort in her hindquarters.

Some may feel that the canings Lorna Jane and Patsy Jean received were rather strict. In fact, they were most appropriate to the standards of the day. Miss Webster well understood that girls study most diligently when the specter of corporal punishment hovers over their pretty heads. Moreover, the canes employed for the correction had been prescribed by an unquestioned expert, just as Miss Webster was an unquestioned expert in their use. Finally, for big, healthy girls like Lorna Jane and Patsy, the carefully administered canings could do no lasting harm. Indeed, the stripes would fade from view in a week or so. The memories, however, would last rather longer!

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