Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 7: Epilogue

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 7: Epilogue

In 2004, Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing passed on at the advanced age of 93. In the course of estate settlement matters, two letters came to light which have a direct bearing on the Lorna Jane Welworthy matter.

As we know, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were released from the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls in late August 1961 and went on to their second year of studies at The Maydith College for Girls.

In accordance with the terms of her release from Greystone, both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann had monthly meetings with a female parole officer of the Reformatory System. Lorna Jane’s office was Miss Jessica Wright, a strict but kindly woman in her mid-forties. At a meeting in the third week of October 1961, Miss Wright directed Lorna Jane to write a letter to Miss Moira Ashdowne, the imperious and attractive personal assistant to Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing. Miss Wright was very specific about what Lorna Jane was to say in the letter and worked closely with the girl to ensure that these requirements were reflected in the missive that was received by Miss Ashdowne on October 31, 1961 – The Hallowed Eve! The following are certain key excerpts from the letter.

Dear Miss Ashdowne:

My Reformatory Parole Office, Miss Jessica Wright (who is a truly wonderful person!), has instructed me to write you this letter in your capacity as Personal Assistant to His Honor, Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing.

I would like to begin by saying, most humbly and sincerely, what a great privilege it is for me to write to a person as distinguished and important as yourself.

I have had many wonderful privileges in my life. My daddy is a successful and respected member of the community. My mother is a wonderful person and I greatly admire and respect the strict but loving care she has always given me. Also, my teachers at The Maydith College for Girls have been just wonderful too!

Despite these advantages, I foolishly went out on dates with that naughty, juvenile delinquent-inclined boy Archie Jackson who did that awful thing with his friend Kenny at the Pleasant Corners Gas Station. I humbly and sincerely realize how naughty I was too because I inflamed Archie, just like His Honor Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing said, with my curvaceous body, lipstick, sheer nylon stockings and high, spike-heeled pumps.

I also most humbly and sincerely realize that I fully deserved to be sentenced to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls and undergo all the many and varied punishments I received at that institution. Golly, Miss Ashdowne, it makes me just tremble even to think about those punishments but I know they were for my own good and now I think all the time about how I can be a good girl!

I know that I will make mistakes, even though I’m trying ever so hard not to do so, but that when I do I should be strictly punished and I am most humbly and sincerely grateful to my mother for her Domestic Discipline Program (that’s what my mother calls it) and everything she is doing to strengthen my sincere resolve to be the bestest girl ever!

My mother required me to tell her in complete detail – which I tearfully did – about all my punishments at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls so she could see if any of them might be used in her Domestic Discipline Program.

Mother’s Domestic Discipline Program got underway just as soon as I arrived home from the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls. In front of two of her closest Bridge Club friends, she gave me an awful hard, long hairbrush spanking on my girlishly plump bare bottom and the backs of my thighs where they were bare above my stocking tops. Then I had to stand, sobbing as if my heart would break, holding my skirt up to demonstrate mother’s hairbrush handiwork while she and the ladies had a nice cup of tea.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

After the ladies had left, mother took a rubber bulb syringe that had been sitting on the kitchen counter and marched me up to her private bathroom where she did something to me that hasn’t happened to me since I was six years old! It was so humiliating that I almost died!! But I knew that’s what happens to naughty girls, even if they’re big nineteen-year-olds in nylons and spike heels, and you can be sure that what happened just strengthened my resolve to be the goodest girl ever!

I am so thankful to His Honor, Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing, for teaching me the good lesson I needed before it was too late and it would be the greatest honor of my young life to most humbly and sincerely demonstrate that thanks to so great a man!

Yours with total, respectful humility and sincerity, Lorna Jane Welworthy, Age 19

Her heart lightened by the effort of unburdening herself in this most abject and contrite way, Lorna Jane was sure that her final debt had been paid. But she was wrong!

Moira Ashdowne’s Reply

Mere days after Lorna Jane sent off her missive, a reply arrived from the good judge’s personal assistant.

Dear Lorna Jane:

I am in receipt of your letter of October 29, 1961 and have shewn same to His Honor, Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing.

