Roger Benson, “Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons” Chapter 8: Girls Should be Seen, Not Heard

Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 8: Girls Should be Seen, Not Heard 

The Maydith College for girls has many proud traditions and one of them is the Spring Term “Reading Week.” During this period, the young ladies are given a respite from lectures but are expected to read intensively in all areas of study. 

As we know from earlier episodes, lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy was staying with Mr. and Mrs. Goddard during her parents’ lengthy visit to Merrie England. As an educated and cultured woman, Evelyn Goddard ensured that the accommodations occupied by Lorna Jane included excellent facilities for studying and reading. Accordingly, it was determined that for much of Reading Week, Lorna Jane would remain at home doing just that, under Mrs. Goddard’s close and helpful supervision. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Evelyn Goddard arranged an afternoon tea at her imposing home for two prominent members of the community—Mrs. Henrietta Throckmorton and Mrs. Sylvia Fortingale. Of the two, Mrs. Throckmorton was the more senior. A woman in her late fifties, she was well known for her leadership of the Ladies Aid Society and chairmanship of many worthy charitable events, such as the Annual Bake Sale. 

Tea was served by Mrs. Goddard’s maid, Jessie, and Lorna Jane had been invited to attend. Lorna Jane looked every inch a delectable junior college girl in her form fitting skirt and sweater set, sheer nylon stockings and spike-heeled pumps. As the tea progressed, Lorna Jane was on her very best behavior and spoke only when spoken to—a wise policy in the presence of Evelyn Goddard! Unhappily for lovely Lorna Jane, the conversation took a turn that caused the girl to momentarily forget this policy . 

The discussion had turned to civic affairs and Mrs. Throckmorton sagely proclaimed, “I think Mayor Holcroft is absolutely on the right track with his support of that proposed new, ultra-modern shopping center at the corner of Main and Cedarview. It will be so convenient and parking will be a breeze!” 

“Golly, Mrs. Throckmorton,” Lorna Jane unwisely observed, “our Civics Instructress, Miss Knowell, says that these big shopping centers detract from all the little stores in town. She said it isn’t good for the civic system!” 

“Does she, now?” Mrs. Throckmorton replied in a cold tone of voice, her right eyebrow arched menacingly. 

“I don’t think we’re interested in the views of a junior college instructress, young lady,” Mrs. Goddard announced in a no-nonsense tone of voice, glaring at Lorna Jane with obvious displeasure. “And speaking of college matters, young lady, I think you can go to your room now and get on with your studies! I’ll come by to see you later,” she added meaningfully . 

Blushing like a beet, Lorna Jane got to her feet, her knees watery. Stammering out her goodbyes, the girl scurried from the room. 

“Land’s sake!” Mrs. Throckmorton exclaimed, shaking her head. “These young girls! I don’t know which is sillier—what’s in their heads or what comes out of their mouths!” 

“I do apologize for Lorna Jane’s highly inappropriate comment, my dear Henrietta,” Evelyn Goddard smoothly interposed. “And you may be sure that, in due course, Lorna Jane will apologize to you herself! After she has been properly disciplined, of course.” 

The satisfied smiles worn by Mrs. Throckmorton and Mrs. Fortingale made it abundantly clear that they understood all too well the implications of Mrs. Goddard’s words! 

Research on Discipline 

After the tea was cordially concluded, Evelyn Goddard left the clearing away to Jessie and proceeded to pay Lorna Jane a visit. In her usual imperious fashion, she walked directly into the girl’s bedroom. Lorna Jane, who had been sitting at her study desk, scrambled to her feet and stood facing Mrs. Goddard, hands at her side, head bowed in abject contrition. 

“Well, young lady, you certainly made an impression this afternoon,” Evelyn Goddard observed in a cold tone of voice. “Do you have anything to say for yourself?” 

