Roger Benson, “Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons” Chapter 4: Teen Topics

Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 4: Teen Topics

On Saturday Mornings, Evelyn Goddard kindly permitted Lorna Jane to spend an extra hour in bed in the morning. The sun was shining brightly outside as the succulent brunette slowly came awake. Propping up her pillows, Lorna Jane sat up in the bed pulling the covers up to her chin. Wearing only the tops of her baby doll PJs and a pair of skimpy, pink nylon panties, the girl felt warm and wonderfully relaxed.

It had been a difficult week at Maydith College with a great many quizzes to pass and essays to turn in. Lorna Jane glanced at her alarm clock; she had over 45 minutes before she would be required to present herself downstairs for breakfast with the Goddards. From her bedside table, she picked up the new issue of Teen Topics—one of her favorite magazines—and began to leaf through it. 

Her attention suddenly became riveted by an article entitled “Should Bobbysoxers be Spanked?” by Mr. Billy Hackmore, the world-famous, internationally-syndicated columnist who often wrote on domestic discipline issues. The article was accompanied by an illustration of a pretty, shapely (and tearful!) sixteen-year-old miss getting ready to go over the back of a vinyl and chrome kitchen chair for what was obviously going to be a strict bare-bottom session with Mother’s hairbrush! 

Lorna Jane had graduated to sheer nylon stockings and spike-heeled pumps at the age of 17 but still wore virginally-white bobby sox with her penny loafers or saddle shoes for informal occasions. She squirmed prettily as she identified with the poor girl in the illustration!

Teen Topics magazine featured an engrossing article on spanking bobby-soxers.

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

As she read the article—with an increasingly dry mouth and fluttering tummy—Lorna Jane just had to admit that Mr. Hackmore had many persuasive arguments in favor of spanking naughty bobbysoxers! Then the girl glanced at her clock and suddenly realized she was going to be late for breakfast! She jumped out of bed, hastily performed her ablutions in her private, beautifully appointed bathroom, and dressed in a form fitting skirt and sweater set accompanied by sheer nylon stockings and spike-heeled pumps since she and Mrs. Goddard would be going downtown that morning on a shopping trip. Because it was a weekend, Lorna Jane was of course also wearing her black and white striped reformatory-issue bra and panties in full compliance with her Reformatory Panty Parole! 

Curvaceous Kathy Ann’s Comeuppance! 

Poor Kathy Ann Goodchild’s Saturday morning awakening was rather more shocking than lovely Lorna Jane’s. At 8:00 A.M. the telephone rang sonorously in the girl’s private dormitory room at Maydith College, rousing the curvaceous teener from a deep slumber. It was Miss Wright, the kindly but strict woman who served as Parole Officer for both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann. 

As a condition of their parole from the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls, both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were required to submit to Miss Wright—each and every Friday—a written essay describing what they had done that week and the actions they were taking to be “the bestest girls ever.” Alas, the pressures of a difficult week at Maydith College had caused dear Kathy Ann to forget this obligation, a failing Miss Wright pointed out in no uncertain terms!

“Ouuuhhh, nooooo!” Kathy Ann gasped, near tears.

“Oh, yes, young lady,” Miss Wright responded in a no-nonsense tone of voice.

Kathy Ann was summarily ordered to appear at Miss Wright’s office in exactly one hour’s time. The girl jumped from her bed, performed her washing with alacrity and then, having donned her reformatory-issue bra and panties, put on an off-white elastic garter belt and sheer tan-hued nylons. A form-fitting skirt and sweater, accentuated by glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps, completed her ensemble. Putting on a light raincoat, Kathy Ann—bereft of breakfast—rushed to the campus bus-stop to catch the conveyance that would take her to Miss Wright’s office.

One hour later, her raincoat hung up, Kathy Ann stood—hands at her side, head bowed—in front of Miss Wright’s imposing desk. A few tears trickled down the girl’s pale cheeks. 

“As I’m sure you know, young lady,” Miss Wright spoke in a cool, purposeful tone of voice, “I could report this matter to Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing, and he might well regard it as a most serious breach of your parole conditions and return you forthwith to the Greystone Reformatory. Do you understand, miss?” 

“Y-yes, m-ma’am,” Kathy Ann managed in a tear choked voice, her sweetly kissable lips trembling. 

