Roger Benson, “Bare Bottomed at Birchwell” Chapter 2: Aunty Agatha’s Expectations

Bare Bottomed at Birchwell by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 2: Aunty Agatha’s Expectations

As we saw from the last issue of Bared Affair, twenty-year-old Lorna Jane Wellworthy and nineteen-year-old Patrica Jean (“Patsy”) Maidenly were consigned by their strict but loving mothers to spend six months, commencing in June 1962, in Merrie England under the supervision of Miss Agatha Webster, Lorna Jane’s maiden aunt. A woman of quality, Miss Webster took a considerable interest in training young girls so they would be paragons of perfection in polite society.

Both girls arrived in Merrie England within 48 hours of one another and soon found themselves at Miss Webster’s Sussex estate. Comprising some 25 rooms, stately Birchwell Manor was set on 30 acres of manicured landscape. Needless to say, such a large establishment required extensive staff, and Miss Webster was well supplied in that regard having a chauffeur, a groundsman, a butler and cook, and two attractive (and exceptionally submissive) nineteen-year-old maids! In addition, Miss Webster had a personal assistant – a tall, austere woman in her middle years, known only as “Miss Frobisher” and who was treated with the greatest respect by all the other members of Miss Webster’s staff.

Nearly 30 years earlier, when Miss Webster was in her very early twenties, she had taken a “working year” in Merrie England and had secured office employment with a major newspaper. She was a striking and talented young woman and it is perhaps not surprising that she came to the attention of one of Fleet Street’s most successful “press barons” – an older man of great wealth and power. Romance blossomed between the couple and wedding bells were planned. Alas, just four weeks before the nuptials, Agatha Webster’s intended perished in an aeroplane crash over the Andes. The reading of his will revealed that he has left his bride-to-be his country estate – Birchwell, a stylish flat in Belgravia, a substantial sum of capital, and a generous annual allowance.

Miss Webster remained in Merrie England and, in time, recovered from her loss and established herself as a gracious hostess in both country and city social circles. When the dark clouds of war gathered in 1939, she could have easily remained at her country estate, insulated from the ravages of the Luftwaffe. Instead, she went to London, volunteered as an ambulance driver, and performed heroic service during the blitz – service for which she was awarded the highest honors of The Knights of St. John.

After the war, with Merrie England’s economic and physical recovery, Miss Webster returned to her social whirl and once again rapidly established herself as a distinguished hostess and confidante to the well-born and powerful.

The Girls’ Bare-Bottom Reminiscences

Although both Lorna Jane and Patsy had been raised in lovely homes located in the most prosperous suburbs of their respective communities, neither girl had ever experienced anything like Birchwell in their young lives! The sheer scale of the residence, the sylvan elegance of the setting, the uniformed servants – it was impressive almost beyond belief. And, of course, it was the perfect setting for two impressionable young misses from “the new world” to learn the niceties of polite society.

Illustration by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

And Miss Webster knew that society well. Her circle of friends (all of them frequent visitors to Birchwell) included Mr. Justice Bleary, the distinguished jurist; Eric Wildman, Esq., President of the National Association for the Retention of Corporal Punishment and the Corpun Educational Association; Lord and Lady Leechmore – when Lord Leechmore was not arguing for a return to traditional values in the House of Lords, he sat on many Boards of Directors in the City of London; Basil Warpingham, a society photographer whose photographical interests extended well beyond that realm; Colonel Canewell, O.B.E. (ret.), a distinguished officer of Her Majesty’s crack Imperials Regiment; Rev. Gerald Goodsoul, the village vicar and a man of diverse interests. This distinguished company, and others, were frequently joined by Miss Frobisher, Agatha Webster’s personal assistant. The tall, impeccably mannered woman had originally trained as a nurse but had turned her interest to the social education of girls. Lorna Jane and Patsy would soon come to know all these individuals – in ways they could have never imagined!

The girls were installed in two well-appointed bedrooms in the second floor east wing of Birchwell. After the war, Miss Webster had commissioned various modernizations to Birchwell. One consequence of this was that Lorna Jane and Patsy had private bathrooms attached to their sleeping chambers.

Although the girls’ accommodation at Birchwell was very comfortable, this could not overcome the sense of loneliness and homesickness they were both suffering from. Agatha Webster was in London and Miss Frobisher had attended to the details of the girls’ “settling in,” advising them that Miss Webster would be returning to Birchwell in the next day or so and would officially greet them at that time.

An unhappy Patsy prepared herself for her first night in a strange bed by putting on the tops of her baby doll pyjamas and the skimpy panties that accompanied them. Snuggling down under the covers, she found herself thinking about her darling boyfriend, Bill Reed, and how desperately she missed him. Bill, an athletic and academically accomplished lad of the finest character, was poised to commence the legal education that would see him following in the footsteps of his eminent attorney father.

Patsy’s thoughts turned to a memorable January weekend she had spent with Bill – with full parental permission, of course! The couple, along with some other young friends, had gone to the High Peaks Ski Lodge. What the parents didn’t know was that, thanks to some creative “room exchanging”, the ardent young couple would end up sharing their accommodation with each other.

After a bracing afternoon on the slopes, Patsy and Bill returned to their luxuriously appointed room at the lodge. While Bill was still outside attending to the ski gear, Patsy slipped out of her ski boots, ski pants, and skimpy little panties – leaving her appealingly clad in a form fitting ski sweater with matching socks. She padded into the well-equipped kitchenette and made herself a mug of hot chocolate. Then she propped a soft pillow against the wall and lay down on the floor with her peerless bottom pointed at the cheery fireplace.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

When Bill entered the room, Patsy had looked up with a lovingly warm and inviting expression. Her ardent lover stifled a gasp and wasted no time divesting himself of his ski boots, ski pants, and little white shorts. Moments later, the loving couple were locked in the most affectionate embrace imaginable.