“Ohhh, Mrs. G-Goddard. . . I-I’m truly s-sorry. . . I’ll never do it again! I p-promise, ohh, truly I do! Ohhhh, I d-didn’t mean to offend Mrs. Th- Throckmorton. . . Honest, I d-didn’t! I’ll be a g-good girl. Ohhh, p-please forgive meeee!” Lorna Jane was trembling, her voice choked with tears. 

“But that is exactly what you did do, young lady. You offended Mrs. Throckmorton, a senior and respected clubwoman in this community. A respected lady who knows more about civic affairs than you and that Miss Knowell will ever know!” Evelyn Goddard’s voice positively vibrated with contempt for the instructress, before she turned the matter of Lorna Jane’s embarrassing actions. “You will be strictly disciplined for this misbehavior, said discipline to be carried out tomorrow at 5 P.M., after you have spent a full—and hopefully useful—day at your study desk.” 

Having spoken her piece, Mrs. Goddard turned on her heel and departed Lorna Jane’s bedroom, firmly closing the door behind her, leaving the quivering, sniffling teener miss to her doleful thoughts! 

Comfortably seated in her elegantly appointed private sitting room, Evelyn Goddard began to peruse the Spring 1962 issue of Discipline Digest which she had received just the day before. The lead story was entitled “The Benefits of Soap and Water” and was authored by Mr. Billy Hackmore, the internationally famous columnist and writer on domestic discipline matters. 

In this article, Mr. Hackmore reviewed various letters he had received from his enthusiastic readers. Many of these letters were quite ingenious, including the suggestion that a naughty girl who had spoken out of turn be required to stand in the corner for half an hour holding a bar of Ivory Snow soap between her teeth as a prelude to a good washing out of her mouth followed by a sound bare bottom smacking! 

Evelyn Goddard’s eyes now turned to a letter under the heading “From a Registered Nurse.” 

As a senior nurse with over twenty years’ experience, I often have supervisory duties with respect to student nurses. I am a firm believer in the benefits of strict discipline and have been enjoying your comments, and the comments of your avid readers, on the disciplinary applications of soap and water. 

There can be no doubt that, when a naughty girl speaks out of turn, washing her mouth out with soap and water is a most effective procedure. The combination of soap and water discipline with strict bare bottom spanking simply enhances the beneficial effects. 

However, I would respectfully like to suggest that soap and water discipline can also be most effectively applied at the “other end” of a naughty girl. I refer, of course, to a properly administered enema. From long experience I know that, especially for teener girls, this procedure is intensely humiliating and produces the most positive behavioral changes, especially when a sound bare bottom spanking has been administered beforehand. 

The girl should be made to lie face down on a long and narrow table. She must be bare from the waist down. It is of no consequence if she is permitted to retain her garter belt and stockings or perhaps bobbysox. 

The first step is to prepare the enema solution. I recommend filling a glass pitcher with 16 ounces of lukewarm water and then adding two level tablespoons of Ivory Snow soap flakes which, as I expect the vast majority of us know, are 99 and 44/100th percent pure. After the soap has been added, the water should be stirred until it has achieved a milky consistency. 

The second step is to put on a rubber glove and, using Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, administer—using your middle finger—a careful and lengthy lubrication of the naughty girl’s nether orifice. 

Next, the black, hard rubber nozzle (with its attached red rubber tube) is carefully inserted. It is important that the nozzle be inserted to its hilt. Then, you are ready to administer the enema. This can be done by slowly pouring the contents of the pitcher into a funnel attached to the red rubber tube. Alternatively, a bulb syringe can be filled and inserted into the open end of the tube so the solution can be pumped into its desired destination. 

Whichever method is used, it is most effective if the procedure is done slowly with frequent pauses during which behavioral and disciplinary issues can be discussed with the young lady who, I assure you, will be in a most compliant frame of mind. 

