Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 5: Reformatory Strappings

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 5: Reformatory Strappings

Lorna Jane Welworthy and Kathy Ann Goodchild had now been at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls for one month. There is no doubt that both pretty, shapely nineteen-year-olds were deeply and sincerely repentant for having consorted with juvenile delinquent-inclined boys and had fervently resolved that they would never, never, ever do such a thing again!

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann still did not know the length of their reformatory sentence and this, unquestionably, served to increase the distress of our two delectable damsels.

After his most enjoyable visit to the Greystone Reformatory, Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing sat down at the imposing desk in his walnut paneled study and penned a letter to Miss Ella Baines, Superintendent of that esteemed institution. In it, the respected jurist expressed his thanks for the delightful tea Superintendent Baines had arranged. The Good Judge also opined that the time had come for Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann to receive the Official Punishment Strappings that were to be a part of their sentence for their misdeed, specifically: the crime of inflaming their ne’er-do-well boyfriends with their lipsticked, perfumed, nyloned and spike-heeled loveliness. As a consequence, the delinquent lads robbed the Pleasant Corners Gas Station and molested poor old Mr. “Pop” McCord.

Judge Pimm-Lansing wrote in detail with respect to the Official Punishment Strappings since it was his intention to once again journey to the Greystone Reformatory for the specific purpose of witnessing their execution on Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann’s succulent bare behinds!

In his letter, the Learned Judge went into many other details, including the fact that both girls – each in her own turn – would be properly restrained on the Official Punishment Tripod and would each receive 50 strokes with the Official Punishment Strap on their bare buttocks followed by a further ten strokes to the backs of their rounded upper thighs.

A Visit to the Office of Superintendent Baines

It was a day in late July when the early morning buzzer sounded in the cells occupied by Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann. As always, the girls jumped out of bed without delay, performed their ablutions, and carefully tidied their cells. Then they stood, in their appealing Reformatory uniforms, hands at their sides with heads bowed, awaiting the arrival of their Supervisory Matrons.

This morning, after breakfast in the small dining room in the Isolation Wing to which the girls had been consigned, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were not marched off to the classroom for lessons in “moral improvement.” Instead, their wrists were handcuffed behind their backs, their shapely, nyloned ankles manacled, and they were then marched off to the office of Superintendent Ella Baines.

Seated in silence on a hard anteroom bench between two stocky Supervisory Matrons, the girls had a substantial wait. At long last however, they found themselves standing before Superintendent Baines’ desk, their heads bowed in abject contrition. Superintendent Baines picked up a heavy, crested envelope which had already been slit open. “I have received a letter from Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing,” she intoned in a solemn voice. “It concerns you two.” Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann trembled visibly.

With slow deliberation, Superintendent Baines withdrew the content of the envelope – a letter inscribed on heavy, crested vellum paper. She reviewed it very slowly as poor Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann continued to quiver in dread anticipation.

Her reading complete, Superintendent Baines now spoke with her usual authority: “Matron Meecher. Kindly remove Prisoner 038’s handcuffs.”

Lorna Jane found her hands free but her lovely ankles still firmly manacled. Superintendent Baines handed the hapless girl the letter. “Read it aloud, dear,” the imposing woman decreed.

In a quavering voice, the girl began. By the time she had completed the first paragraph, the tears were dripping from her quivering chin as she grasped the letter’s meaning. Kathy Ann also started to cry haplessly. Stammering in a forlorn, tear choked voice, Lorna Jane somehow managed to complete her reading of the horrid communication that irrevocably condemned two pairs of succulently curvaceous and girlishly plump teenage buttocks – not to mention two pairs of ripe, ultra-sensitive upper thigh backs – to the tender mercies of the well-oiled and supple Official Reformatory Punishment Strap. How different from having those exquisite portions felt and fondled by an adoring – if delinquent – boyfriend!

The strappings were scheduled to take place in two days’ time, commencing at 9 A.M., Thursday morning. It had been decided that Lorna Jane would be first!

Needless to say, the interim period preceding execution of their sentences was deliciously distressing for both girls. Although the miscreant misses were kept busy in the “classroom” with morally improving lectures and written exercises, both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann remained horribly and constantly aware of what was going to happen to them. Even at night, their sleep was furtive and filled with frightening nightmares. Oh, why oh why had they ever become mixed up with Archie and Kenny?

But, alas, it was much too late for that now! Society and the noble Institution of Justice requires its “pound of flesh” – and in this case that flesh would be the ripely molded, girlishly plump nether portions of lovely Lorna Jane and curvaceous Kathy Ann!

