Roger Benson, “Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons” Chapter 3: The Bare Bottom Assizes

Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 3: The Bare Bottom Assizes

In the preceding chapters we saw that lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy’s parents have departed on an extended trip to Merrie England and, in their absence, arranged for their darling daughter to live with Mrs. Evelyn Goddard, a close Bridge Club friend, and her husband Cyril, a senior governmental official. As we have also learned, Mrs. Goddard—a well-born, attractive and educated woman of substantial private means—was a firm believer in the benefits of strict discipline where teener girls were concerned!

It was a pleasant Friday when Evelyn Goddard hosted a special luncheon at her impressive home for two influential members of the Bridge Club—Mrs. Pilkington-Price and Mrs. Dilby. After the luncheon, which went very well indeed, Evelyn Goddard left the tidying up to her maid Jessie and retired to her private master suite for a “beauty nap.” The good woman quickly fell asleep and had the most interesting dream in which she was Madam Justice Goddard, Chief Justice of The Bare Bottom As- sizes. (The Oxford dictionary defines “assizes” as a “session of the court”—and one can imagine just what this particular session would involve!)

The Bare Bottom Assizes had but one purpose and that was to provide a venue in which Madam Justice Goddard would sentence naughty teener girls to corporal punishment. This point was driven home most graphically by the fact that the pretty, shapely, and tearful girls who stood trembling before Madam Justice Goddard’s high dais were always bare below the waist except for their garter belts, sheer nylon stockings, and spike-heeled pumps!

On this particular day, Madam Justice Goddard’s judicial agenda listed three miscreant misses. The first, none other than Lorna Jane Welworthy, stood quivering and tearful before the stern and learned Justice. “You are charged with the disgraceful crimes of an exceedingly untidy bedroom and bathroom, the evidence including brunette hairs in the washbasin and used undergarments strewn about. How plead you, girl?”

Lorna Jane stammered out the only possible response at the Bare Bottom Assizes: “G-Guilty, Your H-Honor. . . .”

“It is the sentence of this Court that you receive a fifty stroke strapping on your bare buttocks. Take her down!” A powerfully built, cold-faced matron appeared at once, handcuffed Lorna Jane’s wrists behind her back and marched the sobbing girl off to a holding cell in the bowels of the Courtroom.

The second miscreant, who had forgotten to run a most important errand for her mother, was none other than Lorna Jane’s closest friend, Kathy Ann Goodchild. The tearful Kathy Ann was quickly sentenced to a fifty stroke strapping on her bare buttocks and promptly handcuffed and marched off to await her fate!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

The third culprit was one Roberta Baxter, age 17, an exceptionally pretty and shapely miss who had been caught after curfew necking and petting in her boyfriend’s autocar. In the wise view of Madam Justice Goddard this was a most serious offence and she wasted no time sentencing the sobbing Roberta to a nine stroke bare bottom caning in the finest English tradition. 

Madam Justice Goddard then rose for lunch and reflected with satisfaction on the morning’s work of dispatching strict and summary bottom justice. It rather reminded her of the olden days in Merrie England, when Judge Jeffreys sentenced the trembling and tearful maidens before him to a one-way trip to Terrible Tyburn Prison. 

After a pleasant luncheon, passed in the Private Dining Room reserved for the High Judiciary, Madam Justice Goddard strolled down to the Execution Chamber, accompanied by her Personal Assistant, Miss Ludmilla Stinchcombe. The Chamber was spotlessly clean, featured strong lighting, and a sturdily-constructed punishment tripod to which the victim would be secured for her correction. Madam Justice Goddard was pleased to see three of her smartly-suited friends from the Bridge Club. Two were serving as “official witnesses” whilst the other—wearing a domino mask and holding a well-oiled, black leather punishment strap—stood ready and eager to carry out her executioner duties! 

Lorna Jane was brought in first. The weeping girl’s wrists were handcuffed behind her back while her ankles were secured with manacles featuring a six-inch connecting chain. “Do you have anything to say, girl?” Madam Justice Goddard intoned in a solemn, cold tone of voice. Lorna Jane at once fell to her rounded, nyloned knees and, lifting her tear streaked face to the implacable Judge, began to blubber for mercy, promising to never, never, ever repeat her misbehavior, and promising to be “the bestest girl that ever was” if only she could be given a second chance. Madam Justice Goddard allowed the girl to go on at length, while she and her Bridge Club friends exchanged cold and knowing smiles. 

At long last, the esteemed Justice spoke. “There is one possibility. A big girl like you can readily discern that, apart from your own, there are four pairs of spike-heeled pumps in this Chamber. As a very special act of Judicial Leniency, and instead of a sound strapping, you may remain on your knees and demonstrate your unquestioning obedience and total hu- mility by licking those pumps until they positively glisten from your saliva. Begin!” 

