Copper Part 1, Intro

I first discovered the artist Copper and Red Tails: The Male Spanking Magazine while browsing the shop AutoErotica in the Castro. And what a happy discovery it was!

Here is a bit of background on the artist from the Antebellum Gallery Blog:

“Having enjoyed drawing and painting his entire life, Copper worked as an illustrator and layout artist in West Hollywood in the early 1980’s. Here he created art for the bi-weekly gay periodical DataBoy Magazine, as well as advertising campaigns for adult industry stars like Leo Ford and Jeff Stryker, and BD/SM legends Larry Townsend and Marathon Films.

In the mid-80’s, Copper changed careers by joining the L.A.P.D. He was the first gay police officer to voluntarily come-out to the department in 1991. In addition to his regular patrol duties in the Hollywood Division, he was also an instructor at the Police Academy, helping to establish the curriculum for a class in Police Relations with the LGBT Community.

In 1992, Copper’s art began to regularly appear in periodicals like Drummer, The Leather Journal, Hot Bottoms and Cuir.

Having a personal interest in the male-spanking fetish, in 1998 Man’s Hand Films published a 98 page book of his original stories and drawings titled The Art of Spanking. Copper is now a co-owner and Creative Director of Man’s Hand Films, including his appearances in nine of their spanking videos.

Since BD/SM magazines in the 1990’s were printed in black-and-white, most of Copper’s early work was pen-and-ink including illustrations, cartoons and comic-book style drawings. With the advent of online publishing in the early 2000’s, Copper began incorporating more color into his art, in addition to rekindling his interest in oil painting.

Copper retired from the L.A.P.D. in the early 2000’s and now lives in North Hollywood where he is semi-active in the C.P. and BD/SM community, in addition to continuing his hobby of creating erotic imagery – especially that of male spankings.”

I really enjoyed this interview with Copper: Dudes Spankin’ Dudes, Episode 17: An Interview With Copper. You can also follow Dudes Spankin’ Dudes on Twitter.

And for any men out there who are interested, the all-male L.A. Moonburn Spanking Party discussed in the podcast is back! For more information, visit the website Threshold or take a listen to Dudes Spankin’ Dudes: Moonburn Is Back.

Explore more of Copper’s artwork in Copper Part 2, Before the Spanking.

Smiles and Spanks,