His Honor has most generously decided to interview you in his Privy Chambers on the evening of November 7, 1961. You shall report to my office in The Courtroom at precisely 7:30 P.M. on the said evening.

During the proceedings, at which I shall be present, you shall speak only when spoken to and respond to all directions given to you with immediate, total humility and unquestioning obedience. As you know, His Honor may revoke your parole at any time he so decides and you shall be returned forthwith to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls.

For this interview you shall wear a very tight, short sleeved pink wool sweater and a very tight light grey wool skirt ending 2 inches below your knees and with a five-inch single kick pleat at the back. In addition to your Official Reformatory Issue bra and panties, you shall wear a plain, off-white elastic garter belt, sheer, charcoal-hued Teen Queen “Midnight Madness” nylon stockings, and glossy black patent leather pumps with four and one quarter inch spike heels. You will also wear your hair in a ponytail with an oversize red ribbon.

It is likely that His Honor will require you to remove your sweater and skirt to verify that you are in full compliance with his stipulated parole conditions.

If His Honor is dissatisfied with any aspect of the interview, it is likely that he will direct me to prepare your buttocks for corporal punishment which I shall administer in His Presence.

It is also possible that His Honor will require you to kneel before him and demonstrate your extended and humble respect for the Ultimate Symbol of Judicial Authority.

Other events may also occur as per the pleasure and direction of His Honor.

Until the evening of November 7, I remain, Moira Ashdowne (Miss), Personal Assistant to Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing

Regrettably, we do not have detailed documentation on what transpired on the evening of November 7, 1961.

We do know, however, that Lorna Jane was not sent back to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls so we can reasonably surmise that the girl’s “performance” met with adequate approval from His Honor, Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing, and his imperiously attractive Personal Assistant, Miss Moira Ashdowne.

We can also make certain important inferences from Miss Ashdowne’s letter to Lorna Jane about what likely transpired in His Honor’s Privy Chambers.

Historical records confirm for us that the evening of November 7, 1961 was pleasantly mild. However, we are quite sure that luscious Lorna Jane would wear a light raincoat to her appointment given the extraordinarily tight sweater and skirt she was required to wear. For example, the outline of the girl’s bra under her sweater would be plainly visible as would her panty line, not to mention her garter belt straps and the raised tabs and clips that so lovingly and tautly suspendered her sheer, charcoal-hued nylon hosiery!

And, of course, the tightness of the skirt ending two inches below her rounded knees combined with her four-inch spike heels would compel her to take mincing little steps that would accentuate every swaying jiggle of her succulent body – most especially her girlishly plump buttocks and ripely rounded breasts! Lorna Jane’s facial cheeks would be blushing warmly with her sweater so tight she could hardly breathe!

The Interminable Interview

In his Honor’s Privy Chambers, Lorna Jane – divested of her light raincoat – would stand before the great man’s imposing desk, hands at her side, head bowed in abject humility. His Honor would ask the hapless girl pointed questions about her experiences at the Greystone Reformatory and what she thought she had learned from the said experiences. Miss Ashdowne would hover in the background, an 18-inch, pliant wooden ruler in her capable right hand. His Honor’s Predatory Personal Assistant would periodically administer a noisy, stinging smack to Lorna Jane’s oh-so-tightly skirted and plumply projecting rump in order to “encourage” the stammering girl. The sweet tears that come with smacking and humiliation dripped from lovely Lorna Jane’s quivering chin!

His Honor would, of course, have many questions and this part of Lorna Jane’s time in the Privy Chamber would take at least an hour.

Lorna Jane stifled a tearful gasp as His Honor directed: “Now, young lady, remove that pretty sweater and skirt so I may verify that you are in proper compliance with my parole conditions!”

Given the tightness of Lorna Jane’s sweater and skirt, their removal was a protracted and difficult process involving much squirming and gasping by Lorna Jane while His Honor and Miss Ashdowne watched with avid interest.

