Roger Benson, “Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons” Chapter 10: Daughterly Comeuppances

Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 10: Daughterly Comeuppances 

The second term was proceeding rapidly at the all-girls Maydith College. Lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy was working very hard on her studies in order to avoid the disapproval of Miss McFarlane, the Dean of Girls. Nor, for that matter, would she want to upset her strict temporary guardian, Mrs. Evelyn Goddard, who took a great interest in Lorna Jane’s academic performance.

In addition to her schoolwork, Lorna Jane had to live up to the strict dress code at Maydith College to ensure that she was always a properly attired and presented young lady. In this connection, one can well imagine Lorna Jane’s distress when she discovered on a Tuesday evening that her last pair of sheer, tan-hued nylon stockings had a run in them!

Miss McFarlane, needless to say, took a very disapproving view of young ladies who wore laddered hose. Lorna Jane had a nice new pair of charcoal-hued nylons set aside for her authorized Saturday evening date with her loving boyfriend, Rod Long. However, wearing such hosiery to Maydith College would unquestionably earn her an over-the-knee session in Miss McFarlane’s private office! 

Lorna Jane’s mother had provided Evelyn Goddard with funds for a generous weekly allowance for her darling daughter which was paid on Fridays. With a sinking heart, Lorna Jane knew it was useless to ask for an advance. Quite properly, Mrs. Goddard was determined to instill in Lorna Jane a proper understanding of the need for appropriate care and budgeting of one’s financial resources! 

The girl dreaded the prospect of having to wear bobbysox and penny loafers to class. That might be alright for a freshette, but she was a second year student—a sophomore! And so, dear Lorna Jane most unwisely decided that she would “borrow” (without permission!) a pair of Mrs. Goddard’s stockings. 

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for a woman as well educated and organized as Evelyn Goddard to discover the missing stockings and put two and two together. On her return from Maydith late Wednesday afternoon, Lorna Jane was summarily summoned to Mrs. Goddard’s bedroom. As it happened, Mr. Goddard was away on important government business. 

Confronted with her crime, Lorna Jane quite predictably began to cry, stammering out hapless apologies. The girl’s sweet tears flowed even more earnestly when Mrs. Goddard firmly commanded her to remove her skirt and panties and picked up an oval-shaped ebony wooden hairbrush! 

Marched to Meet her Fate 

All too soon, Lorna Jane found herself proceeding down the lengthy second floor hallway, Mrs. Goddard following. Above the waist, the unhappy girl wore a snug fitting short sleeved sweater over her bra. Below the waist, she was deliciously bare except for an off-white elastic garter belt, Mrs. Goddard’s sheer, tan-hued nylon hosiery, and a pair of glossy black pumps. 

The girl took reluctant but obedient little steps, her spike heels clicking. Lorna Jane’s mincing gait simply caused her shapely bottom to sway and jiggle even more than it normally would. The naive girl did not realize that such enticing mobility only encouraged Mrs. Goddard to punish those succulent, undulating posterior portions even more strictly! 

As she marched to her doom, Lorna Jane was reminded of another recent walk down the corridor which had ultimately culminated in a horrid punishment enema administered in the third floor bathroom. Suddenly, panic seized the girl. Despite her teeteringly high spike heels and watery legs, she began to run away! All too predictably, she found herself trapped at the end of the corridor. And, then, Mrs. Goddard was there. 

Tears flowing down her rosy cheeks, Lorna Jane stammered out hapless and humble apologies for her foolish cowardice. In response, Evelyn Goddard gave the girl two crisp slaps in the face, gripped her firmly by an earlobe and twisted her toward the third floor staircase. A few brisk hairbrush smacks to Lorna Jane’s lowermost buttock curves set the girl in squealing, sobbing forward motion. 

Inevitably, the duo arrived at the Execution Chamber. Mrs. Goddard seated herself on the sturdy, straight backed, armless wooden chair. Then, Lorna Jane went over the older woman’s knee for the sort of lengthy, strict, bare-bottom hairbrushing a stocking stealer deserves! Over and over again the glossy back of the ebony brush came down on the shiny pink cheeks of the squirming girl. Evelyn Goddard had no pity for a thief whose sore bottom was suffering the just consequences of breaking the law. Indeed, as she gripped the girl’s waist and pressed on even more firmly in the face of the girl’s plaintive cries and helpless wriggling, the woman felt a grim sense of satisfaction that she was doing Lorna Jane the service of insuring that she would not soon repeat her crime! 