After administration of the enema, it should be retained for one half hour for maximum benefit. Naturally, the naughty girl will require some assistance in this and, to this end (no pun intended!), I recommend the use of a professionally designed rubber plug. I would be pleased to direct readers to appropriate suppliers, if desired. 

The letter was signed (most cordially) by Miss Emma Pumpnell, Registered Nurse. Mrs. Goddard’s cool, gray eyes positively glittered as she read this missive. Lorna Jane’s fate was sealed—she would receive her just deserts in the end! 

Carrying Out the Sentence 

The next day, at precisely 5 P.M., Evelyn Goddard entered Lorna Jane’s bedroom. The girl jumped up from her study desk—where she had been working most of the day—and stood facing Mrs. Goddard, hands at her side, head bowed in submission. The woman was holding an oval shaped, glossy black, hard-backed wooden hairbrush in her right hand. 

Lorna Jane was wearing a snug-fitting short sleeved sweater, a tight skirt, sheer nylons and glossy black patent spike-heeled pumps. Lorna Jane’s mother, Mrs. Welworthy, and Mrs. Goddard both firmly agreed that even when a girl is at home, she should always dress properly— meaning that “Sloppy Joe” sweaters, blue jeans, and flat shoes were strictly forbidden while sheer nylon stockings and spike-heeled pumps were definitely required! “Sloppy attire leads to sloppy behavior,” Mrs. Welworthy was fond of observing. 

“Remove your skirt, young lady,” Mrs. Goddard commanded in a cool tone of voice, “and hang it up neatly in your closet.” Lorna Jane obeyed at once, squirming out of the snug garment, revealing skimpy pink nylon panties, an off-white elastic garter belt, and the darker tops of her tautly suspendered sheer tan nylon stockings. 

“Remove your panties as well and place them in the laundry hamper in your bathroom,” Mrs. Goddard now ordered. “You won’t be needing them for the rest of the day,” she added ominously. Lorna Jane was then required to walk, spike heels clicking, down the lengthy corridor leading to the staircase to the third floor. Evelyn Goddard followed, her eyes glued to Lorna Jane’s swaying, jiggling bottom, her mind pleasantly preoccupied with what she intended to do to that superb rear end. 

Lorna Jane ascended the staircase, giving Mrs. Goddard a close-up, eye-level view of what was unquestionably one of the girl’s most appealing assets. Although Lorna Jane’s bottom was girlishly plump, Evelyn Goddard’s appraising eyes could tell that the smooth, pale flesh was firm and elastic—ideally suited to the tender mercies of hand, hairbrush or strap! 

On the third floor, Evelyn Goddard gripped Lorna Jane’s elbow and steered the girl down another lengthy corridor until they arrived at the second-to-last door. Mrs. Goddard opened this door and snapped on a powerful overhead light. The room was as sparsely appointed as any Execution Chamber! A sturdy, straight-backed and armless chair stood under the bulb. Over in a corner, there was a plain wooden table with an inkstand and pen set and several sheets of writing paper. 

Evelyn Goddard seated herself regally on the chair, lightly but meaningfully patting her left palm with the back of the hairbrush. Lorna Jane stood in front of her, tearful and trembling. Like all naughty girls finding themselves in this situation, Lorna Jane experienced a wide range of sensations including a very dry mouth, a rapid heartbeat, clammy palms, crawling gooseflesh on the surfaces on her succulent buttocks and thigh backs, and a distinctly watery feeling in her rounded, nyloned knees. 

“And now, Miss Smartmouth,” Mrs. Goddard’s tone was curt, “you’re going to find out what happens to girls who speak out of turn and insult honored visitors. Get over my knee!” With a poignant whimper, Lorna Jane obeyed.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

The hairbrushing lasted a good fifteen minutes, for Mrs. Goddard frequently interrupted her smack-work to ask Lorna Jane pointed questions and listen to babbled, tear-choked responses. As always, Mrs. Goddard spanked Lorna Jane to her stocking tops, well understanding that a girl sits on the backs of her thighs as much as she sits upon her gluteal portions. Also, Lorna Jane’s ripely rounded thighs were exquisitely sensitive, something her darling boyfriend Rod Long had discovered to his ecstatic delight! 