After her skirt and sweater had been neatly folded on a chair, Lorna Jane was required to place the very heavy volume – Pennyworth’s Advanced Judicial Principles – atop her lovely head and press it down with both perspiring palms. The tearful, crimson-faced girl was then required to parade around in a wide, mincing circle, wearing only her black and white striped reformatory-issue bra and panties, off-white elastic garter belt, tautly suspendered, charcoal-hued sheer nylon stockings and glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps.

While His Honor’s eyes were glued to Lorna Jane’s every move, Miss Ashdowne – occasionally punctuating her comments with a noisy, stinging ruler smack – addressed various comments to Lorna Jane, such as: “Keep those shapely legs of yours tightly pressed together, young lady! I want to hear your stockings rasp with every step! One foot directly in front of the other, miss, as if you were walking a chalk line! I want to see that big rear end of yours wiggle the way it did for Archie Jackson!”

Lorna Jane would be warned by Miss Ashdowne – in coldly authoritative terms – that her “Parade Performance” would be evaluated and that a failing grade would mean that she would have ample time for further practice – at The Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls! In light of such circumstances, we can be sure that luscious Lorna Jane would really put her heart (and her bottom!) into her Parole Parade Performance!

As it happens, Lorna Jane’s skimpy Official Reformatory Issue black and white striped panties had ridden up, wedging distressingly into her deep gluteal crevice and baring a significant and succulent portion of her lower bottom cheeks. We can well imagine how that girlishly plump flesh quivered, jiggled, and swayed with each tiny, spike-heeled step – presenting an irresistible target for Miss Ashdowne’s pliant, stinging ruler which elicited the most delicious squeals from the haplessly wiggling Lorna Jane.

Lorna Jane’s spike heels clicked noisily on the hardwood floors of His Honor’s Privy Chamber. Indeed, the situation was reminiscent of a metronome for the girl’s brunette ponytail swung back and forth in perfect time with her shifting buttocks. Happily for Lorna Jane, her performance was accorded a passing grade. The girl was then ordered by Miss Ashdowne to remove her bra and panties and go over the imperious woman’s knee for even more ruler smacking!

Toward the end of the evening, a well-spanked, tearful and totally humiliated Lorna Jane would grovel on her knees before His Honor (wearing only her garter belt, hose and heels) and spend a good half hour showing her humble respect and abject adoration for the ultimate symbol of His Honor’s Judicial Authority – something the girl had never done before, not even during her naughtiest moments with the well-equipped and randy Archie Jackson! Needless to say, Lorna Jane had been strictly warned that failure to swallow the copious consequences of her amateurish but effective efforts would constitute “contempt of court,” the punishment for which would be immediate return to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls.

Fortunately for Lorna Jane, Miss Ashdowne was very helpful as the girl knelt before His Honor, wrists tied behind her back with a red ribbon matching the one securing her ponytail. The older woman maintained a running commentary on exactly what the scarlet-faced, tearful girl was to do, directions lovely Lorna Jane followed with a servile alacrity that was a delight to witness. Miss Ashdowne also demonstrated her fundamental compassion and deep understanding by holding Lorna Jane’s lovely head in place at the crucial moment, encouraging the delectable teener’s gulping efforts to avoid committing contempt of court!

The Walk Back to Maydith

It was well after midnight before Lorna Jane was permitted to leave His Honor’s Privy Chambers and walk back to her dormitory room at Maydith College. In a smallish, quiet community like Pleasant Corners, the buses had stopped running some time earlier. Happily for Lorna Jane, Miss Ashdowne had kindly contacted the Dean of Girls at Maydith and advised her that His Honor’s “Judicial Review” of Lorna Jane’s progress would take some little while and the girl would return after the Official Curfew – a corporal punishment offence at Maydith!

As Lorna Jane walked back to Maydith’s campus – her ultra-tight skirt enforcing mincing little steps – her well-spanked, girlishly plump bottom burned and throbbed distressingly inside her tight and skimpy Official Reformatory Issue Panties. Indeed, the girl had been spanked to her stocking tops! Every clicking, spike-heeled step caused a painful pulsing sensation in her succulent buttocks!