“The regulations permit that, for a first offence, I may deal with the matter myself and—most fortunately for you—that is what I propose to do on this occasion. Do you understand, young lady?” 

“Ohhh. . . y-yes, M-Miss Wright. . . . Th-thank you, M-Miss Wright,” stammered the girl. 

The older woman now opened the top right hand drawer of her desk and withdrew and oval-shaped, stained oaken hairbrush. Kathy Ann gulped involuntarily on seeing the dreadful instrument. 

“It will, of course, be necessary to punish you for your offence.” Miss Wright lightly but meaningfully patted the glossy, smooth back of the brush against her open left palm. “I’m sure a big girl like you understands that, don’t you?” 

“Y-yes, m-ma’am,” Kathy Ann tearfully stammered her response.

“Do you have anything to say in your defense, young lady?”

“I. . . I d-deserve to be p-punished, M-Miss Wright,” Kathy Ann stammered haplessly. “I. . . I f-forgot, but th-that isn’t any ex-excuse. . . .”

Miss Wright now exhibited her kindly side, which was a very real part of her excellent character. “I appreciate your attitude, Kathy Ann,” Miss Wright spoke in a gentler tone of voice. “You don’t try to make excuses, even though you are under pressure at college, and that is a sign that you are well on the way to being a responsible and well behaved young lady. Punishment is still required but, I believe—in the circumstances—we can be a little less strict.” Miss Wright returned the hairbrush to her desk drawer and then directed, “Roll your skirt up tightly around your waist, young lady, and hold it there with your hands behind your back.” 

Kathy Ann tugged and rolled the tight garment until it was where it was supposed to be. Then Miss Wright stood up, walked around her desk and placed a sturdy, armless wooden chair under a strong light in the middle of the room and sat down. “Come and stand in front of me, young lady,” she commanded in a pleasant but meaningful tone of voice. Kathy Ann obeyed at once, her spike heels clicking on the hardwood floor. 

Then, with excruciating slowness, Miss Wright descended Kathy Ann’s reformatory-issue panties down to the girl’s deliciously rounded, nyloned knees. 

“Get over my knee, dear,” the older woman now directed. 

With a poignant little whimper, Kathy Ann obeyed. Miss Wright’s strong left arm encircled Kathy Ann’s curvy waist and drew the girl close in a firm but motherly embrace. Strangely enough, this action made Kathy Ann feel loved and protected even though she naturally dreaded the spanking she was about to receive. 

For the next twenty minutes, Miss Wright used her firm right hand to smack Kathy Ann’s girlishly plump buttocks and the exquisitely rounded back of her thighs where they were bare above her stocking tops. The smacks were administered slowly and were interspersed with many sage and helpful observations from Miss Wright. Throughout the process, Kathy Ann squirmed winsomely and cried softly. 

When the spanking was finally over, Kathy Ann was required to stand in the corner—holding her skirt up, panties at her knees—while Miss Wright wrote a detailed report for the girl’s file. Then, skirt still up and panties down, Kathy Ann stood before Miss Wright’s desk for some final words of wisdom. 

“I have to inform you, Kathy Ann,” Miss Wright’s tone of voice was very serious, “that if you commit this offence again, I will be obliged by regulation to report the matter to Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing and, as I am sure you are aware, the Learned Judge takes a very dim view of naughty girls who disobey their parole requirements.” 

As she spoke, Miss Wright privately reflected that if these unfortunately circumstances did arise, she would recommend leniency for Kathy Ann and rather suspected that Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing would accept the said recommendation. Miss Wright, from her long experience, knew that the Learned Judge was a good man interested in achieving successful reform, not inflicting unnecessary cruelty. 

However, Miss Wright had no intention of communicating this to Kathy Ann. She knew only too well how beneficial it was for Kathy Ann to be thoroughly frightened of the possibility of being returned to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls and the tender mercies of the high pressure cold water hose, the Strapping Chamber, the Greystone “classroom,” the extensive assortment of restraints, gags, and hoods and. . . much else! 

At long last, Kathy Ann was permitted to leave, her snug skirt now humiliatingly wrinkled. The girl tearfully promised to “never, never, ever” do such a naughty thing again—a promise, dear reader, I am pleased to report she kept! 

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Smiles and Spanks,

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