Remembering the passionate evening, Patsy’s soft, naughty fingers found the naughty place and she was soon squirming with ecstasy.

As for Lorna Jane, the naughty girl had worn nothing to bed. Her thoughts, however, were less pleasurable than Patsy’s. Indeed, Lorna Jane was remembering her summer visit to Birchwell some two years earlier. During that sojourn, Lorna Jane had received frequent corrections from her strict Aunty. The one that lingered in her mind as supremely humiliating was caused by her behavioral misdemeanor of whispering and giggling with another girl during church services. Back at Birchwell, the tearful girl found herself standing in front of a gleefully seated Vicar Goodsoul while she held her skirt up with her hands behind her back, displaying her tight, virtually transparent girdle and her ridden-up panties underneath. A hairbrush wielding Aunt Agatha had stood in front of the contrite and frightened miss, delivering a lengthy scolding which, of course, was simply a prelude to an even more lengthy bare bottom smacking!

Lorna Jane’s thoughts next turned to the last few days she had spent at home. Apart from her parents and friends, with whom she had tearful farewells, the girl saw her Reformatory Parole Officer, Miss Wright, one last time. A morose Lorna Jane was comforted by the good woman, who assured her that “all would come right in the end” (no pun intended!) and gave the girl a warm hug and motherly kiss. Lorna Jane felt very close to Miss Wright and deeply appreciated all the older woman had done for her. As for Miss Wright, although she was a strict but loving guide for all her charges, she had a particular soft spot for the adorable Lorna Jane and her friend Kathy Ann Goodchild.

Lorna Jane also paid a final visit to Miss Moira Ashdowne, the attractive and imperious personal assistant to Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing. The girl had carefully laundered, pressed and wrapped up the seven pairs of reformatory-issue black and white striped bras and panties she had been issued with for the purposes of her “Reformatory Panty Parole.” Standing before Miss Ashdowne’s imposing desk, the girl submissively handed the striking woman the package.

Miss Ashdowne opened it to check the contents and then proceeded to give Lorna Jane one striped bra and panty set. “Your Reformatory Panty Parole is now at an end, young lady,” she announced with a cool but not unpleasant smile. “However, I suggest that you keep these as a very special souvenir and wear them from time to time to remind you how much you benefited from your time at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls.”

Reluctantly but obediently, Lorna Jane accepted the bra and panty set and wisely thanked Miss Ashdowne “for everything” in a most humble and contrite manner. Miss Ashdowne rose and walked around to the front of her desk. She embraced Lorna Jane warmly, lightly patting the girl’s succulent, snugly sheathed sitter! “Be a good girl, dear, and enjoy your time in Merrie England. When you return, you will truly be a properly brought up young lady and a credit to your family and our entire community!” Lorna Jane fell asleep with a slight smile on her lips as she recalled this exhortation to be a good girl. Surely she would demonstrate how right Miss Ashdowne was.

An Appointment with Aunty!

The next morning, Lorna Jane and Patsy found themselves – Miss Frobisher directly behind them – standing in front of Agatha Webster’s large, walnut desk in the latter’s richly appointed study.

“Ohhh, Aunty, dear…” Lorna Jane babbled, “I… I’m so g-glad to see you.” These words were immediately followed by her squeal of distress as Miss Webster’s imperious assistant gave the girl a hard smack on her tightly skirted bottom!

“You are not here on a social visit, young lady,” Miss Frobisher coldly announced. “You are here to be trained for polite society. You will speak only when spoken to. You will refer to Miss Webster as ‘Mistress’ and you shall call me ‘Madam’!”

The woman then jabbed her bony index finger between Patsy’s snugly skirted buttocks, eliciting a delicious squeal. “Did you hear that too, Maidenly?”

“Y-Yes, m-madam…” Patsy gasped out in a quavering voice.

“I think we’ll begin with you, Welworthy,” Miss Webster observed in a cold voice. “It’s time to assess the way you walk and elevate it to the highest standards of ladylike locomotion. Maidenly can watch. Take them to the Ballroom, Miss Frobisher, if you please!”

Illustration by Roger Benson.

The Ballroom was a huge, high ceilinged room with virtually no furniture. A narrow, painted line ran from one end to the other – a distance of over 60 feet! After being ordered to divest herself of outer clothing, Lorna Jane soon found herself wearing only her bra, a taupe-hued girdle over her brief panties, sheer tan nylons and a very special pair of glossy, black patent leather pumps with five and one half inch spike heels – supplied by Enrico’s Exotic Footwear of London’s infamous Soho District.

A tearful Lorna Jane was required to “walk the line,” one foot directly in front of the other, while Miss Frobisher followed – a thin, whippy willow switch in her capable right hand. The slightest error by lovely Lorna Jane resulted in a stinging cut, administered to the backs of her succulently shapely thighs or calves!

Lorna Jane could manage four inch heels, but these gave her the most teeteringly precarious experience she had ever undergone in her young life! As her luscious legs ached and trembled, her mistakes increased – each one rewarded by the dutiful attentions of Miss Frobisher’s stinging switch. Lorna Jane’s squeals of distress echoed delightfully in the Ballroom.

“A young lady must learn to manage on heels,” Miss Webster observed matter-of-factly. For poor Lorna Jane and Patsy, it was just the beginning of their arduous introduction to English discipline and training!

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