Roger Benson, “Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons” Chapter 5: Paying the Price

Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 5: Paying the Price 

As we remember from a prior chapter in this novella, lovely Lorna Jane had read in Teen Topics about the merits of girls “withholding favors” from their boyfriends to make sure the lads “didn’t take them for granted.” Lorna Jane had done just that with her handsome and gentlemanly boyfriend Rod Long on their date last week and had felt very guilty about her behavior afterward. So guilty, in fact, she gave herself a spanking! The succulent teener was determined that she would make it up to Rod this Saturday night. 

After a highly enjoyable movie show at the Starlite Cinema, the young couple drove off to Lover’s Leap for an intimate session. After some fifteen minutes of tongue kissing and fondling, Lorna Jane’s tight sweater was unbuttoned and her bra was pulled down—exposing her lusciously rounded breasts—while her skirt was up around her waist and her panties down. 

As for Rod, the fly of his slacks had been unzipped and his sleek thing was standing at attention! In addition to being handsome and gentlemanly, young Rod was also a considerate and careful lad who always wore a prophylactic during his intimate sessions with Lorna Jane to ensure his beloved would not get into any unwanted trouble. Indeed, it was part of the young couple’s ritual that Lorna Jane—her soft fingers trembling—would put the “rubber” on her darling Rod, something that excited the lad beyond belief! Tonight, however, Rod was going to experience an even more unbelievable thrill. 

Marshalling her girlish courage, lovely Lorna Jane bent forward and bestowed a tender and lingering kiss on Rod’s sleekly pulsating thing. The boy gasped audibly and, for a moment, thought he was going to have a humiliating accident. Somehow, he drew on every last ounce of self control and experienced ecstatic thrill after ecstatic thrill as Lorna Jane continued kissing the ultra-sensitive shaft and crown. Then the girl looked up, her eyes full of love, and said, “Please, Rod, I’m ready.” Young Rod, needless to say, was more than ready but—because he was such a gentlemanly and decent young lad—continued to exercise self control to ensure that his darling Lorna Jane also experienced ecstatic consummation!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Meanwhile, Kathy Ann and her boyfriend Lance Thicker—who was Rod’s equal in good looks, fine character, and athletic prowess—were parked at Lost Lagoon, another trysting spot popular with “the young set.” Kathy Ann’s bottom still tingled from Miss Wright’s spanking and, in consequence, the lovely girl was rather squirmy—something that very considerably excited young Lance! Later, as Lance was tenderly holding her in his strong arms, Kathy Ann thought how lucky she was to have a boyfriend like him, and how lucky she was that she would be returning to her comfy bed in her attractively appointed Maydith College dormitory room and not a hard, narrow, pillowless cot at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls! 

When Lorna Jane returned home (a good ten minutes before her curfew!) she was greeted by Mrs. Goddard, who always stayed up on date nights. After a brief but pleasant conversation with her strict guardian, Lorna Jane retreated to her room where she undressed to her black elastic garter belt, sheer, charcoal-hued nylon stockings, and glossy back patent spike heeled pumps. 

She then performed her ablutions and, slipping out of her pumps, got under the covers and switched off the light. Lorna Jane felt deliciously naughty lying in bed wearing only her garter belt and stockings. She fondled herself, reliving the exquisite details of her date with Rod. Soon her soft, naughty fingers found the naughty place and within a minute the girl brought herself to a thrilling, seemingly endless climax. A deep, dreamless sleep ensued!

Date Night Delights 

On Sunday Morning, following that very special date, Lorna Jane was returning home from church with Mr. and Mrs. Goddard. As the highly polished, dark blue Buick pulled into the impressive, curved drive, Evelyn Goddard turned to Lorna Jane and ominously announced, “I want to see you in my private sitting room, young, lady, as soon as you have your hat and gloves off.” 

Less than five minutes later, Lorna Jane found herself uneasily sitting beside Mrs. Goddard on a chintz covered Chippendale sofa in the latter’s elegantly appointed private sitting room. Lorna Jane looked appealing but ladylike in a form fitting powder blue suit, sheer tan nylons and glossy white patent spike heeled pumps.
Evelyn Goddard gave Lorna Jane a cool, no-nonsense look and said, 

“Well, young lady, I hope your date with dear Rod last night was more satisfactory than the preceding week.” 

Lorna Jane, taken totally aback by this question, gulped audibly and awkwardly responded, “Ohhh. . . y-yes, Mrs. Goddard. Y-yes, it. . . w- was.” 

“That’s nice, dear,” Evelyn Goddard replied in a still decidedly cool tone of voice. “You see, dear, I happened to encounter Rod downtown last week and he had—gentlemanly lad that he is—expressed concern about the headache you ‘suddenly developed’ when you were out together on your date a week earlier.” The middle-aged woman clucked her teeth in disappointment. 

“Frankly, dear, I didn’t put two and two together until I was in your bedroom the other day and just happened to leaf through your copy of Teen Topics and saw that silly article recommending that girls withhold their favors from their boyfriends so the lads won’t ‘take them for granted’. That’s what you did with Rod, didn’t you, dear?” 

