Roger Benson, “Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons” Chapter 1: Surrogate Disciplinarian

Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Illustration by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.


Contemporary schoolgirls and schoolboys will find there is much to learn from reading this tale of a time less than 50 years in the past. For it was not so long ago that teener children lived in fear of regular bare bottom spankings at home, judicially-mandated strappings, rulerings from their deans in college, and thorough attention to their nether regions in the form of soapy enemas. 

As a (now-retired) internationally famous syndicated columnist and writer on domestic discipline matters, I was of course highly familiar with Mr. Roger Benson’s peerless prose and superb illustrations. What a pleasure it is to see them resurfacing so that later generations can benefit from the lessons of the golden era of which he writes. 

Mrs. Angie Heart, Editrix-in-Chief of the renowned Bared Affair Magazine, deserves the boundless thanks and congratulations of all connoisseurs of the judicial and domestic discipline scenes. First, she discovers and publishes Mr. Benson’s 1961 classic, Delinquent Damsels in Distress. Now she has escalated our delight by publishing Mr. Benson’s 1962 opus, Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons!

As in his earlier novel, the delectable duo—nineteen-year-old Lorna Jane Welworthy and her dearest girlfriend, nineteen-year-old Kathy Ann Goodchild—play important parts in the exciting events chronicled in this later work. In particular, we learn about the many adventures lovely Lorna Jane experiences at the hands (and hairbrush!) of Mrs. Evelyn Goddard, the strict but caring guardian who looks after Lorna Jane while the girl’s parents are away on an extended trip to Merrie England. 

I don’t want to spoil readers’ avid enjoyment of this superb novella so I won’t go into details here about those many adventures other than to say that the educated, cultured, and wealthy Evelyn Goddard is a domestic disciplinarian of the very first rank. As for those of you who are fans of curvaceous Kathy Ann, let me assure you that this delectable damsel’s disciplinary education also receives appropriate attention! 

Profusely illustrated, Luscious Lovelies Learn Their Lessons is a stellar addition to the domestic discipline genre. It is also a most morally uplifting tale proving that—where teenage girls are concerned—proper attention to “the seat of learning” produces the very best results in the end! 

Billy Hackmore, Sr., December 2005

Chapter 1: Surrogate Disciplinarian 

As we left things at the conclusion of the novella Delinquent Damsels in Distress, lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy and curvaceous Kathy Ann Goodchild were released from the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls in time to resume their second year studies at the all-girls Maydith College.

Lorna Jane had just passed the “judicial review” ordered by His Honor Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing, and Kathy Ann’s own “judicial review” was set for just two week’s time. Needless to say, it was a nail-biting wait for the shapely teener! We are pleased to report, gentle reader, that Kathy Ann passed her review and was not sent back to the tender mercies of Superintendent Ella Baines and her staff of thoroughly professional, discipline-minded matrons. 

Their reformatory and “judicial review” experiences had simply intensified the already strong bond of girlish affection between Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann and, from time to time, when the two succulent teeners were intimately alone together, they would kiss and cuddle and—in whispered tones—talk about what had happened to them. Strangely enough, this recounting of the experiences excited both girls and soon naughty fingers were touching naughty places with ecstatic consequences! 

At their monthly meeting with their kind hearted but strict Reformatory System Parole Officer—Miss Jessica Wright—both girls were told the good news that His Honor had decided to somewhat relax the conditions of their parole in light of the girls’ thoroughly contrite and unquestioningly obedient behavior. For the remainder of their one year parole period the girls would only have to wear their black and white striped reformatory-issue bras and panties on weekends. 

Then, Miss Wright mentioned that His Honor might—at some future point—require a further “judicial review” of the girls’ progress. Naturally, this news caused the most delicious shiver of pure, undiluted dread in both lovelies. That night, both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann had the most vividly dreadful dreams of the many punishment chambers at the Greystone Reformatory! 

As we know, both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were living in residence at Maydith College under the eagle-eyed, discipline-minded supervision of Miss McFarlane, the Dean of Girls. 

However, relatively early in the term, Lorna Jane’s parents decided to go to Merrie England for six weeks. Among other things, Lorna Jane’s successful businessman father had important opportunities to explore. Mrs. Welworthy, Lorna Jane’s strict but loving mother, decided that her darling daughter should spend these six weeks living in the home of Mrs. Evelyn Goddard, a woman some 15 years her junior, but a trusted friend from the Bridge Club and known to Mrs. Welworthy as a firm believer in the merits of strict but loving discipline. 

