Roger Benson, “Bare Bottomed at Birchwell” Chapter 1: Many Happy Returns

Bare Bottomed at Birchwell by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.


Mrs. Angie Heart, Editrix-in-Chief of the renowned Bared Affair Magazine has done it again! We were thrilled in 2004 when she released Mr. Roger Benson’s long out of print novella, Delinquent Damsels in Distress! We were delighted when she followed this literary coup with the 2005 release of Mr. Benson’s Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons! Now she has completed the trilogy with what many would regard as Roger Benson’s magnum opus: Bare Bottomed at Birchwell!

As a (now retired) internationally famous syndicated columnist and writer on domestic and judicial discipline matters, I of course have long been familiar with Mr. Benson’s peerless prose and ingenious illustrations. What a pleasure to see them once again in print for the delectation of later generations!

It’s 1962 and lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy, a central figure in the earlier works is joined in Bare Bottomed at Birchwell by pretty Patsy Maidenly, an adorable and exceptionally shapely 19 year old from the fine state of Indiana. Both girls have been consigned, by their strict but loving parents, to a very special “finishing school” located on an imposing estate located in Sussex, England.

Operated by Miss Agatha Forsythe Webster, O.B.E. and her equally discipline-minded assistant Miss Frobisher, “The Polite Society Preparation Programme” is designed to produce “properly behaved young ladies” and does not shrink from the application of strict discipline to achieve that laudable objective!

Needless to say, Miss Lorna Jane and Miss Patsy learn a great deal about polite society and also learn that English disciplinary techniques are both unique and highly effective! Enthusiasts for the genre are, to put it mildly, in for a treat!

Superby illustrated and written with knowledgeable sophistication, Bare Bottomed at Birchwell confirms for all time the depth of Mr. Roger Benson’s commanding talent!

Billy Hackmore, Sr., January 2007

Chapter 1: Many Happy Returns

As we learned from the last issue of this magazine, in just two months’ time lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy would turn twenty and complete her second year of study at the all girls Maydith College. We also learned that Lorna Jane’s strict but loving mother, Mrs. Welworthy, had decided that her darling daughter would benefit from a six month sojourn in Merrie England where Lorna Jane’s maiden aunt Agatha Webster – a discipline-minded woman of quality – would instruct the girl in the ways of polite society that every well brought up young lady must know. As it happens, dear Lorna Jane had visited her strict Aunty when she was just 18 and had some vivid disciplinary memories that made her ripely curvaceous body tremble with trepidation!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

The last two months before her departure were busy ones for Lorna Jane. She managed to complete her second year of study with a solid “B” average which, happily for her, precluded the necessity of a motivational session with her mother and her mother’s “dear old friend,” Mr. Hairbrush. Alas, poor Lorna Jane was not fortunate enough to escape entirely the attentions of her mother’s friend. In a nervous tizzy over a final exam, the girl completely forgot to run an important errand for her mother which entailed picking up certain supplies for a special Bridge Club event Mrs. Welworthy was hosting at her lovely home.

A kindly woman, Mrs. Welworthy permitted Lorna Jane to finish her exam before the ultimate reckoning which, as it happened, was on a Friday afternoon. A tearful Lorna Jane, spike heels clicking, found herself walking down the long hallway to the Spanking Room while her mother and Mr. Hairbrush followed. Above the waist, Lorna Jane wore a tight, short sleeved sweater and bra. Below the waist, she was deliciously bare except for an off white elastic garter belt, tautly suspendered sheer tan nylon hose and, of course, her glossy black patent pumps.

After a sound spanking, a sobbing and very red bottomed Lorna Jane was required to put on a light raincoat whereupon her mother ushered the girl into the family sedan and proceeded to drive over to Mrs. Evelyn Goddard’s house. Mrs. Goddard greeted Mrs. Welworthy and her daughter warmly. A scarlet faced Lorna Jane blinked back fresh tears as her coat was taken from her.

“Walk around in a wide circle, dear,” Mrs. Welworthy commanded. “Keep your hands on top of your head and take tiny little steps!” 

Tears dripped from Lorna Jane’s quivering chin as she minced around the elegantly appointed living room, her prettily reddened buttocks jiggling and swaying delightfully. 

“Excellent brush work, Iona, dear,” Mrs. Goddard observed in a genial tone, her eyes glued to Lorna Jane’s girlishly plump posterior portions. 