When the spanking was finally over, Mrs. Goddard faced a sobbing Lorna Jane. The older woman now held a long wooden ruler. “It’s obvious, young lady,” she began in cool, measured tones, “from that little sprint you took in the hallway that you enjoy using those shapely, stockinged legs of yours for energetic activity. I’d like to see some more. Specifically, you are to strut in place, knees as high as your navel, while you hold a book on top of your head with both palms pressed down.” 

The woman held the ruler at the height of Lorna Jane’s curvy middle. “One smack on the backs of your legs for each time you fail to touch the wood. I’ll keep score. If you fail to touch the wood ten times or more, you’ll feel the enema nozzle after you’ve felt the ruler. Let’s start with single time. Now, MARCH!” 

Lorna Jane’s “strutting session” lasted a full fifteen minutes—the last five of which were at double time! By the time it was over, the red bottomed and tearful girl was covered with a shiny patina of perspiration and she was panting audibly. Alas, for lovely Lorna Jane at least, her rounded nyloned knees had failed to touch the ruler a total of 33 times by Mrs. Goddard’s eagle-eyed count. 

Accordingly, the girl was required to remove her garter belt and stockings and, after replacing her spike-heeled pumps, stand on the seat of the spanking chair, presenting the backs of her curvaceous, tightly pressed together legs to Mrs. Goddard. She was ordered to place both hands on top of her head, once again holding the heavy book in place! Her full but shapely gams trembled with strain. Mrs. Goddard proceeded to snugly secure the girl’s lovely ankles with a black leather buckling strap. 

Although Evelyn Goddard invariably spanked Lorna Jane to her stocking tops, the backs of the girl’s ripely rounded thighs had been spared on this occasion in light of what the stern matron planned to do with the six-teen-inch-long ruler. Starting at that exquisite area where thighs merge with buttocks, Mrs. Goddard administered the first brisk and noisy smack. Lorna Jane squealed in distress, swaying slightly. Slowly and systematically, the woman worked her way down to the lowermost portions of Lorna Jane’s curvaceous calves. Once arrived at that delectable destina- tion, the Mrs. Goddard proceeded to work her way upward again, until all 33 penalty smacks had been delivered. Lorna Jane’s squeals were particularly pronounced when the pliant ruler stingingly kissed her adorable knee hollows. 

Then, her ankles freed and relieved of her heavy book, a sobbing Lorna Jane was commanded to replace her garter belt, hose and heels and was promptly marched into the third floor bathroom with its waiting enema table! 

Fifty minutes later, a thoroughly corrected Lorna Jane—now wearing a pair of skin tight red rubber panties—was marched back to her bedroom. Once inside, Evelyn Goddard confronted the girl. “You know, young lady, I could prefer charges against you for stocking stealing in the first degree. I’m sure that Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing would take a dim view of a second offender. I’m also sure that the matrons at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls would give you a warm welcome back—in The Strapping Chamber!” 

An already tearful Lorna Jane began to blubber as if she were nine instead of a big nineteen in nylons and spike heels.

Mrs. Goddard now showed her kindly side. “However, dear, I am not going to do that because I think you have truly learned your lesson. I am also going to let you keep my stockings until the end of the week, at which time you will receive your allowance and can buy some of your own.” 

Lorna Jane gasped audibly, sinking to her rounded, nyloned knees and began to kiss Evelyn Goddard’s black calfskin pumps in groveling gratitude. The woman looked down on the girl with a kindly smile of approval. 

After five minutes, Mrs. Goddard helped Lorna Jane to her feet, gave the girl a warm hug and a kiss and said, “Now, dear, you lie down on your bed and enjoy a nice, long cry. I’ll have Jessie come to fetch you when it’s time for dinner. I’m afraid you won’t be allowed to wear a skirt, but don’t fret, dear. You look absolutely darling in those rubber panties, especially when they’re accompanied by purloined stockings and spike heels!” 