Lorna Jane blinked back a tear. It was tear of joy. She had not been returned to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls! In fact, both His Honor and Miss Ashdowne expressed their view that Lorna Jane had acquired the most desirable traits of total humility and unquestioning obedience, the sound foundations for the vitally important reformation she had undergone. This was thanks to the great wisdom of His Honor’s Reformatory Sentence and the strict but totally appropriate disciplinary devices and procedures employed by the skilled and thoroughly professional staff of the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls.

Lorna Jane also realized how fortunate she was to have been caught and punished when she was. An icy shiver convulsed her shapely spine as she reflected on what would have happened to her if Archie had pushed poor old Mr. McCord, causing the much-loved older gentleman to stumble, fall, and fracture his bald pate on an Arborite countertop in the gas station office and thereby perish. A stalwart opponent of the scourge of juvenile delinquency like His Honor would have most surely judged her a full accomplice and not hesitated to sentence her to The Supreme Penalty!

Back in her dormitory room, Lorna Jane quickly got into bed – wearing only the top of her baby doll pj’s and lying on her tummy! The girl rapidly fell into a deep, restorative sleep.

Next morning Lorna Jane awoke and had a nice hot shower in her private bathroom and, her ablutions complete, put on a black elastic garter belt, a fresh pair of sheer, charcoal-hued nylon stockings and the glossy black spike-heeled pumps she had worn the evening before. (With no classes that day, she was planning a shopping trip downtown.) Then, looking back over her shoulder, she carefully inspected her girlishly plump bottom in her full-length mirror. It had been restored to its pale perfection. Miss Ashdowne’s ruler smacks had been crisp and stinging but not harsh and cruel! Suddenly, Lorna Jane’s telephone rang sonorously.

Rushing to pick it up, she was surprised to find that it was Miss Wright. Of course, her parole officer would have known that Lorna Jane had passed her “judicial review” and was surely happy for the girl – as well as for herself! Her authority as a Reformatory System Parole Officer gave her the right to put lovely Lorna Jane over her knee and give the succulent teener a good bare bottom smacking if she felt it was called for! But being a good-hearted woman, she was reluctant to spank any of her wards unless it was truly necessary, and she was relieved to know that it was not called for in Lorna Jane’s case.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Nonetheless, she commanded the girl to give a detailed description of her evening. Stammering prettily and blushing hotly, Lorna Jane recounted the things she had been required to do in His Honor’s Privy Chambers. When the girl got to the part about showing her extended and adoring respect for The Ultimate Symbol of His Honor’s Judicial Authority, Lorna Jane began to squirm and smirk and the naughty fingers of her left hand began to move toward a very special spot – it is exactly this point in time that is captured in the illustration! We suspect that lovely Lorna Jane was thinking – with the innocent perversity teener misses of that era were capable of – of the thrilling power and authority of Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing, not to mention the beautifully imperious Miss Moira Ashdowne!

It is most morally uplifting, dear reader, to record that Lorna Jane felt a deep sense of gratitude that she had been able to demonstrate to His Honor and His Honor’s Personal Assistant her total humility, unquestioning obedience, and the total sincerity of her reformation! Even the final ritual of licking Miss Ashdowne’s glossy black, patent leather, spike-heeled pumps had been experienced as a privilege by lovely Lorna Jane.

Indeed, we may conclude that Lorna Jane now had a rosy future and – when necessary – would have a rosy bottom to ensure that future!


(But not the end for luscious Lorna Jane’s lovely end, or Kathy Ann’s exquisite end either! Her “Judicial Review” would occur in two week’s time!)

About The Author 

Focusing primarily on the 1950s and very early 1960s, Roger Benson writes and illustrates extensively on spanking and related themes during that golden era. From a judicial family background, Mr. Benson has an informed and intimate understanding of the Reformatory System in that bygone time and how, in particular, it was used in connection with naughty teener girls! His morally uplifting tale of luscious Lorna Jane and curvaceous Kathy Ann’s girlishly plump tails is a classic sure to be appreciated by connoisseurs of the genre! 

Illustration by Roger Benson.

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Smiles and Spanks,

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