Roger Benson, “Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons” Chapter 6: The Cookie Capers

Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 6: The Cookie Capers 

The ensuing week at Maydith College was relatively routine and Lorna Jane was in a relaxed mood as she prepared herself for her authorized Saturday night with Rod. The loving couple went to the Starbright Drive-in Movie where a new release by Lamont Van Renselier III—“Miss Behavior”—was showing. After the exciting film, Rod drove to Lover’s Leap where he and his beloved settled in for a lovely, lengthy session of shared intimacy.

After an extended session of kissing, licking, and sucking, Lorna Jane’s lovely, rounded breasts positively glistened in the moonlight from Rod’s saliva. As for Rod’s sturdy member, it stood diligently at attention. Lorna Jane leaned forward and began to kiss it tenderly. This evening, however, she went even further and began to lovingly lick the sleek shaft as if it were a lollipop treat. Rod gasped with unparalleled ecstasy and drew on every last ounce of his self-control.

Almost needless to say, the ardent couple’s coital embrace produced new levels of ecstasy that evening. Afterward, Rod remained inside Lorna Jane hugging her while the couple exchanged tender kisses and whispered words of love. Unlike many boys, who simply withdrew once it is over (leaving the poor girl feeling like a piece of meat!), the gentlemanly and kindly Rod never did this. On such occasions, Lorna Jane felt a wonderful warmth and sense of being totally loved! 

In addition, unlike many boys, Rod never talked with any of his chums about his experiences with Lorna Jane. He always spoke of her with love and respect. This was a sharp contrast with the juvenile delinquent-inclined Archie who enjoyed bragging about “the piece of tail” he had enjoyed the previous evening! It should be added that Rod’s closest friend, Lance Thicker, observed exactly the same code of conduct as young Rod and was a loving and responsible consort to his darling Kathy Ann Goodchild. 

After their ecstatic Lover’s Leap session, Lorna Jane and Rod made for the Soda Shoppe where the adorable girl had an ice cream treat to replace energy lost while polishing Rod’s tartan vinyl seat covers with her bare bottom! As for Rod, he enjoyed his favorite toasted BLT sandwich. The couple said hello to a few friends and exchanged light hearted gossip. 

Then Lorna Jane looked at her Lady Bulova watch. “Golly, Rod, dearest. I’d better get home!” 

“Right away, darling,” Rod responded, standing up to pay the bill and leave a generous tip for their waitress. A blushing Lorna Jane had told Rod some time ago about Mrs. Goddard’s strict but fair disciplinary practices. Naturally, Rod didn’t want to get Lorna Jane into trouble but, truth to tell, he was secretly excited by the idea of a lovely big girl like Lorna Jane in that most juvenile of all positions getting a sound bare bottom smacking!

An Indulgence Yields Discipline 

The next week at the all-girls Maydith College was a trying one for lovely Lorna Jane. A major test in Botany—her least favorite subject—was announced and Lorna Jane had only two days for intensive study. The girl loved flowers but the dry, formal approach taken to Botany by Miss Fieldcombe was invariably boring and often incomprehensible. 

And so it was on Thursday evening—the test was set for Friday morning—that Lorna Jane was madly studying her textbook. The poor girl was exhausted. The words on the page seemed like so much gibberish. She decided to go down to the kitchen for a “cookies and milk” break. As it happened, Evelyn Goddard and her husband Cyril were off at a social event so the beneficial restraining effect of adult presence was missing. 

We know only too well that Lorna Jane had already got into serious trouble with Mrs. Goddard once before for the crime of excessive cookie consumption. But her state of nervous apprehension over the impending test was so great that, before she realized what she was doing, she had polished off an entire package of Betty Crocker’s Special Fudge Chip Cookies! 

When Lorna Jane returned home from Maydith College late Friday afternoon, she soon found that her sin had been discovered by Evelyn Goddard and that strict retribution was planned! Immediately after supper, Lorna Jane was sent to her room. Evelyn Goddard arrived in Lorna Jane’s room about 45 minutes later. The woman looked quite stunning in a form fitting black dress, sheer charcoal-hued nylon stockings, black calfskin pumps, and her heirloom pearls. She was carrying several lengths of white clothesline rope, a roll of wide, white adhesive tape, and a measuring tape. 

“Remove your sweater and skirt, young lady,” Evelyn Goddard coldly commanded, “and hang them up carefully.” Task completed, a trembling Lorna Jane—tears welling in her frightened eyes—stood before Mrs. Goddard in her white nylon bra and panties, off-white elastic garter belt, sheer, tan-hued nylon stockings and white calfskin, spike-heeled pumps. 

