Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 6: A Warm Welcome Home

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 6: A Warm Welcome Home

As we know from past chapters, Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing had decided that Lorna Jane Welworthy and Kathy Ann Goodchild would be released from the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls after a little over two months of confinement and strict discipline. This was so the girls would be able to return to Maydith College and begin their second year of study in September 1961. The Learned Judge, a highly intelligent gentleman, wanted to teach the girls a good lesson – not ruin their lives.

During their time at Greystone, the girls were never informed about the precise length of their sentence. Understandably, it was a nail-biting time for luscious Lorna Jane and curvaceous Kathy Ann! One can imagine how overjoyed the girls were when, during the last week of August, they were informed that they would be released at the end of the month.

On the day of their release, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann once again stood before Superintendent Baines’ imposing desk for a final discussion. Hands at their side and heads bowed, a few sweet tears streaked down the girls’ cheeks as they thanked Superintendent Baines for their moral reformation and earnestly promised to be “the goodest girls that ever were”! Superintendent Baines smiled pleasantly and said, “I believe you girls have learned your lesson and thank heavens you learned it when you did. If you had carried on much longer with those juvenile delinquent inclined youth it could have been worse. Much, much worse. Now I shall explain to you the parole conditions of your release.”

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann soon learned that they would be on parole for one year, which meant monthly interviews with a female parole officer from the Reformatory System. In addition, both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were given seven sets of the back and white striped panties and bras they had worn as part of their Greystone Uniform and were informed that they would wear these without exception for the next year. Spot checks would be conducted, and any failure to comply with the parole condition would result in immediate return to Greystone!

Reformatory Release

Later that afternoon, Mrs. Welworthy and Mrs. Goodchild arrived at Greystone to collect their errant (but now reformed!) daughters. Both ladies took tea with Superintendent Ella Baines who expressed her view that the girls had learned a good and very necessary lesson and that with continued diligence in the domestic discipline department, the future was bright. The esteemed Superintendent also explained the conditions of the girls’ parole. For their part, both Mrs. Welworthy and Mrs. Goodchild expressed their fulsome thanks to Superintendent Baines for all she and her dedicated staff had done.

The two ladies were then permitted to meet with their daughters in a private room. After warm hugs and kisses – and not a few tears of joy from teener misses Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann – the girls were given the clothes their mothers had brought along for them. In Lorna Jane’s case, she exchanged her reformatory attire for a pretty blue and white checked dress, a new bra, panty and garter belt set from The Sweet Sixteen Shoppe, sheer tan-hued nylon stockings, glossy white spike-heeled pumps, and little white gloves. Kathy Ann’s outfit was the same except that her dress was a pink and white check that was both youthful and appealing.

Since their original reformatory haircuts, the girls’ lovely tresses had been spared with the result that their hair was getting back to normal length. This, in combination with their attractive but young ladylike attire, created a most attractive picture.

As the Reformatory gates closed behind them, both girls shuddered prettily, fervently hoping they would never again have to return to the dreaded institution or experience such horrors as the cold water pressure hose or the Official Reformatory Punishment Strap, not to mention the frequent experience of being restrained with handcuffs and ankle manacles and even being gagged!

Kathy Ann was driven off in her mother’s forest green Chrysler while Lorna Jane got into her mother’s dark blue Buick. Mrs. Welworthy turned to her daughter and, with a distinctly cool smile, said: “Just wait until I get you home, young lady!”

A ‘Warm’ Homecoming

During the rather lengthy drive home, Lorna Jane squirmed prettily and kept her head bowed in abject contrition as her mother explained in detail the new disciplinary regime the girl would live by. Although Mrs. Welworthy had always been a strict but loving mother to Lorna Jane, the new arrangements were going to be even more strict, including such features as curfews, a special “little girl style” punishment dress – to be worn with nylons and spike heels to enhance the “big little girl” effect – and the creation of a “Punishment Book” that Lorna Jane would have to carry at all times and in which her mother would make appropriate entries!

The dark blue Buick pulled into the drive of the large and attractive suburban residence that was home to the Welworthy’s. Lorna Jane shivered as she noted two other automobiles parked in front of the house. She recognized them as belonging to Mrs. Edith Sloane and Mrs. Florence Creighton, two of her mother’s closest Bridge Club friends. The two ladies greeted Lorna Jane in a pleasant but reserved fashion. It was obvious they knew what was going to happen and were frankly looking forward with enthusiasm to witnessing the proceedings.