It should perhaps be recorded that during this two day period, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann’s buttocks and the backs of their thighs were exempted from all forms of corporal correction. They were, however, subjected to other pedagogical punishments, as required, including having their hands and curvaceous nyloned calves rulered, their faces slapped, writing lines, and standing in the corner.

Matron Meeker was an acknowledged expert on rulering girls’ calves and poor Lorna Jane had only very recently experienced this punishment for inattention in the classroom. Because the girl’s tight reformatory-issue skirt ended a good two inches below her rounded, nyloned knees, she was required to roll it up tightly around her waist and then hold the garment in place with her hands behind her back. She was then required to stand on a short wooden stool which conveniently presented her full but shapely calves for Matron Meecher’s expert attention. The older woman then took up the pliant wooden ruler and slowly proceeded to smack lovely Lorna Jane’s luscious, nyloned calves while lecturing the sobbing girl on the fine points of morality and discipline.

Poor Lorna Jane had been sternly warned that if she dared to lift her foot even a fraction of an inch from the stool top she would be consigned to Nurse Nora North for the most humiliating supplementary punishment imaginable! Quite understandably, Lorna Jane behaved as if her spike-heeled pumps were glued to the wooden stool top! After her calves had been thoroughly rulered, a sobbing Lorna Jane groveled on her nyloned knees before Matron Meecher, tenderly kissing each inch of the classroom ruler.

The Moment of Truth

Thursday morning came all too soon, the buzzer sounding loudly in the cells occupied by Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann. Lorna Jane remained for a minute or two under the covers of her hard, pillowless reformatory cot, her soft hands reaching back to cup her satiny-smooth, ripely curved, and girlishly plump bare buttocks. An icy shiver of dread convulsed her lovely body as she thought about her imminent strapping. Needless to say, similar thoughts and sensations afflicted dear Kathy Ann.

Lorna Jane’s cell door opened. Normally she was taken in charge by a single Supervisory Matron. This morning, in view of the forthcoming special events, there were two. In the small dining room of the Isolation Wing, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were given only a glass of juice. “You can have all you want at lunch, girls,” Matron Treadwell observed with a cold smirk, knowing only too well that lunch would be the furthest thing from the girls’ minds after their punishment strappings.

Then Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann had their wrists handcuffed behind their backs and their shapely ankles secured with manacles featuring a short connecting chain. Firmly gripped by their Supervisory Matrons the thoroughly frightened girls were then marched down a lengthy series of corridors, their spike heels clicking on the hard, polished concrete floors. The journey terminated in front of a heavy metal door, enameled pale green, its identification plate ominously identifying it as the entrance to “Punishment Room No. 17: The Strapping Chamber”!

Once inside, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were led off to separate holding areas by their Supervisory Matrons. The two trembling girls exchanged a final tearful look, so mournful the matrons could hardly refrain from laughing.

Lorna Jane sat on a hard bench, handcuffed and ankle-manacled, between her two Supervisory Matrons. She had been informed the day before, by a smirking Matron Meecher, that she would be first for the strap. “But that’s nice, isn’t it, dear?” the matron cooed. “You’ll have yours all over and done with while poor Kathy Ann has to wait and fret about what the strap will feel like when it’s her turn!”

The wait seemed interminable. At long last, a telephone rang in the holding area and one of Lorna Jane’s Supervisory Matrons stood up and answered it. Telephone hung up, she turned to Lorna Jane and crisply ordered, “On your feet, young lady!” Very unsteadily, Lorna Jane rose, not without some assistance from her other Supervisory Matron. The girl’s handcuffs and ankle-manacles were then removed and she was ordered to remove her tight sweater and skirt, panties, and garter belt. Lorna Jane’s sheer, tan-hued nylons – bereft of their off-white elastic garter belt – began to sag on the girl’s full but shapely legs.

Lorna Jane’s wrists were once again handcuffed behind her back and she was marched into the main punishment area. The girl almost fainted on seeing the Official Punishment Tripod to which she would be secured for her correction. The “Welcoming Committee” included Superintendent Ella Baines, Dr. Elaine Fenton – Greystone’s sadistic lesbian medico – and three senior matrons who would serve as official witnesses. Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing was already comfortably seated, with his shapely, attractive Personal Assistant Moira Ashdowne, in an observation room equipped with one-way glass.

Dr. Fenton listened to Lorna Jane’s heart with her stethoscope and then lingeringly fingered the girl’s lovely bare buttocks and upper thighs. “I pronounce this prisoner fully fit for punishment,” Dr. Fenton finally declared in her cold, contralto voice.