The tears welled in Lorna Jane’s eyes and her sweetly kissable lips trembled uncontrollably. Stammering haplessly, the curvaceous teenager squirmed prettily as she confessed that she had done just that. In addition, she explained, she had felt ever so guilty afterward and had even given herself a spanking! 

Unsure how Mrs. Goddard would react (she needn’t have worried!) the naive girl omitted telling Mrs. Goddard how she had “made it up” to Rod the previous evening. 

Mrs. Goddard gave Lorna Jane an even colder look. “I’m pleased to hear that you felt guilty, young lady. That’s how a prick teaser should feel.” 

Lorna Jane gasped, blushing scarlet on hearing the words Mrs. Goddard so coolly and purposively enunciated. 

“I have no doubt about your ability to give young Rod an enjoyable time when you want to, young lady,” Mrs. Goddard continued. “But I’m frankly skeptical about the effectiveness of your self-spanking talents. Stand up and walk ahead of me to your bedroom!” 

Once inside the girl’s bedroom, Lorna Jane was ordered to remove her skirt, girdle, reformatory panties, nylons, and spike-heeled pumps. The jacket of her form fitting, powder blue suit ended snugly at her shapely waist. 

“Now, young lady,” Evelyn Goddard commanded, “put on your black elastic garter belt, a nice, fresh pair of charcoal-hued nylons, and your black patent, spike-heeled pumps—just as if you were getting ready for a date!” Lorna Jane obeyed at once, crimson with embarrassment. 

“Now, young lady, I want you to show me how you perfume the bottom half of your body for a date.” Almost dying from humiliation, Lorna Jane picked up the bottle of Chanel No. 5 from her vanity table and, with a trembling hand, proceeded to apply the exotic scent to her navel, to the ripest summits of her bare buttocks, and to her nylon-sheathed knee hollows. 

“Now put your hat and gloves back on and look at yourself in the mirror,” the imperious woman commanded. Lorna Jane obeyed, cringing visibly as she viewed herself through tear-filled eyes.

“I think we should call you ‘Miss Saturday Night and Sunday Morning,’” the implacable matron observed with a cold chuckle. “Walk around in a circle, one hand on your hip, the other out in front of you with a totally limp wrist!” Mrs. Goddard counted twenty humiliating tours before the sobbing girl was ordered to stand in front of her again. 

“What did you spank yourself with, dear?” Mrs. Goddard enquired lightly. Lorna Jane’s lips moved, but no audible words emerged. She pointed at the oval shaped, pink plastic hairbrush sitting on her vanity. 

“Well, dear, you can spank yourself with it again. Fifty times. Now! I will judge each smack a pass or fail. The ‘fails’ will be multiplied by two and, of course, you will get those from me.” 

Alas, 35 of the 50 spanks Lorna Jane gave herself were judged “fails” by the eagle-eyed Evelyn Goddard. Then the tearful girl went over the older woman’s knee and found out how the pink plastic hairbrush could be made to feel in the hands of an expert. And as Lorna Jane sobbed, squealed, and kicked her shapely, perfumed legs, her bottom was turned from pink to crimson as, indeed, were the backs of her rounded thighs where they were bare above her tautly-suspendered stocking tops. 

When it was finally over (and there were times when Lorna Jane thought it never would be!), the girl was required to stand before Mrs. Goddard, hands at her sides, head bowed, tears dripping from her quivering chin, and Chanel No. 5 scented heat positively radiating from her prettily reddened bare buttocks! 

“It’s too bad young Rod wasn’t here for our little session, dear,” Evelyn Goddard casually observed. “Gentlemanly and good hearted lad that he is, I’m sure he would have felt sorry for you. But I also suspect that he would have found it—shall we say ‘interesting’—to see a big, shapely teaser getting her just desserts! I’d leave the two of you alone so you could show Rod just how sincerely repentant you are for your naughty behavior. I think we’d invite him to stay for luncheon. You could eat yours bare bottomed from the dining room fireplace mantle, just like that Discipline Digest cartoon I showed you!” 

A tearful Lorna Jane shuddered visibly. The cartoon had depicted a shapely, sobbing teener miss eating her supper from a fireplace mantle.

Illustration by Miss Fran.

Above the waist she was wearing a tight, short-sleeved sweater. Below the waist, she sported a white garter belt, sheer nylons, spike-heeled pumps, and a very red bottom. Her panties had been pinned to the mantelpiece on humiliating public display while the hairbrush (a horrid reminder!) rested close to her supper plate. The girl’s strict guardians were obviously more interested in her behind than their meals. The cartoon bore the caption: “I told you I’d get to the bottom of things, young lady!” 

Lorna Jane could imagine only too well being in the same situation. Mr. and Mrs. Goddard and Rod would engage in polite luncheon conversation while she sniffled but their eyes (and thoughts!) would be fixated on succulent Roast Rump of Lorna Jane rather than the tasty chicken and asparagus repast before them!

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Smiles and Spanks,

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