Roger Benson, “Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons” Chapter 2: Private Study Session

Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 2: Private Study Session 

Evelyn Goddard, an attractive and athletic 35-year-old, was an intelligent and educated woman, holding a degree from Sedgewicke College, an elite northeastern institution for young ladies, where she had studied English literature, history and psychology. Her father, a successful industrialist, had settled a significant sum of capital on his daughter so, to favor understatement, the Goddard family circumstances were most comfortable. 

As an intelligent and educated woman, Mrs. Goddard well understood just how important it was that Lorna Jane do well at Maydith College, and she was determined to diligently foster that outcome. Accordingly, the day after the memorable Wednesday evening punishment, she informed the contrite and remorseful girl that a special day-long “Study Session” would be organized for Lorna Jane that Saturday. The girl would not be permitted to go out for her usual Saturday evening date with Rod. 

Saturday morning arrived and Lorna Jane prepared herself as if she were off to her studies at Maydith College. The girl wore an appealingly form fitting short sleeved sweater and skirt, sheer tan nylons, and glossy black spike-heeled pumps. Underneath, she wore her black and white striped Reformatory-issue bra and panties (in compliance with her weekend Reformatory Parole Requirements) and an off-white, elastic garter belt. 

Mrs. Goddard had set up a plain wooden table and a hard, armless, straight backed chair in the attractively appointed basement “recreation room.” It would be at this table dear Lorna Jane would sit studying and also writing responses to certain exercises set by the good woman. As it happens, Cyril Goddard was away for the weekend on important government business. 

Mrs. Goddard was most appropriately dressed for the occasion, wearing an attractive but rather strict-looking black suit, sheer, charcoal-hued nylons, and glossy black patent spike-heeled pumps. She had donned a pair of horn-rimmed glasses she occasionally wore and carried a pliant, twelve-inch wooden ruler. Her very appearance made luscious Lorna Jane simply quiver with dread anticipation! 

For two hours, Lorna Jane diligently read and wrote. Then Mrs. Goddard appeared, directed Lorna Jane to sit with her hands behind her back, and took up the girl’s work for a careful evaluation. While Lorna Jane sat in a state of understandable apprehension, Evelyn Goddard slowly and thoroughly read her way through the girl’s material, periodically making a mark with a red pencil. 

At long last, the older woman set the material aside and stood up. Her right hand held her ruler which she patted—lightly but meaningfully— against her open left palm as she addressed a quivering Lorna Jane. 

“I judge your performance a low-B, young lady.” Lorna Jane gulped audibly. “You can do better and you will do better. Stand up and remove your skirt and panties, folding them neatly over the back of that easy chair, and then face me.” 

A red-face Lorna Jane obeyed at once, squirming awkwardly out of her snug skirt and skimpy Reformatory-issue panties. The girl stood before her implacable teacher, her full but shapely legs trembling, her pale, girlishly plump bare bottom prickling with gooseflesh. 

“Put your right hand out, palm up, and do not dare to move it until directed.” 

SMACK! Lorna Jane stifled a squeal as the burning sting permeated the soft hand that had ecstatically thrilled her handsome boyfriend on more than one occasion! 

Lorna Jane received five crisp strokes to each hand, each smack accompanied by sage pedagogical observations from Mrs. Goddard. By the time it was over—and Evelyn Goddard did not rush the process—the tears were dripping from Lorna Jane’s quivering chin. The girl’s understandable distress was augmented by the fact that the deliciously bare state of her girlishly plump bottom left in her no doubt that “the worst was yet to come”! 

And it did! Keeping her legs pressed tightly together, Lorna Jane bent forward, throbbing palms flat on the hardwood study table while Mrs. Goddard slowly administered 50 brisk ruler smacks to the sobbing girl’s succulent bottom cheeks and ripely rounded thigh-backs, where they were bare above her stocking tops. As with the hand-smacking, the spanking was accompanied by many insightful comments from Mr. Goddard and stammered-out thanks—where appropriate—from luscious Lorna Jane. 

At last, Lorna Jane was directed to resume her work—now sitting bare bottomed! Mrs. Goddard observed the red-faced, sniffling girl carefully. “Stop that squirming, young lady,” she commanded in a cold tone of voice, “or I’ll put you over my knee and really give you something to squirm about!” 

An Exercise Break 

After a nourishing lunch (which Lorna Jane ate bare bottomed!), the girl was permitted to put her skirt and panties back on and resume studying. After a further two hours had passed, Evelyn Goddard took up the girl’s work—while Lorna Jane sat with her hands behind her back—and evaluated the material with her usual care and close attention.

“This is a considerable improvement, young lady.” Lorna Jane shivered with relief. “It shows what you can do when you apply yourself and when you receive proper encouragement.” 

Evelyn Goddard now decided that Lorna Jane should have an “exercise break.” The girl was required to remove her skirt and sweater and fold them neatly over the back of the same easy chair that had previously enjoyed the company of her skirt and panties. 