When the hairbrush smacking was finally over, a sobbing, crimson bottomed Lorna Jane was escorted from the Spanking Chamber to another room that turned out to be a well-equipped bathroom. In the middle of the room stood a long, narrow metal table, its top covered with a crisp white sheet. Lorna Jane was summarily ordered to lie face down on the table which she did without delay. She gripped the top edge of the table, white knuckled with fear, while her flushed face moistened its linen covering. 

Followed Miss Pumpnell’s detailed directions, Evelyn Goddard proceeded to prepare the enema solution. Then, donning a rubber glove on her right hand and procuring a tube of Vaseline, she parted Lorna Jane’s girlishly plump, prettily spanked buttocks with her left thumb and forefinger and proceeded to administer a lengthy lubrication that had the sobbing girl squirming, gasping, and whimpering. 

Then it was time for the nozzle! Involuntarily, Lorna Jane tightened her reddened bottom cheeks in fear. Evelyn Goddard administered a crisp smack while enunciating a single word: “Relax!” Lorna Jane squealed as the woman’s firm palm made stinging contact and unclenched her muscles at once.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Mrs. Goddard prolonged the administration of the enema by frequently pausing to ask pointed questions which elicited tearful, gasped out responses from the hapless Lorna Jane. At last the glass pitcher was empty. “Now, dear,” Evelyn Goddard’s tone of voice was almost gentle, “I know you’ll need some help”. 

Quickly, Mrs. Goddard removed the nozzle and efficiently thrust home the well-lubricated, hard rubber retention plug. Lorna Jane emitted a keening squeal of distress. “Squeeze tightly against that, dear,” Evelyn Goddard counseled, gently patting Lorna Jane’s thoroughly spanked bare bottom. “I shall return in half an hour.” 

One can well imagine Lorna Jane’s state as she lay on the hard table, well-spanked, well-filled, and well-plugged while the soapy water gurgled and worked inside her. The sobbing girl tightened her grip on the table’s front edge and crossed her nyloned ankles tightly as delicious spasms rippled the surface of her well-reddened, girlishly plump bare buttocks. With fervent remorse, she earnestly wished she had never said those things at tea the day before. But it was much too late for that now. 

Evelyn Goddard returned in half an hour’s time. She helped Lorna Jane down from the table and, before positioning the girl on the waiting toilet, efficiently removed the retention plug. Her face scarlet with shame and wet with tears, Lorna Jane relieved herself under Mrs. Goddard’s close supervision. As for the post-relief clean-up, Mrs. Goddard handled this herself, treating Lorna Jane as if she were a small child instead of a grown-up girl in nylons and spike-heels. 

A few minutes later, Lorna Jane found herself back in the Spanking Room, still skirtless but now wearing a pair of skin-fitting red rubber panties. She sat at the plain wooden table, writing to Evelyn Goddard’s dictation. One letter was to Mrs. Throckmorton, detailing her punishment and offering abject apologies. The second missive was to Mr. Billy Hackmore, in care of Discipline Digest, again detailing her offence and punishment and thanking Mr. Hackmore most humbly and sincerely for publishing the letters that had been so helpful to her strict guardian in designing an appropriate correction. 

It is unlikely either Mrs. Throckmorton or Mr. Hackmore would doubt the authenticity of these letters, for both were splotched with Lorna Jane’s sweet tears! 

That evening, a still skirtless Lorna Jane ate her dinner standing up in front of the dining room mantle piece while Jessie served and Mr. and Mrs. Goddard enjoyed a relaxed meal and polite conversation. But there was another comeuppance to come, as junior instructress Amy Knowell would soon learn!

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Smiles and Spanks,

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