“You are too kind, Evelyn, dear,” Mrs. Welworthy responded warmly. “But I fear that Lorna Jane’s behavioral misdemeanour warrants more correction than a simple session with Mr. Hairbrush. I was thinking of that special third floor bathroom you have…” 

Lorna Jane’s gasp of fear was plainly audible. Suddenly, her rounded, nyloned knees felt very watery and her plump little bumhole spasmed with dread. 

“But of course, Iona,” Evelyn Goddard responded cheerfully. “It’s been far too long since Lorna Jane spent some time with her little playmates, Mr. Nozzle and Mr. Plug!” 

Ten minutes later, Mrs. Welworthy watched with avid interest as Mrs. Goddard worked on her darling daughter. Lying face down on the hard, narrow enema table, Lorna Jane cried softly and emitted the most delightful gasps and whimpers throughout the lengthy procedure. As Mrs. Welworthy watched, she wondered to herself who she would rather be in the circumstances: Mrs. Goddard, Lorna Jane, or Mr. Nozzle himself! 

A Girdled Girl 

Mrs. Welworthy arranged a thoroughly delightful birthday party for dear Lorna Jane. Mrs. Goddard was invited as was Lorna Jane’s adoring boyfriend, Rod Long. Kathy Ann and her swain, Lance Thicker, were also in attendance. Lorna Jane received many lovely presents for which she was deeply grateful. Then, it was almost time to cut the cake! 

But first, as Mrs. Welworthy reminded her radiant daughter, there was the little matter of the traditional birthday spanking! A scarlet-faced Lorna Jane went over her mother’s oh-so-capable knee and the full pink skirt of her pretty party frock was turned up, revealing skimpy pink nylon panties and the darker tops of her taughtly suspendered sheer nylon hose – not to mention the succulent bare thigh flesh above! 

Mrs. Welworthy allowed the girl to retain her panties while slowly and crisply administering 23 spanks: one for each year of the girl’s age, one to grow on, one for good luck, and one for good measure! Lorna Jane squealed very appealingly during the delightful ritual, kicking her glossy white patent spike heeled pumps in what the French have called “the dance of the punished bottom”! Then, a red-faced but only slightly tearful Lorna Jane squirmed on her chair as she cut the cake and make her wish. “Ohhhhh, g-golly,” she thought to herself. “I hope Aunty Agatha isn’t t-too strict with little meeee!” 

Since Lorna Jane was required to attend church on Sundays, she was always expected to wear a girdle on that day. Otherwise, the girl’s sheer nylon hosiery was tautly suspendered by an off-white elastic garter belt or, sometimes on date nights, a naughty black elastic garter belt. The latter garment, in particular, seemed to have a particularly pronounced effect on Rod Long’s libido and, in fact, Lorna Jane invariably retained her stockings and garter belt during her intimate sessions with her adoring boyfriend. 

As Lorna Jane’s departure date for Merrie England rapidly approached, her mother wished to ensure that her darling daughter made the proper impression on Aunt Agatha as “a properly brought up young lady” which meant, among other things, that Lorna Jane would now be required to wear a girdle all the time! 

The hapless girl was escorted by her mother to the shop of Miss Ludmilla Tightly, a middle-aged purveyor of bras, girdles and other necessities for properly brought up young misses. 

When Lorna Jane’s mother telephoned Miss Tightly to make an appointment, the good woman sagely counseled: “I look forward to seeing you and your daughter, Mrs. Welworthy. Do make sure the girl wears her highest spike heeled pumps for they are the ultimate test of the ability of a properly designed girdle to control unsavory jiggling.” 

All too soon, a hotly blushing Lorna Jane found herself parading around in a back room of Miss Tightly’s shop. Apart from her bra and panties, the girl wore a snug, off-white, open-bottomed girdle that failed to cover the terminal curves of her girlishly plump buttocks. Tautly suspendered sheer tan nylon hose and glossy black patent leather pumps with four and a quarter inch spike heels completed her ensemble. 

Miss Tightly beamed approvingly. “As you can see, Mrs. Welworthy, a pleasing feminine sway but no improper jiggling of – ah, the gluteal portions.” Mrs. Welworthy and her daughter left the shop with five girdles: three in off-white, one in pale beige, and one in a subdued shade of pink. 

The girdles were a terrible trial for poor Lorna Jane. They constantly rode up in back, revealing a succulent bow shaped slice of girlflesh. In addition, her little panties had a disconcerting tendency to ride up under her girdle, wedging uncomfortably in her deep gluteal crevice. And when she took the restraining garment off before bed, there were invariably red welts around her shapely waist, not to mention the lower curves of her ripely moulded buttocks!