Evelyn Goddard, who had no children, was married to a successful and senior public servant, Cyril, and the couple occupied a large and most attractively appointed home that would easily provide accommodation for Lorna Jane. And so, the fateful arrangement was made! 

Mrs. Goddard, 35 years of age, welcomed Lorna Jane and wasted no time reviewing with the girl the detailed rules and regulations the teener miss would have to follow in the Goddard household. Although pleasant enough, Cyril Goddard was a somewhat distant man preoccupied with affairs of state. Wisely, he left the guidance and discipline of Lorna Jane entirely to his most capable wife. 

Maydith College was an all-girls institution back in 1961, but periodic social events were arranged with the nearby, all-male McDwight University. At one of the these (“The High Heel Hop”), held quite early in their second year at Maydith, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann had the great good fortune to meet two senior McDwight students—Rod Long and Lance Thicker—who were positive paragons of sportsmanship, scholarship, and community-oriented behavior. Lorna Jane began to date Rod while Kathy Ann formed a warm relationship with Lance. What a far cry these lads were from the juvenile delinquency-inclined Archie and Kenny, the villains of our prior novella! 

One Wednesday evening, Rod had the use of his lawyer father’s dark blue Oldsmobile sedan. The two lads thought it would be fun to visit Kathy Ann and Lorna Jane. Kathy Ann was still residing at Maydith College and the two boys rapidly discovered that there was no way the Hall Porter, Miss Priddle, would let her out. The next stop was the fine home the Goddards occupied. 

Evelyn Goddard and her husband had gone off to a social event and Lorna Jane was home alone. Wearing a snug-fitting sweater, plaid skirt, and sheer tan nylons, Lorna Jane was lying on her tummy on her bed diligently reading Rupert Tricklethorpe’s Principles of Victorian Poetry when the front door bell rang. 

The girl quickly slipped into her spike-heeled fluffy slippers and scurried downstairs. She smiled warmly when she discovered that it was Rod, who immediately invited her to come out to the dark blue Olds parked in front of the house. “Oh, golly, Rod, dearest,” Lorna Jane demurred, “this is a study night and Mrs. Goddard says I mustn’t go out except on Saturday nights.” 

Rod, using every ounce of his boyish charm, persisted and—the flesh being weak and Professor Tricklethorpe’s treatise being exceptionally dull—Lorna Jane capitulated. Rod invited Lorna Jane into the back seat while his best buddy Lance continued to occupy the front. 

It wasn’t long before Rod and Lorna were tongue kissing and the girl’s sweater was unbuttoned and her skirt lifted up around her waist. Although gentlemanly by nature, Lance could not help observing the proceedings with avid interest, especially since his own ambitions with curvaceous Kathy Ann had been so thoroughly frustrated. 

Suddenly, a car—headlights blazing—pulled up directly behind the Olds! Both Lorna Jane and Rod were far too “occupied” to notice. A door opened and slammed shut. 

“Geez, Rod, someone’s coming!” Lance called out, a trace of panic in his voice. With a squeal of horror, Lorna Jane broke her embrace and desperately tried to rearrange her attire. The door to the dark blue Olds was yanked open. Evelyn Goddard stood there, hands on her hips and a look of cold anger on her face! 

“Get out of that car this instant, young lady!” she commanded. Gasping and blushing, Lorna Jane awkwardly but instantly obeyed. 

Rod at once got out of the car, and in the most deferential tone of voice imaginable, apologized to Mrs. Goddard, accepted full responsibility for what had happened, and said that it was he—not the quivering Lorna Jane—who deserved punishment. 

Evelyn Goddard smiled sweetly at the young man. “That is exactly what I would expect from a gentlemanly lad like you, Rod,” Mrs. Goddard said with total sincerity. “But the fact is that it is always the responsibility of the girl to say ‘no.’ Lorna Jane is well aware of the rules. She chose to flagrantly disobey them and will now pay for that disobedience!” 

Mrs. Goddard administered a loud smack to the snug seat of Lorna Jane’s well-filled skirt. “Into the house, young lady, this instant!” she commanded. Lorna Jane uttered a high-pitched, hapless squeal and awkwardly stumbled forward. Cyril Goddard, meanwhile, had extracted himself from his own car, smiled at Rod blandly, and followed his wife and the terrified Lorna Jane. 