Evelyn Goddard then proceeded to measure the girl’s bust, waist, and hips: 37-25-38 and one half inches. “You’ve gained half an inch around your hips,” the older woman coolly observed. “We’ll deal with that, you may be sure. Now, present your back to me, press your legs tightly together, and place your hands behind your back, wrists crossed.” 

A now-sobbing Lorna Jane obeyed at once. Evelyn Goddard began to bind the girl’s wrists. “Mr. Goddard and I are going out this evening. I intend to ensure that you stay out of the cookie jar!” 

Lorna Jane looked back over her shoulder—tearfully, pleadingly. “P- please, Mrs. G-Goddard. . . Please not t-too t-tight. . .” 

“No, dear, not too tight,” Evelyn Goddard replied with a short, cold laugh. “Just tight enough to ensure that you don’t get loose and scamper around gobbling cookies!” 

Evelyn Goddard then tightly bound Lorna Jane’s full but shapely nyloned legs above the girl’s delectably rounded knees. Her victim whimpered haplessly. The next length of rope secured the girl’s shapely ankles. 

The older woman now cut off a six inch length of the wide, white adhesive tape and walked around in front of Lorna Jane. “Pucker up, dear,” she ordered, “as if you were going to kiss that nice boyfriend of yours!” Moments later, the terrified teener was efficiently gagged.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

“Now, young lady, you’re going to lie down on your bed. You’ll have to hop over to it. Don’t worry, I’ll hold the back of your bra so you won’t fall. Jump!” This last command was punctuated by a smart smack to Lorna Jane’s lower right buttock—an area bared by the skimpily cut panties. The slap elicited a poignant “Mmmmmpphhhhgggggg” from poor Lorna Jane as she hopped desperately, teetering precariously when her spike heels once gain made contact with the floor. 

By the time Lorna Jane arrived at the bed, her face was scarlet and beads of perspiration covered her forehead. Evelyn Goddard gave the girl a push, causing her to flop face down on the bed like a fish at the market. Then, in a final nuance of strict restraint, the older woman attached a length of rope from Lorna Jane’s ankles and, pulling it taut, secured it to the girl’s wrists. Her hapless, tearful charge was now effectively hog tied. 

“We’ll have a little chat on my return, dear.” The woman turned on her heel and strode imperiously from the room!

Cookie Caper Conclusion 

Some three hours later, when she returned home from her social engagement, Mrs. Goddard proceeded to Lorna Jane’s bedroom and, not surprisingly, found the girl exactly where she had left her lying face down, bound and gagged, on her bed. Evelyn Goddard did note, however, that Lorna Jane’s pretty panties had ridden up considerably during the intervening hours, exposing more than half of the girl’s ripely rounded bottom flesh. 

This observation caused Mrs. Goddard to smile to herself and silently pose the question: “Why is it that tied-up girls always struggle so much when there isn’t the slightest hope of getting free?” All such futile efforts resulted in was uncomfortably ridden-up panties and sometimes even runs in sheer nylon stockings! 

Evelyn Goddard walked over to the girl and hooked her index finger into one of Lorna Jane’s tautly stretched elastic garter belt straps. With a slight smile, the older woman pulled the strap as far as it would go and then let it snap against Lorna’s Jane’s pale-fleshed, exquisitely rounded upper thigh, eliciting the most delightful gag-stifled squeal of distress. 

“Wakey, wakey, dear,” Evelyn Goddard ordered with a light laugh. The woman then proceeded to undo the rope attaching Lorna Jane’s wrists to her ankles and helped the still otherwise bound and gagged girl to sit on the edge of the bed. Mrs. Goddard now pulled up Lorna Jane’s vanity stool and seated herself in front of the tearful and truly repentant girl. “Now, young lady,” Evelyn Goddard announced in a purposeful tone, “you and I are going to have a little conversation!” 

Since Lorna Jane was gagged, her responses were limited to poignant “mmmppghhhs” and very sincere nodding or shaking of her pretty head, depending on the questions Mrs. Goddard put to her hapless charge. 

At the end of the session, poor Lorna Jane was under no illusions about just how displeased Mrs. Goddard was about her second offence of cookie gobbling and that the woman was determined to eradicate such misbehavior once and for all. A strict punishment session was accordingly scheduled for Sunday, immediately after church. 

Finally, Lorna Jane was untied, her gag removed, and she was allowed to go to bed for what would prove to be a fitful and distressed slumber! 

Lorna Jane was allowed to go out on her Saturday evening date with her boyfriend Rod Long but, knowing what was in store for her the very next day, the girl was both apprehensive and despondent. A kindly and gentlemanly lad, young Rod could at once tell that his beloved was not herself and tried to find out what the problem was so he could help. 