The door shut behind Mrs. Goddard and Lorna Jane’s sweet tears of repentance moistened her pillowcase. The girl reflected on how lucky she was not to be going back to the Reformatory and also reflected on the deep admiration and love she had developed for Mrs. Goddard! 

Comeuppance for Curvaceous Kathy Ann 

Miss McFarlane, the Dean of Girls at Maydith College, and her Executive Assistant, Miss Hilgegard Pendergast, were always trying to think up ways to boost the college coffers. They had decided that they would try a “trial run” of a Maydith College “tag day.” 

Two dozen girls would be selected to participate in this experiment. Each would be given a “tag day” kit and sent to various locations in town to sell these tags to passers-by. The results would then be evaluated and, if they were promising, a larger initiative would be launched. Lorna Jane was not selected for this exercise but her dear friend Kathy Ann Goodchild was. And so, on the very same week that poor Lorna Jane got into such trouble with Mrs. Goddard over the stolen stockings, sweet Kathy Ann found herself standing at the corner of Main Street and Henderson Avenue, earnestly trying to sell as many tags as she could. 

Then, out of the blue, she heard her name called out. She turned and saw Nancy Wilson, an old friend from high school days, who was now attending Birchcliffe College, some thirty miles away. Nancy was in town visiting her parents and, since it had been simply ages since the two girls had seen one another, they decided to go off for a Coke and a good gossip at Ye Olde Soda Shoppe. Alas, Kathy Ann lost all track of time and, by the time she returned to her appointed location at the corner of Main and Henderson, the crowds had dissipated and, accordingly, Kathy Ann’s tag selling performance was not very good. 

Good girl that she was, Kathy Ann felt very guilty about this and telephoned Miss Wright, her Reformatory Parole Officer, to discuss the matter. Kathy Ann proposed that she would find out, on average, how many tags the other girls had sold and make up the difference from her allowance. Miss Wright, a strict but kindly woman, thought this would be a perfectly reasonable solution and said she would accompany Kathy Ann to an appointment with Miss McFarlane to discuss the matter. 

Two days later, the dean listened patiently to Kathy Ann’s confession and proposal and Miss Wright’s views the matter, which were supportive of Kathy Ann. 

“Let me begin,” Dean McFarlane spoke in an even tone of voice, “by thanking you, Miss Wright, for your attending this meeting and your obvious commitment to the high standards of your profession. I am also pleased, Kathy Ann, that you had the moral fortitude to make a clean breast of the matter. However, the fact remains that you were derelict in your duty to Maydith College. I am prepared to accept your proposal to make up the difference—which has been calculated at four dollars and thirty cents—but it will also be necessary to punish you for your behavioral misdemeanor. Please stand up and remove your skirt and underpants and place them, neatly folded on the edge of my desk.” 

“Y-Yes, m-ma’am. . . .” Kathy Ann haplessly obeyed, blushing warmly. Miss Wright, recognizing Miss McFarlane’s authority in the matter, said nothing. Kathy Ann squirmed out of her snug skirt and brief, pink nylon panties. This left the girl wearing a form fitting short sleeved sweater over her bra and, below the waist, an off-white elastic garter belt, sheer tan nylon stockings, and glossy black patent spike-heeled pumps. 

Miss McFarlane opened the top right hand drawer of her desk and withdrew the same wickedly pliant ruler she had used only very recently on Lorna’s Jane’s girlishly plump, succulently shapely bare buttocks! Kathy Ann’s eyes, already filmed with tears, widened with fear. 

Kathy Ann was required to stand with her left hand extended, palm facing upward. After a brief lecture on the importance of never being derelict in matters of duty to the College, Miss McFarlane administered a brisk, noisy SMACKKK! to poor Kathy Ann’s tender palm. The girl squealed haplessly, tears trickling down her shame-reddened cheeks. Four equally crisp smacks followed before Kathy Ann was ordered to place her left hand at her side and extend her right hand for correction. The ruler smacks left poor Kathy Ann’s tender palms and fingers burning and throbbing in a most distressing fashion. And, of course, given her “below the waist” state, the frightened and repentant girl knew that this was simply a prelude to a strict bare bottom ruler smacking!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

When Miss McFarlane was finished with Kathy Ann’s right hand, she firmly gripped the sobbing girl by her elbow and marched her over to a sturdy, straight backed, armless wooden chair in the middle of the room. Kathy Ann soon found herself over Miss McFarlane’s knee. Needless to say, Kathy Ann’s girlishly plump bare buttocks were just as ultra-sensitive and tender as Lorna Jane’s as the girl’s poignant sobs and squirms graphically testified during her lengthy and strict bare bottom smacking. 