Although Rod felt a genuine sympathy for his lovely girlfriend, perhaps understandably the lad also felt a rising excitement as his fertile brain speculated on what was so obviously going to happen to luscious Lorna Jane! 

Doing Her Duty Without Pity 

In the Goddards’ modishly furnished living room, the lights were turned on full and the drapes tightly drawn. Cyril Goddard sat on a sturdy armless chair. A small table was beside the chair, a glossy black, oval-shaped wooden hairbrush resting on its circular top, bristles down. 

A sobbing Lorna Jane stood with her back facing him, hands at her sides and head bowed in abject contrition. Evelyn Goddard stood in front of Lorna Jane. The older woman wore the no-nonsense expression of someone dedicated to doing her duty without pity. 

She addressed a trembling Lorna Jane in cool, contralto tones. “I think our discussion will be more productive with your skirt up in back, dear. Get it there this instant and hold it in place with your hands behind your back! Now, dear, tell me what night this is.” 

“It’s. . . it’s W-Wednesday night,” stammered the girl. 

SLAP! The brisk smack caused Lorna Jane’s head to rock to one side. “No, dear. It’s a study night. Repeat that for me a once, if you please.” 

“Ouuuhhhh,” she moaned. “It. . . it’s a s-study night. . . .”

SLAP! “That isn’t an acceptable answer, dear. The correct answer is that you were studying the art and science of necking and petting with a very experienced instructor. Now, dear, I’d like to know what young Lance’s part in all this was.” 

“Ohhh. . . He. . . he. . . just w-watched, Mrs. Goddard. . . .” 

“Why that’s just excellent, dear. I’m so pleased to see you and Rod following one of the most cherished precepts of the pedagogical profession— teaching by example. I’m sure that when he gets home, young Lance will review this evening’s lesson with great pleasure—once he has his slacks and underpants down, of course. But the fact is, dear, that studying necking and petting is not going to help you with your college program. Isn’t that true?” 

“Y-Yes, Mrs. Goddard. . . .”
“And it is important that you do well, isn’t it, dear?”
“Y-Yes, ma’am.”
“Because if you don’t do well, your mother and father will be very disappointed in you but, also—and this is very important—they will also be very disappointed with me. And that is why I want you to stay home and study on Monday night. SLAP! On Tuesday night. SLAP! On Wednesday night. SLAP! On Thursday night. SLAP! On Friday night. SLAP! Do you understand, dear?” 

The thoroughly red and wet-cheeked girl haplessly blubbered that she did. 

“Then on Saturday night you may go out and study necking and petting with that nice Mr. Rod Long. SLAP! But only on Saturday night. SLAP! Do you understand, dear?” 

The sobbing girl stammered out an affirmative response.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

“I’m so glad you do, dear. And now, to reinforce that understanding and, of course, to punish your little lapse this evening, it’s time to smack another pair of cheeks.” 

During this extended episode, Cyril Goddard’s eyes had been glued to a particular portion of Lorna Jane’s adorable anatomy so pleasingly and provocatively presented by the girl’s skimpy panties. He almost did not hear his good wife when she suggested he move over to the sofa. 

Mrs. Goddard seated herself regally on the sturdy, armless wooden chair. Then Lorna Jane went over her knee, skirt up, panties down. 

For the next ten minutes, while Lorna Jane sobbed and squealed, the hard backed hairbrush made its disciplinary point on girlishly plump buttocks and ripely rounded thigh backs—where they were bare above her stocking tops. And Lorna Jane soon found that Evelyn Goddard’s hairbrush expertise rivaled that of any Greystone matron. As for Mr. Goddard, he stared bug-eyed at luscious Lorna Jane’s crimsoning, writhing nether portions! 

Later that night, Lorna Jane cried herself to sleep, wearing only the tops of her baby doll PJs. Her girlishly plump bottom cheeks throbbed and burned distressingly. What a different feeling from the tender caresses so ardently and adoringly administered by young Rod! 

In the Goddards’ master bedroom, the usually reserved Cyril Goddard’s inhibitions seemed to have “taken a holiday” as he embraced his attractive wife. “You know, Cyril dear,” Mrs. Goddard observed with a wicked giggle, “if we’d dusted that girl’s bare bottom for fingerprints, I suspect we’d have found ample evidence to have young Rod charged with fanny fondling in the first degree!” Mr. Goddard stifled a gasp and began to passionately tongue kiss his wife. She could feel his rising excitement. It was going to be an amorous night!

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Smiles and Spanks,

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