Mrs. Goddard produced a copy of the “Betty Crocker Cookbook, 1960 edition”—a heavy volume indeed! Lorna Jane was required to place this on top of her head and hold it in place with her left palm and fingers pressed down. She was ordered to place her other hand on her hip, “like a lady.” The girl’s elbow jutted saucily. While Mrs. Goddard watched with evident interest, Lorna Jane was required to walk around the large room in a wide circle—red-faced with embarrassment! 

“Come on, dear,” Mrs. Goddard encouraged with a light laugh. “Let’s see more of a wiggle! Pretend that I’m that nice boyfriend of yours and that you’re trying to keep me interested!” 

This was followed by an extended session during which Lorna Jane was required to lie on her back, place her hands under her hips, and bicycle her shapely legs. This was followed by squats. Then Lorna Jane was required to stand in front of Mrs. Goddard, both hands pressing down on the Betty Crocker cook book atop her brunette tresses. 

“Now, dear, I want you to strut in place.” Mrs. Goddard held the ruler at the girl’s waist. “Knees as high as your navel. One smack per thigh for each time you fail to touch the wood. Let’s start with single time. Now, march!” A nyloned knee rose, smartly rapping the out-stretched ruler. Evelyn Goddard nodded her head in rhythmic encouragement. 

Lorna Jane learned a great deal that memorable Saturday. Next week she received an A on a Maydith College English literature test. Mrs. Goddard rewarded the girl by serving Lorna Jane’s favorite double butterscotch ripple ice cream for dessert at supper! In fact, the whole week went so well that Lorna Jane was allowed to enjoy a Saturday evening date with her boyfriend, Rod Long. 

Rod felt very guilty about the trouble he had got Lorna Jane into and made it up to his beloved with a very special dinner at Marco’s Place, followed by the second showing at the Odeon Cinema. Later, at Lover’s Leap—in Rod’s car—the ardent young couple made up for lost time. If truth be told, young Rod’s passions were also inflamed by recurrent thoughts of a nineteen-year-old girl as pretty and shapely as luscious Lorna Jane being spanked! 

A Supremely Humiliating Punishment 

Alas, the following week was less happy. It was mid-week and Lorna Jane was facing a botany test, her least favorite subject. Mr. and Mrs. Goddard had gone out to a reception so Lorna Jane was alone in the house. She studied and studied but got to the point where she simply had to have a break. Slipping into her fluffy, spike-heeled slippers she went down to the kitchen for a glass of milk and cookie or two. The poor girl was so wound up, she ate the entire box of cookies before she knew what she was doing! 

Lorna Jane’s sin was not discovered until the next day. Mrs. Pilkington-Pryce was visiting Evelyn Goddard on Bridge Club business and, in keeping with her patrician breeding, Mrs. Goddard offered afternoon tea which was eagerly accepted. One can all too easily imagine Evelyn Goddard’s frame of mind when she discovered the cookies were gone—all gone! 

When Lorna Jane returned from Maydith College, she was immediately summoned to Mrs. Goddard’s private second floor sitting room. The tearful girl confessed at once and threw herself on Mrs. Goddard’s mercy which, unhappily for poor Lorna Jane, was as absent as the cookies she had so thoughtlessly gobbled. 

“Go to my private bathroom at once, young lady,” Evelyn Goddard ordered in a cold, non-nonsense voice. “Remove your sweater, skirt, and bra. Grip the sides of the toilet seat and bend forward with your legs spread. I will be in to see you shortly.” 

For the next ten minutes Lorna Jane waited, heart beating rapidly, mouth dry, tears dripping from her trembling chin. Evelyn Goddard’s spike heels approached. “Eyes front, young lady,” the older woman commanded and Lorna Jane felt her panties pulled down to her widely separate knees. Lorna Jane’s apprehension mounted to unbearable levels as she heard the medicine cupboard door opening and shutting and water running. Lorna Jane stole a backwards glance and, through tear blurred eyes, saw Mrs. Goddard approaching with a large bulb syringe and a metal bowl of warm, soapy water! With a shudder of sheer, undiluted dread, Lorna Jane realized she was in for a lengthy and supremely humiliating session!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Lorna Jane received her spanking the next evening. Shortly after 9:00 P.M., Mrs. Goddard arrived in Lorna Jane’s bedroom carrying her glossy black, oval shaped, hard backed wooden hairbrush. The girl was required to remove her sweater and skirt and hang them up neatly in her clothes closet. Then Evelyn Goddard seated herself on Lorna Jane’s bed and the tearful girl was ordered over her knee. Lorna Jane’s panties were taken down below her stocking tops. The panties, white and decorated with little red hearts, were an intimate and adoring gift from Rod Long after the lad learned that his lovely girlfriend was no longer required to wear her Reformatory-issue panties on weekdays. 

For the next fifteen minutes, Mrs. Goddard lectured Lorna Jane on the perils of gluttony, punctuating her sage observations with brisk hairbrush smacks which had Lorna Jane sobbing, squealing, and deeply repenting her foolish behavior. 

When the spanking was finally over, and there were times when Lorna Jane thought it never would be, Mrs. Goddard prepared to leave. “If you ever do that again, young lady, I’ll take you down to the basement for a strapping that will make you wish you were back in the Reformatory!”

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

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Smiles and Spanks,

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