After Kathy Ann had been dismissed, Miss Wright took her charge to Tilly’s Teahouse for a comforting cup of tea. The middle aged lady waitresses could have been easily forgiven for thinking that the squirmy and blushing Kathy Ann—her eyes still red from crying—was Miss Wright’s darling daughter and that the two were having a heart-to-heart chat about misbehavior and the strict correction that inevitably follows same! 

A Warm Reunion 

It had indeed been a trying week for lovely Lorna Jane and curvaceous Kathy Ann. However, Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny and both girls were looking forward to having lunch together and doing some shopping. Mrs. Goddard kindly allowed Lorna Jane the use of her dark blue Buick sedan and, at about 10:00 A.M., the teen carefully motored over to Maydith College to meet Kathy Ann in the latter’s attractively appointed and private dormitory room. 

The two dear friends embraced warmly and Kathy Ann made a welcoming cup of tea in her little kitchenette. The girls settled into deep conversation, which included a blushing recounting of the strict corrections they had received earlier in the week. As dear friends do, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann comforted one another and it wasn’t long before sweet sympathy became ecstatic carnality! To be specific, the two exquisitely shapely misses lay entwined on Kathy Ann’s bed, wearing only their garter belts and sheer nylon hosiery! 

Several orgasms later, the two continued to embrace as they enjoyed a whispered conversation punctuated with girlish giggles. The girls were conversing (rather intimately!) about their handsome, virile, and certainly well equipped boyfriends, Rod Long and Lance Thicker. The giggles were caused by the mutual observation that, despite their enviable endowments, neither Rod nor Lance could “do it” more than twice in a row on date nights! The discussion so excited the girls that they naughtily engaged in a final, orgiastic encore! Then they dressed and refreshed their make-up as a prelude to going out for lunch after which they would shop for such girlish essentials as sheer nylon stockings, lipstick, and pretty panties. 

When Lorna Jane returned home, Mrs. Goddard greeted her warmly. “I have some wonderful news for you, dear,” Evelyn Goddard observed in a happy tone. “While you were out I received a trans-Atlantic telephone call. Your parents are sailing on the Empress of Britain the day after tomorrow!” 

An expression of joy spread over Lorna Jane’s lovely face. Her parents had been in Merrie England much longer than expected—thanks to Mr. Welworthy’s success in locating business opportunities—and she was looking forward to seeing them again with unabated enthusiasm. Indeed, Lorna Jane spontaneously hugged Mrs. Goddard. The older woman returned the embrace warmly and gave Lorna Jane a loving, motherly kiss! 

A woman of substantial education and culture, Evelyn Goddard arranged a most gracious “Welcome Home” party at her lovely residence. Many members of the community’s elite attended and a radiant Lorna Jane was permitted to invite Kathy Ann, Rod Long, and Lance Thicker to the festivities. 

The day after the event, Lorna Jane prepared to move back to her parents’ home. Poor Lorna Jane couldn’t help crying as she said farewell to Mrs. Goddard whom she had come to love and respect in an enduring fashion. “Think of it as ‘au revoir’, not ‘good bye’, dear,” the older woman wisely counseled before giving Lorna Jane a warm hug and a kiss and, in a final gesture, affectionately patting Lorna Jane’s girlishly plump, snugly skirted bottom! 

Still, Lorna Jane was glad to be home. She loved and respected her parents deeply and there were many interesting stories about Merrie England at the Welworthy dinner table. 

Some two weeks after the Welworthys’ return—late on a Friday afternoon to be specific—Lorna Jane was summoned to her mother’s private sitting room. “I have some important news for you, Lorna Jane,” Mrs. Welworthy commenced in her usual forthright fashion. “During our recent trip, I had many opportunities to visit with your Aunt Agatha.” 