Lorna Jane was so ashamed of her behavior she could not bring herself to tell Rod the truth and instead fibbed that she was worried about looming college essays and tests. Later in the evening, as Rod was tenderly fondling her girlishly plump bare bottom, poor Lorna Jane could not help but reflect on the very different sensations that delicious part of her anatomy would experience in just a few hours! Oh, why oh why had she gobbled those cookies? 

Red-Bottomed Retribution 

On Sunday morning, Lorna Jane dressed carefully for church, looking quite lovely in a form fitting light pink suit, sheer tan nylons, glossy white patent leather spike-heeled pumps, little white gloves and a matching white pill-box hat. The girl’s pretty face, however, was pale and strained. 

That morning in church, Lorna Jane’s prayers were especially sincere as, like all naughty girls facing strict punishment, she repented deeply and fervently hoped for mercy. 

However, Evelyn Goddard wisely understood that where a repeated offence is involved, mercy is misplaced. Accordingly, once the threesome had arrived back home, Mrs. Goddard marched Lorna Jane down to the large, finished basement of her imposing home. A trembling Lorna Jane was escorted past the recreation room, past the modern laundry, past the maid’s quarters until she arrived at a solid, but completely unadorned wooden door. 

Mrs. Goddard unlocked this with a key from her jacket pocket, ushering Lorna Jane inside as she switched on a powerful overhead light. The room had concrete block walls, a cement floor and exposed rafters. The furnishings were minimal—a wooden chest of drawers, a sturdy wooden chair with a straight back but no arms, and a small wooden stool. 

“Strip, young lady! Every stitch! And place your clothes neatly on that chair,” Evelyn Goddard commanded in a cold tone of voice. Tears trickling down her cheeks, Lorna Jane obeyed at once. Mrs. Goddard then ordered the naked girl to hold her hands out in front of her. Lorna Jane’s wrists were promptly bound with a length of clothesline rope procured from the chest of drawers. Standing on the stool, Mrs. Goddard threaded the free end through a sturdy metal ring bolt in an overhead rafter and pulled until poor Lorna Jane was on her tippy toes. After expertly knotting the rope, Mrs. Goddard stepped down from the stool and then secured Lorna Jane’s shapely ankles with a black leather buckling strap. 

Then the woman returned to the chest of drawers and procured a welloiled, brown leather punishment strap. She showed it to a thoroughly frightened Lorna Jane. “This is the official punishment strap of our local school board. It has been authorized for use on the hands and bare buttocks of naughty girls aged sixteen and over. Let’s see how a big nineteen- year-old likes the way it feels, shall we?” 

Very slowly, and with scientific precision, Evelyn Goddard began to strap Lorna Jane’s bare buttocks and the backs of the girl’s luscious thighs. After ten strokes, Lorna Jane was sobbing and shrieking desperately and, when she was not occupied doing that, she was hysterically babbling out pleas for forgiveness and mercy accompanied by fervent promises about her future behavior. 

The woman did not cease until Lorna Jane’s buttocks and thighs had received three dozen searing strokes and the girl had been reduced to screaming hysterics. 

Lorna Jane’s strapping doubtless seems like a very strict punishment but, in fact, it was not as strict as the official judicial strapping she had received at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls. At the Reformatory, as we will recall, Lorna Jane had been secured to a Punishment Tripod that spread her shapely legs, allowing her remorseless executioner to ensure that the girl felt the corrective kiss of officially sanctioned leather on the inner curves of her succulent, crimsoned buttocks, a sensation which produced the most hair-raising screams. 

As a final nuance in discipline, Evelyn Goddard went to the chest of drawers and procured a Betty Crocker Double Fudge cookie and ordered a sobbing Lorna Jane to hold it between her teeth. “If it falls or breaks, young lady, you will not enjoy the consequences,” she coldly advised. “I will return after luncheon,” the strict matron announced, leaving Lorna Jane strung up by her wrists. 

Rubber Panty Reckoning 

After a pleasant lunch with her husband—prepared and served by the Goddard’s maid, Jessie—Mrs. Goddard returned to the basement room. Fortunately for a still-tearful Lorna Jane, the Betty Crocker double fudge cookie she was holding between her perfect teeth had not broken or fallen to the floor. Naturally, the aroma of the delicious cookie had constantly assailed her nostrils just as its delectable flavor permeated her sweet mouth. 

As Evelyn Goddard intended, this afforded the unhappy girl an extended opportunity to compare these sensations with the painful throbbing and burning of her well-strapped bare buttocks and thigh backs. The older woman removed the cookie from Lorna Jane’s mouth and deposited it in a small paper bag she had brought with her. 

