Roger Benson, “Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons” Chapter 7: Date Night Discipline

Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 7: Date Night Discipline 

It had been a trying week at Maydith College and lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy was looking forward to her authorized Saturday evening date with her beloved boyfriend, Rod Long. 

On this particular Saturday, however, the arrangements were a little different than usual. Rod’s father was out of town at a legal conference and it was the maid’s evening off at the Long residence. Rod’s mother, Helen—a highly attractive and athletic ash blonde—had invited Lorna Jane to join her and Rod for an informal supper that she would prepare herself. 

On her way to Rod’s place, Lorna Jane made what she thought would be a brief detour to the home of Penny Thompson, a fellow student at the all-girls Maydith College, from whom she had borrowed some study material. Penny was a bright, outgoing and very attractive nineteen-year-old and she and Lorna Jane got on very well. Before either girl realized it, they had spent nearly 40 minutes conversing in an animated fashion. 

“Oh, golly, Penny,” Lorna Jane blurted out, “I was supposed to be at Rod’s place over half an hour ago!” 

Lorna Jane gave Penny a fond farewell and rushed to the Buick autocar, spike heels clicking. The girl, however, wouldn’t have dreamt of speeding and, as a result, she was nearly an hour late getting to Rod’s place. 

When Lorna Jane finally arrived at the Longs’ imposing home, she was greeted at the front door by a stylishly turned-out Helen Long who gave the girl a cool look and said, “My goodness, Lorna Jane. I do hope you didn’t have car trouble.” 

Lorna Jane felt terribly guilty and apologized profusely to Mrs. Long, admitting that she had lost track of time over at Penny’s place. Then Rod came bounding down the curved oak staircase and warmly welcomed his beloved—although not as warmly as he would have had his mother not been present! 

Soon the threesome was seated conversing in the elegantly appointed living room. Lorna Jane and Rod sipped cokes while Mrs. Long enjoyed a glass of dry white wine. “I’ll just go and get the canapés,” Mr. Long now announced. “Rod, be a dear and come along and give me a hand.” 

Lorna Jane sat alone in the living room in a state of guilty anguish. Although Mrs. Long had impeccable manners, the girl could tell that the woman was (justly!) annoyed and, moreover, that her beloved Rod was embarrassed by the situation. 

Then, while her hosts were in the kitchen, Lorna Jane stood up and rolled her form fitting skirt up tightly around her waist, holding it at each side with a thumb and forefinger while her little fingers were extended like a lady at a tea party. The girl’s tautly suspendered, charcoal-hued nylon stockings, black elastic garter belt, and skimpy reformatory-issue panties were on full and appealing display! 

When Lorna Jane heard Mrs. Long and Rod approaching, she looked back over her shoulder, her lovely eyes communicating a delicious combination of guilt and remorse. 

Rod stifled a gasp, almost dropping the tray of canapés. As for his mother, the sophisticated and experienced woman looked at Lorna Jane appraisingly, her lips forming a slight smile, her right eyebrow arched. 

“Ohhh, Mrs. Long,” Lorna Jane spoke in a quavering voice. “I’ve been such a naughty and inconsiderate girl. I deserve to be marched up to your bedroom this instant and given a good, b-bare b-bottom spanking!” 

“A very sound observation, dear,” Mrs. Long replied. “Come along, Rod. I want you to witness this!” 

Lorna Jane started off toward the staircase, using a walk she and her dearest girlfriend Kathy Ann Goodchild and practiced together. It was a mode of locomotion designed to drive boys insane. High spike-heeled pumps were, of course, a prerequisite. Lorna Jane held her luscious legs closely together and took very small steps, one foot directly in front of the other. While she was doing this, she rotated her girlishly plump, exquisitely shapely behind.

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

Rod was positively bug-eyed, his gaze glued on Lorna Jane’s skimpily pantied bottom and shapely stockinged legs. As for Mrs. Long, she was most amused by Lorna Jane’s display of girlish wiles. The attractive woman had been a stunning heartbreaker during her college days, pursued by many a boy—including the captain of the football team! 

At the top of the staircase (which Rod wished would never end!), Lorna Jane again looked back over her shoulder and humbly enquired, “P-Please, ma’am. . . Which—which way is your b-bedroom?” 

In a delightfully imperious fashion, Mrs. Long pointed a perfectly manicured index finger to indicate the direction. With a poignant little sniffle, Lorna Jane proceeded. 

Lorna Jane’s Succulent Sitter 

All too soon, the girl found herself in the large and handsomely appointed bedroom. While Mrs. Long seated herself regally on the edge of the large, satin-sheathed bed, Lorna Jane stood before the older woman, head bowed and holding her skirt up. As for Rod, he sat in a nearby chair, red-faced and with an embarrassing lump at the front of his well-cut slacks. 

Mrs. Long hooked a finger into Lorna Jane’s reformatory-issue striped briefs. “These are your naughty girl panties, aren’t they, dear?” 

“Y-Yes, m-ma’am. . .” Lorna Jane quavered, a tear dripping off her quivering chin. 