Lorna Jane squirmed apprehensively. She remembered Aunty Agatha only too well from her own visit to Merrie England almost two years earlier, when she had been soundly spanked for misbehaving in church. 

“As you know, dear,” Mrs. Welworthy continued, “Aunt Agatha is a wealthy and exceptionally well connected woman. Indeed, the county nobility are frequent visitors to Birchwell, her Sussex estate. You will be completing your second year at Maydith—and turning twenty!—in just two months’ time. I have decided—with your father’s full agreement, needless to say, that you will benefit greatly from staying with Aunt Agatha for six months, during which time you will learn things that will serve you forever afterward. You will leave at the beginning of June.” 

Tears welled in Lorna Jane’s lovely eyes. “Ouuhhhh, p-please, M- Mommy. . . P-please couldn’t I j-just stay here? Pleeeeease!” 

“No, young lady,” Mrs. Welworthy was quick to answer, seeming surprised her daughter would dare to disagree. 

“But M-Mommy,” Lorna Jane began to pout, “I don’t see why I have to go there!” 

Her mother’s face grew dark. “The arrangements have been made and you will benefit from them enormously,” she said. “Oh, by the by, that bit of backtalk you just treated me to has earned you a session in The Spanking Room. Stand up. Now, please.” 

Tears trickling down her cheeks and her rounded, nyloned knees watery, Lorna Jane obeyed. The Spanking Room was a spare bedroom Mrs. Welworthy had equipped for this very purpose as part of her postreformatory domestic discipline program for Lorna Jane. The woman now picked up a hardbacked stained oak hairbrush. Then she gripped her darling daughter’s elbow. Lorna Jane found herself walking down the long corridor, spike heels clicking. 

Along the way, Lorna Jane turned tearfully toward her Mother. “Ouuhhh, M-Mommy, I-I’m s-sorry. I-I didn’t mean to t-talk b-back, honest!” 

“I believe you, dear,” Mrs. Welworthy responded in a kindly tone, “but I’m afraid Mr. Hairbrush doesn’t. He has to hear your sobs, cries, and promises to be convinced!” 

Needless to say, once Lorna Jane and her mother were in The Spanking Room, Mr. Hairbrush required a great deal of convincing and was not disappointed! Indeed, we can safely assert that he enjoyed every second of the thirteen minutes Lorna Jane spent over her mother’s knee.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Although it was unstated, Lorna Jane and her mother understood that this visit to the maternal lap might not have been so lengthy under normal circumstances. But in treating her nineteen-year-old daughter to a long, slow, inexorably painful spanking, Mrs. Welworthy was pursuing two important goals simultaneously. 

Firstly, she was reasserting her parental authority over the girl after more than half a year of being apart. It was a sort of a “welcome home spanking,” and the girl was reminded of the power her mother had to punish her naughty bottom, and the will to carry it out. And secondly, just as Mr. Hairbrush required convincing that Lorna Jane was truly contrite, the girl was thoroughly persuaded by the end of her punishment that it would be far less painful to obey her mother and live for half a year with her horrid Aunt Agatha—despite the inevitable spankings that would entail. 

After it was finally over, Mrs. Welworthy permitted Lorna Jane to remain over her knee for five minutes, sobbing and blubbering as if her teener heart would break. “Let that be a lesson to you, young lady,” the older woman sagely observed, “about the consequences of backtalk! And if I hear even another hint of it, we’ll pay a little visit to Mrs. Goddard. She told me all about the enema facilities in her third floor bathroom!” 


About The Author 

Focusing primarily on the 1950s and very early 1960s, Roger Benson writes and illustrates extensively on spanking and related themes during that golden era. From a judicial family background, Mr. Benson has a unique understanding of both judicial and domestic discipline in that bygone time and, in particular, the way such measures were applied to naughty teenage girls! Mr. Benson’s Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons is a morally uplifting tale of luscious Lorna Jane and curvaceous Kathy Ann’s girlishly plump tails that will be enthusiastically enjoyed by all connoisseurs of the genre! 

Illustration by Roger Benson.

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Smiles and Spanks,

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