“Stop that whimpering,” she coldly commanded her hapless charge. “All that has happened to you is an abundantly well deserved strapping. Why, in the olden days, naughty maidens who stole food from the kitchen of their mistress found themselves trembling before Learned Judge Jeffreys and sentenced to the Supreme Penalty at Tyburn Prison!” An icy shiver convulsed Lorna Jane’s shapely spine, culminating in a delicious spasm of her girlishly plump, prettily reddened bare buttocks. 

Evelyn Goddard then proceeded to free Lorna Jane’s wrists and unbuckle the strap securing the girl’s ankles. Lorna Jane was then permitted to put on her glossy white patent leather spike heeled pumps (but nothing else!) and was then marched up to her bedroom. 

“You will remain in your room for the rest of the afternoon,” Mrs. Goddard decreed. “I will be back to see you before dinnertime.” Lorna Jane lay face down on her bed and enjoyed a good, long cry, the tears of sincere repentance moistening her pillow. 

As promised, Mrs. Goddard returned around 5:30 and Lorna Jane— still naked except for her glossy white spike-heeled pumps—was marched down the corridor leading to the older woman’s luxuriously appointed private bathroom. Here, Lorna Jane was required to stand on a bathroom scale while Evelyn Goddard, jotting down the numbers, measured the girl’s bust, waist and hips. The scene was reminiscent of a cartoon illustration of a tearful teener miss being measured and inspected by a sternlooking Reformatory Matron. The picture accompanied an informative article by Mr. Billy Hackmore in The Reformatory Review—an article Mrs. Goddard had required Lorna Jane to read some weeks earlier!

Illustration by Miss Fran.

Weighing and measuring complete, Evelyn Goddard then procured and handed to Lorna Jane six pairs of red rubber panties! 

“Your hips measure 38 and one half inches, young lady. I want that surplus half inch gone in two weeks’ time! Therefore, for the next two weeks you will wear these rubber panties, day and night! Naturally, you will not wear them on weekends in light of the requirements of your Reformatory Panty Parole. In addition, you will not eat dessert for the next two weeks or snack on sweets when you are at Maydith College. I will personally weigh and measure you every evening to monitor progress.” Lorna Jane was then ordered to return to her room to perform her ablutions and dress for dinner. 

On Monday morning, a freshly showered and prettily made up Lorna Jane—wearing only her off-white elastic garter belt, sheer tan nylon stockings, and glossy black patent spike-heeled pumps—looked apprehensively at the pair of bright red rubber panties lying next to the white bra and form fitting skirt and sweater set she would wear to classes that day. 

There was nothing for it. Awkwardly, she stepped into the panties and pulled them up. The girl stifled a gasp of distress. The rubber garment was full cut but disconcertingly tight! Unhappily, Lorna Jane finished dressing and went down to breakfast. 

Within half an hour the hapless girl could feel the perspiration bathing her hips. Worst of all, she could feel the tickling moisture accumulating in the deep divide that bisected her succulently rounded bottom cheeks. The girl blushed hotly when she sat down on the hard wooden seat of her Maydith College student desk, certain that she had made a squishing sound! 

Date Night Delights 

As Lorna Jane Prepared for her Saturday night date with Rod Long, she was grateful—for the very first time—for the requirement that she wear reformatory panties on weekends as a part of her parole regime. She knew she would simply die of humiliation if Rod were ever to see her in those horrid rubber panties! 

By now, of course, Lorna Jane’s buttocks and the backs of her thighs had been restored to their peerless, pale perfection! After a thoroughly enjoyable movie show treat, the ardent young couple drove to Lover’s Leap. After an exciting “warm-up” necking and petting session, Lorna Jane assumed a position she had used once or twice before with Rod. 

It entailed her sitting on his lap with her back to him—skirt up and panties down of course—while his sturdy, rubber-sheathed thing entered her. In this position, Lorna Jane squirmed and wiggled her bottom as if she were sitting at her Maydith College student desk listening to a particularly boring lecture. The sensations her gyrations with Rod produced were, however, hardly boring—either for him or her! 

After ecstatic mutual consummation, a dismounted Lorna Jane remained sitting bare bottomed on Rod’s lap, except now she was facing him with her arms around his neck while they exchanged tender kisses and whispered words of love and devotion. 

When Evelyn Goddard measured Lorna Jane the following Tuesday evening, she found that the girl’s hips had been restored to 38-inch perfection. Mrs. Goddard kindly suspended the balance of the rubber panty penance and gave Lorna Jane a big hug and a motherly kiss for her good efforts! As for Lorna Jane, she just had to admit that—despite the painful strapping and horrid rubber panties—Mrs. Goddard had her best interests at heart. Lorna Jane also knew that she would never, never, ever gobble cookies again!

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Smiles and Spanks,

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