“Very appropriate,” Helen Long observed coolly, “but I think we’ll have them down to those pretty nyloned knees of yours.” A moment later, Mrs. Long was all business. “Get over my knee, young lady,” she now commanded, a definitely no-nonsense note in her cultured voice. With a hapless whimper, Lorna Jane obeyed. 

The older woman had contemplated using her hairbrush on Lorna Jane’s succulent sitter but then (wisely!) decided that a hand spanking would be more juvenile and therefore more exquisitely humiliating for the naughty girl. 

Rod had never witnessed a spanking before except for the occasional image in a comic book or a scene from a film by a luminary director such as Lamont van Renselier III. (Indeed, if Director van Renselier had been filming the proceedings he would have doubtless titled them “Tardy, Tearful Teener’s Tempting Tail Tanned!”) 

For the next ten minutes, Helen Long slowly and systematically smacked Lorna Jane’s exquisite bottom and the backs of her ripely rounded thighs where they were bare above her stocking tops. As for Lorna Jane, she sobbed, squealed, squirmed and occasionally kicked up a spike-heeled pump which simply earned her a sharp slap on the shapely, offending calf! 

When it was finally over, Helen Long calmly observed, “Well, dear, I think we can safely say that there are two over-cooked things in this house—supper and your bottom!” 

Lorna Jane was given ten minutes alone in the bathroom to get her tears under control and repair the damage to her make-up and hair. Then Mrs. Long took her son and his delectably squirmy girlfriend off to dinner at Chez Antoine’s, a fashionable new restaurant in town. The patrician, Vassar-educated Helen Long was the perfect host throughout the delicious meal and Lorna Jane found herself totally enthralled. 

Mrs. Long then drove the two young people back to her home in her elegant Cadillac de Ville coupe. Because of the lateness of the hour, Lorna Jane had to get home but not before once again profusely thanking Mrs. Long for “everything” and sharing a chaste kiss with her darling Rod. Needless to say, the ardent young couple would have dearly loved a rather more passionate (and extended!) session, but that was not to be—at least not this evening! 

Mrs. Long bade Lorna Jane a fond farewell, saying, “I do hope to see you again soon, dear, and I hope you have warm memories of this evening.” Lorna Jane’s blush resembled the stoplight at the corner of State and Main Streets!

After Lorna Jane’s departure, Rod—for obvious reasons—wanted to retreat to his room as quickly as possible. His understanding mother gave him a knowing smile, a big hug, and a maternal kiss saying, “Don’t stay up too late, dear!” 

As for Lorna Jane, as she drove home, she reflected on the fact that Mrs. Goddard and Mrs. Long knew one another. She contemplated confessing the evening’s events to Mrs. Goddard, although she realized that she would most probably be sentenced to another spanking with the execution taking place after church on Sunday. A delicious shiver of apprehension coursed down Lorna Jane’s shapely spine as she thought about having to spend all Sunday afternoon and evening in a tight girdle, hose and spike heels—with a well-spanked bottom! She decided to keep her pretty mouth shut. 

After a good night hug and kiss from Mrs. Goddard, Lorna Jane retreated to her bedroom. As she lay in her bed on her tummy—wearing only her garter belt and nylon stockings—she fondled herself as she reflected on Mrs. Long’s delicious discipline. The girl had to bury her head in her pillow to stifle a shriek as an orgasm of unbelievable intensity convulsed her from head to toe! 

A Happy End For Lorna Jane’s Lovely End! 

Sunday morning dawned with cheery birdsong and lots of sunshine. After breakfast, Lorna Jane dressed carefully to attend church with the Goddards. The girl looked quite lovely in a pretty checked dress, sheer tan nylons, glossy white patent spike-heeled pumps, little white gloves and a matching white pill box hat. 

Before the Goddards and Lorna Jane departed, the phone rang. It was Rod calling to say that he was cramming for an exam, would not be at church and hoped Lorna Jane might drop off some study material he had earlier lent to her. In an avuncular mood, Mrs. Goddard agreed that Lorna Jane could be dropped off at Rod’s place after church provided he drove her back home within two hour’s time. 

When Lorna Jane arrived at Rod’s home later that morning, she discovered that Rod’s mother was off at an after church luncheon and Mr. Long was, of course, still away on business. Rod welcomed his beloved warmly and soon the couple was seated at a table in the sparkling modern kitchen romantically sharing a 7-Up with two straws. 

One thing led to another, and Lorna Jane soon found herself standing, skirt up, panties down and arms around Rod’s neck while the lad fondly fondled the satin-smooth, girlishly plump bottom that had been dealt with so effectively by his mother the previous evening. 

A squirming Lorna Jane found Rod’s adoring caresses much more pleasant than Mrs. Long’s crisp smacks, needless to say! 

Decorum forbids going into too much further detail but, suffice it to say, Lorna Jane soon found herself bending over the back of a kitchen chair. Not for a spanking, happily, but for something much more pleasurable which young Rod was eminently well-equipped to provide!

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

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Smiles and Spanks,

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