One look at the dangling strap was all Lorna Jane needed to decide. She commenced her servile task at once, using her lovely mouth to save her succulent bottom—to borrow the language of the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls! Naturally, the hapless girl began with Madam Justice Goddard’s glossy, black patent leather spike-heeled pumps. 

After some time, curvaceous Kathy Ann was marched in and, after a lengthy session of groveling and pleading before Madam Justice Goddard, was given the same choice. It is hardly surprising to learn that dear Kathy Ann instantly chose to save her succulent sitter! 

Unhappily for poor Roberta, by the time her turn came the ladies were in the mood for a different sort of “entertainment.” Two Supervisory Matrons secured the sobbing girl to the tripod. Madam Justice Goddard then announced that Roberta’s caning would have two additional witnesses. 

Still handcuffed and manacled, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were marched into the Execution Chamber. 

“Kindly procure the gags,” the Senior Supervisory Matron now directed her junior colleague. The latter proceeded at once to a metal storage cupboard and returned with two rubber choke-pears and two black bandanas. The Senior Matron tapped the tip of Lorna Jane’s nose with her index finger. “Open wide, dear.” 

“Ohhh, p-please. . . p-please don’t g-gag me. . .” Lorna Jane sobbed haplessly . 

“Would you prefer to be caned?” the Matron enquired, almost casually . 

The girl yawned her mouth to its maximum. The Matron inserted the rubber pear and then proceeded to wind the black bandana over Lorna Jane’s mouth and knotted it tightly at the back of the girl’s head. Lorna Jane’s tear-wet cheeks bulged. 

When the Matron turned to Kathy Ann, the girl already had her mouth open! 

The bulging cheeks, florid complexions, and perspiring, furrowed foreheads the strict gags imposed made the girls look almost ugly yet, to the ladies present, the tearful twosome had never looked lovelier. Now the masked, cane wielding woman swished her instrument of correction through the air to test its ultra-flexible suppleness. This action elicited a delicious squeal of dire fright from poor Roberta! 

The matrons then took up their positions beside Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann. Both girls were told that if they averted their eyes from Roberta’s rump for even a split-second, they would be next on the tripod. 

The next sound Roberta emitted was a lengthy, piercing scream as the ultra-flexible, yellow-hued cane sliced into the plumpest portions of her ripely molded behind. Madam Justice Goddard studied the pink weal, already darkening. A minute later, Roberta had occasion to scream again and, once she had finished with that, began to blubber hysterically on the oh-so-predictable subjects of mercy, fervent promises to never do it again, and equally fervent promises of perfect future behavior. 

Naturally, Roberta’s pleas fell on deaf ears, and she received all nine strokes. Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann kept their eyes glued to the punished portions, constantly blinking their eyes to clear away the tears—as directed by their vigilant Supervisory Matrons! 

Indeed, a sobbing Roberta was left secured to the Punishment Tripod for a full half hour. During this time, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were required to stand—handcuffed, ankle-manacled, and pear-gagged—with their eyes fixed on poor Roberta’s girlishly plump, punished posterior. Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann’s own behinds crawled with the cold gooseflesh of dread while their full but shapely stockinged legs trembled with strain.

Evelyn Goddard came slowly awake. She became conscious of the touch of her own soft, manicured fingers in a very sensitive area. Then the release came, seeming as if it would never end. 

Lorna Jane’s Date 

On the Saturday evening following Evelyn Goddard’s Bridge Club luncheon (and very satisfying dream), lovely Lorna Jane was permitted to go out on a date with her adoring boyfriend, Rod Long. 

One of Lorna Jane’s favorite magazines was Teen Topics, which she read without fail every month. The current issue had a most enjoyable article on “How to keep your boyfriend interested in you.” Part of the advice given was that, from time-to-time, girls should deliberately frustrate their boyfriends to ensure that the lads never “took them for granted.” Lorna Jane decided that tonight she would try the idea out! 

After a “starlet bubble bath,” the succulent teener hooked up a pair of ultra-sheer, charcoal-hued nylon stockings to her off-white elastic garter belt and squeezed her pretty feet into a pair of glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps. After applying perfume to certain “strategic areas”, Lorna Jane put on her Reformatory-issue black and white striped cotton bra and panties in compliance with her Reformatory Parole Provisions. Oh, how she hated those bras and panties! Not only did they remind her of her horrid ordeals at the Greystone Reformatory, she would have much preferred filmy black nylon caressing her intimate portions! A tight skirt and sweater completed her “Date Night” ensemble and ensured Rod’s elevated excitation! 

After a swell film at the Bijou, Rod drove his beloved out to Lover’s Leap. Lorna Jane sat very close to Rod, frequently crossing and crossing her lovely stockinged legs and deliberately not bothering to adjust her skirt afterward. By the time Rod found a very private “parking place” at Lover’s Leap, he was almost drooling. 