Poor Lorna Jane wasn’t even given time to take off her little white gloves. She was promptly marched into the large, brightly modern kitchen and ordered to stand in a corner, holding up her skirt – an act that displayed her tautly suspendered stocking tops, ripely rounded bare upper thighs and the pretty white nylon panties (trimmed with pink leg band lace) which exposed a good two fingers’ width of the succulent lower curves of her girlishly plump behind.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Mrs. Sloane and Mrs. Creighton took up comfortable seats while Mrs. Welworthy positioned an armless dinette chair in the middle of the kitchen floor. The woman then picked up a glossy black, oval shaped wooden hairbrush – conveniently waiting on a gleaming kitchen counter – and regally seated herself. Then it was panties down and over mother’s knee for poor Lorna Jane!

The spanking was administered very slowly and strictly: 100 smacks to Lorna Jane’s delectable buttocks and bare upper thigh backs. As the hapless girl sobbed, squealed and squirmed very appealingly, Mrs. Welworthy lectured her errant daughter on the fine points of proper behavior for young ladies and the disciplinary consequences of any infractions – however slight! Needless to say, Mrs. Sloane and Mrs. Creighton observed the proceedings with glittering eyes.

When the spanking was finally over – and there were times when poor Lorna Jane thought it never would be! – the girl was required to stand facing the sparkling white refrigerator, holding her skirt up in back with her hands on her hips. Her pretty panties from the Sweet Sixteen Shoppe lay on the kitchen floor. The next pair of panties she put on (and indeed for an entire year) would be the brief and snug fitting black and white striped cotton reformatory panties she would wear without exception as part of the parole conditions so wisely devised by Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing!

Finally, a few whispered comments from her mother, which caused a sobbing Lorna Jane to gasp with horror, revealed that the girl would undergo further punishment (decorum forbids specific details) after the Bridge Club ladies had consumed a refreshing cup of tea and taken their leave.

Kathy Ann’s Anguish

Kathy Ann returned to her lovely home to discover that her Aunt Dorothy and her two daughters, aged 11 and 13 respectively, were visiting for a week.

A scarlet faced and tearful Kathy Ann was required to parade around in a wide circle (holding her skirt up) in the attractively appointed recreation room while the two older ladies and the two young girls observed her every move. To augment her already abundant humiliation, Kathy Ann’s mother had required the girl to put on a pair of her black and white striped reformatory panties. Needless to say, Aunt Dorothy found Kathy Ann’s “command performance” most interesting while her two daughters giggled and tittered mercilessly.

This was followed by a very traditional maternal punishment. When Kathy Ann’s strict and thorough hairbrushing finally ended, the sobbing girl was required to take two thumb tacks and pin her reformatory panties to the recreation room fireplace mantle! The panties were on public display for two full days during which the two younger girls ensured that all their other little friends in the neighborhood paid a visit to the recreation room and were treated to bemused accounts of what had happened to “Miss Red Bottom.” Not surprisingly, during this awful period Kathy Ann’s pretty face was as red as her freshly spanked bottom had been!

As we know, Maydith College, the school Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann attended, is an all-girls institution. However, periodic social events were arranged with the nearby McDwight College, an all-male college with a fine reputation for athletics and scholarship. At one of these social events, The High Heel Hop, Lorna Jane met Rod Long, a fine upstanding young man, and Kathy Ann met Lance Thicker, Rod’s equal in scholarship, sportsmanship, and sterling character. In an illustration we see the lovely Lorna Jane jiving at the High Heel Hop with Rod. We also see – thanks to her swirling skirt – that she is complying fully with her Reformatory Panty Parole!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

As their prison time concludes, dear reader, I am pleased to report that Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann fully lived up to their fervent promise “to be the goodest girls that ever were,” growing up to be productive and obedient young wives. As for Archie and Kenny, they remained incarcerated in the Irongate Reform School until 1962, receiving the strict discipline naughty, juvenile delinquent-inclined lads so richly deserve.

Finally, on a very happy note indeed, Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing used his considerable influence to create a special maintenance man job at his Courtroom, providing continued employment and social meaning for the much loved “Pop” McCord, who had been “thrown on the scrap heap” with a measly pension after the gas station robbery. Not only did the fine old gentleman enjoy his duties, he got to wear a snappy looking uniform!

As the Immortal Bard would say, “all’s well that ends well.” Superintendent Ella Baines would be the first to agree!

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Smiles and Spanks,

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