A softly crying Lorna Jane was promptly marched over to the Punishment Tripod. Her wrists were quickly handcuffed in front of her instead of behind her back and the short connecting chain between the two cuffs was then connected to a length of sturdy chain dangling from the apex of the Punishment Tripod. This chain was tightened until Lorna Jane’s arms were fully extended above her head. The girl’s ankles were then secured with strong leather straps to the two front legs of the tripod, spreading the hapless victim’s luscious gams in the most vulnerable and humiliating fashion imaginable!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Senior Matron Bessie Stockwell had been chosen to administer Lorna Jane’s Official Punishment Strapping. A handsome and powerfully built woman, Matron Stockwell – on a signal from Superintendent Baines – picked up the well-oiled, supple, black leather punishment strap from a nearby countertop and lovingly caressed it with her fingers.

A grinning Dr. Fenton stood close to poor Lorna Jane, ready to administer smelling salts should the need arise. Matron Stockwell’s cold eyes carefully studied Lorna Jane’s quivering bare buttocks, their exquisite surfaces prickling with the gooseflesh of terror. The strap hissed through the air. It seemed to cling to Lorna Jane’s succulent curves has if reluctant to end its burning, stinging embrace. Lorna Jane gasped. She was beginning to learn the difference between a spanking administered by a strict but loving mother in the privacy of her lovely home and a full-scale, official judicial punishment in a Girls’ Reformatory.

The strap hissed again, decorating Lorna Jane’s exquisitely writhing bare buttocks with another pretty pink (and rapidly reddening!) bar. The girl emitted a poignantly long squeal of pain. Her tear-filled eyes turned toward her executioner in hapless supplication. Matron Stockwell, her expression coldly impassive, raised the strap again. By the fifteenth stroke, Lorna Jane was shrieking hysterically and between shrieks, blubbering out promises about her future behavior that attested graphically to the morally restorative power of supple, well-oiled leather!

Toward the end of the strapping, Senior Matron Stockwell would direct the instrument of correction in an upward sweep between her victim’s gluteal cheeks, ensuring that the innermost curves of Lorna Jane’s succulent behind would feel the searing sting of officially sanctioned leather! As might be expected, these applications produced the most prolonged shrieks and the victim’s hapless writhing reached a magnitude that caused the sturdy punishment tripod to creak.

A Strict Punishment is Never Forgotten

Although Lorna Jane’s Official Reformatory Strapping may seem like a strict punishment indeed, Superintendent Baines well understood that the Official Punishment Strap – in the hands of an experienced Executioner – was in fact a benevolent instrument of correction, carefully designed to produce a maximum of pain with no risk whatsoever of inflicting permanent damage on its victim. Superintendent Baines also understood that a strict punishment that is never forgotten is far kinder than overly-lenient corrections that fade from memory and result in the reemergence of naughtiness.

When her strapping was finally over – and there were times when it seemed as if it never would be – Lorna Jane was released from the tripod and, sobbing as if her heart would break, was placed face down on a metal table with wheels. Matron Trapp was ordered by Superintendent Baines to wheel Lorna Jane into an anteroom and remain there, guarding the well-punished girl. The matron obeyed at once although she privately resented the duty. She had been looking forward to Kathy Ann’s turn on the tripod.

In the anteroom, she balefully gazed at the crimson buttocks and upper thigh backs of a weeping Lorna Jane. She felt no sympathy for the girl. She could well imagine how Lorna Jane had pouted, simpered, giggled and wiggled in her criminally-inclined boyfriend’s company. She also knew that, some three weeks after the Pleasant Corners Gas Station holdup, the White Star Oil & Gas Company had retired poor old “Pop” McCord on a tiny pension and hired a younger, more muscular night attendant. Thrown on the scrap heap after 40 years of loyal service and all because swaggering young punks wanted to impress their curvy, lipsticked and spike-heeled girlfriends with Soda Shoppe treats!

Kathy Ann’s punishment was carried out by Senior Matron Agnes Bircher whose expertise with the Official Punishment Strap was in every way the equal of the talent so satisfyingly demonstrated on Lorna Jane by Senior Matron Bessie Stockwell. And, as a victim, Kathy Ann proved herself Lorna Jane’s equal in the sobbing, shrieking, pleading, and promising departments!

After their memorable strappings, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann remained at Greystone for one more month, their release having been carefully planned so they could return to college in September. Although the discipline had been strict, it did not take big, healthy girls like Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann long to recover physically.

But a permanent mental transformation had been achieved! As well as being veritable models of girlish humility and obedience, they re-doubled their efforts in the classroom – never again failing a test or allowing their attention to wander during the lengthy lectures on the sound moral precepts all good girls must follow. Superintendent Baines was so pleased with the girls’ progress she signed a special authorization which permitted Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann to have ice cream for dessert with their Sunday dinners!

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