Fifteen minutes later, the front of Lorna Jane’s tight sweater was unbuttoned and her bra pulled down while her skirt was up around her waist. Lorna Jane’s lovely, rounded breast glistened in the moonlight from Rod’s saliva. Rod—a very obvious lump at the front of his slacks—now reached for Lorna Jane’s panties. This was the cue the girl had been waiting for. 

She put her soft hand on top of Rod’s and said, “Oh, please no, Rod, dearest. I’ve developed a dreadful headache.” A stricken look came over the boy’s handsome features. Earnestly, he expressed his concern and, his voice strained with worry, asked what he could do. 

“Golly, Rod,” Lorna Jane responded in a sweet tone of voice. “I think it would be best if you took me home.”
Gentlemanly to the core, Rod complied at once. As soon as they arrived at the Goddard house, he pulled into the imposing circular drive, jumped out to open Lorna Jane’s door and solicitously walked his darling to the doorstep. Lorna Jane rewarded him with a lengthy open-mouthed kiss but had to stifle a giggle as she felt the “hard evidence” of his excitement!

Later, in her bedroom, Lorna Jane carefully removed and hung up her skirt and then removed and tossed her panties in her laundry hamper. Her own excitement had caused a particular portion of the intimate garment to become a little damp! 

Lorna Jane now stood with her back to her vanity mirror, looking back over her shoulder. Her soft hands cupped and fondled her pale bottom cheeks. She found herself wishing that Rod were present—in this very room—and would promptly put her where she belonged, that is: over his knee for the kind of long, hard spanking teases and fibbers deserve! But Lorna Jane knew only too well that there was no hope of that ever happening with the gentlemanly Rod. A shiver convulsed her shapely body as she thought of what would have happened if she’d tried that kind of trick with Mr. Justice Roderick Pimm-Lansing. She’d have found herself promptly stripped, restrained, hooded, and being transported back to the Greystone Reformatory for a very painful lesson in discipline! 

Then, Lorna Jane’s eyes strayed to the pink plastic hairbrush that sat atop her vanity. She picked the oval shaped brush up and, continuing to look back over her shoulder, gently rubbed it against the smooth, girlishly plump behind so provocatively displayed in the mirror. Strange thrills coursed through her as she did this and then she whispered to herself, “You deserve to be spanked within an inch of your life, you naughty girl!” 

And then, Lorna Jane began to spank herself, slowly and as hard as she could manage. It wasn’t the same as being taken over the knee of a responsible, experienced adult like Mrs. Goddard, but after ten minutes luscious Lorna’s succulent seat, and the backs of her thighs where they were bare above her stocking tops, were a very pretty shade of pink and her tears were flowing freely. 

At last, a softly sobbing Lorna Jane put the brush down and slowly walked over to her bed where she lay on her tummy, her tears moistening her pillow. She thought about what Rod was doing now—or may have just finished doing—and her naughty fingers found the naughty place and began their work. Lorna Jane buried her face in her pillow to stifle her shriek of ecstasy as she was suddenly taken, wave after wave, by the most powerful climax of her young life! 

The deepest sleep imaginable followed almost instantly. 

Something to Look Forward To! 

Next morning, Lorna Jane awoke still wearing her date night attire (except for her skirt and panties, of course). Lazily, she got up and walked over to her vanity and peered back over her shoulder at her peerless bottom. Despite her hairbrush efforts the previous evening, the smooth, succulently rounded flesh was fully restored to its pale perfection. 

Lovely Lorna Jane still felt terribly guilty about the way she had treated poor Rod. It was obvious that, far from ever “taking her for granted,” he adored her totally! The girl resolved that, on their very next date night, she would make it up to Rod by doing something very, very special! 

The girl then stripped naked and padded into her well-equipped private bathroom to perform her ablutions. Then, since she would be expected to attend church this bright Sunday morning with Evelyn and Cyril Goddard, she dressed carefully—first putting on a fresh pair of Reformatory-issue panties and matching bra. Instead of her usual garter belt, Lorna Jane squirmed into a snug-fitting, off-white open bottomed girdle and hooked up a nice new pair of sheer tan-hued nylon stockings. One of Lorna Jane’s mother’s strictest rules was that her darling daughter should always wear a girdle in church! Glossy white patent pike-heeled pumps and a form fitting powder blue suit completed her attire except for the white pillbox hat and little white gloves she would don after breakfasting with the Goddards. 

On arriving at the church later that morning, Lorna Jane was ecstatic to see her darling Rod—immaculate in a blue blazer and gray flannels—in the congregation. After the services were over, and permission had been granted by Evelyn Goddard, Lorna Jane went over to say hello to Rod. The earnestly handsome lad was terribly concerned about Lorna Jane’s well-being but the girl reassured him that she was fine now. Then she placed her hand on his and bestowed a loving smile that promised that next “date night” would be a very special event indeed! 

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Smiles and Spanks,

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