Since being caught without a girdle would mean the strictest of maternal punishments, Lorna Jane did not dare to disobey and even wore one of the horrid garments on her very last date – before her departure for Merrie England – with her darling boyfriend, Rod Long. Notwithstanding her girdled condition, the date was a rather passionate affair. Lorna Jane knew how much she would miss Rod and wanted to make sure that he remained true to her during her absence. Accordingly, the naughty girl used her lovely mouth in a way she had only done once before in her young life – during her never-to-be-forgotten Judicial Review in Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing’s Privy Chambers! Rod, needless to say, experienced a level of ecstasy he had never imagined possible and babbled promises of undying love and devotion – words Lorna Jane very much wanted to hear! 

Less than a week later, Lorna Jane was crossing the Atlantic on the flagship Empress of Britain. At a less than opportune moment, a frisky breeze came up from the Atlantic and provided ship goers an appealing view of dear Lorna Jane’s girdle. Her teary and mournful expression was a reflection of a quite understandable attack of homesickness. The expression of young Nigel Nubbins, Junior Assistant Radio Operator on the great liner, was rather different as he gazed at Lorna Jane from a concealed corner. Decorum forbids description of young Nigel’s unsavory phantasies and, we are pleased to report, they remained just that as far as lovely Lorna Jane was concerned! 

Pretty Patsy’s Pulchritude 

Patricia Jean Maidenly (known as Patsy) was one of the loveliest nineteen-year-olds in the fine state of Indiana. It wasn’t just her beautifully natural blonde hair and adorable blue eyes, Patsy stood five foot six and one half inches in her stocking feet and the tale the tape measure told was 37-25-38. A shapely miss indeed! 

After graduating from high school (a solid “B” average and popular with all the other students), Patsy enrolled in first year studies at the all girls Cedarbrook College, located in a prosperous suburb of Indianapolis. Patsy’s father, Horace Maidenly, was a highly successful businessman and wisely left matters pertaining to the domestic discipline of his only child to Patsy’s strict but loving mother, Helen Maidenly. 

Mrs. Maidenly was a pillar of the community, involved in many good works and also active as Vice President of the Claremont Bridge Club. Indeed, it was through her avid interest in bridge that Helen Maidenly had met Iona Welworthy, Lorna Jane’s mother and, through that, learned of Miss Agatha Webster’s great interest and expertise in helping young ladies become paragons of perfection in polite society. 

As chance would have it, it was in April 1962 that Helen Maidenly made contact with Agatha Webster and it was soon arranged that pretty Patsy – just like lovely Lorna Jane – would travel to Merrie England in June for a six month stay in Miss Webster’s care. And so, dear reader, it was destined that Patsy and Lorna Jane were to meet and share a fascinating array of quite unforgettable experiences!

Patricia Jean Maidenly was a well-mannered and considerate girl, thanks to her mother’s strict but loving attention to the fine details of bringing up her daughter including, of course, diligent attention to domestic discipline when needed! For despite her many fine attributes, pretty Patsy – like all teener girls – was capable of being naughty and thoughtless from time to time. 

And then it was time for a visit to the Execution Chamber that is mother’s bedroom and a sound, over-the-knee, bare bottom hairbrushing. No matter whether Patsy was a sixteen-year-old bobby soxer or a more mature girl wearing sheer nylon stockings and spike heels, she would never graduate from the tender mercies of mother’s hairbrush! 

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Mrs. Maidenly took pride in her daughter and felt that her discipline-minded ways had played an important part in shaping the girl’s excellent character and behavior. But Mrs. Maidenly also wisely recognized that young girls develop best when they undergo a range of experiences and that a sojourn in Merrie England under Miss Webster’s wise (if strict!) tutelage would be greatly to Patsy’s long term good. 

Patsy, needless to say, was apprehensive about the prospect, with just cause, it turns out! But she wisely realized that any failure to be totally obedient would result in her standing before her mother – bare from the waist down except for her garter belt, sheer nylon stockings and spike-heeled pumps – receiving a good talking to as a prelude to a lengthy and painful over-the-knee hairbrushing on her girlishly plump bare bottom!

Continue reading – Bare Bottomed at Birchwell Chapter 2: Aunty Agatha’s Expectations by Roger Benson

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Smiles and Spanks,

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