Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 4: Pedagogical Punishments

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 4: Pedagogical Punishments

As we learned in a prior chapter, Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing passed a rather severe judgment on Lorna Jane Welworthy and Kathy Ann Goodchild for their peripheral involvement in a 1961 holdup of the Pleasant Corners Gas Station. Though they were effectively just innocent bystanders to the nefarious doings of their juvenile delinquent boyfriends, the Learned Judge sentenced the nineteen-year-olds to be incarcerated in a special isolation wing of the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls.

It had already been decided that the girls would serve two months at Greystone – until the start of the next college year – but this fact had not be communicated to the two miscreant misses. Thus they would realize the full disciplinary value associated with the dreadful suspense of not knowing what was going to happen to them, or for what length of time!

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were kept in separate cells. The girls’ accommodations were windowless. A loud buzzer sounded at 6:30 A.M. to awaken them. The lights were also operated from an external station. They had exactly half an hour in which to perform their ablutions, get dressed, and ensure that their cells were neat as the proverbial pins. Although their accommodation was Spartan, it was scrupulously clean and woe betide the girl who failed to pass the Supervisory Matron’s frequent inspections (of both cells and personal grooming).

The cells featured hard, narrow cots – unadorned by such pampering luxuries as pillows! As for “the facilities,” these consisted of a washbasin, toilet and a small shower cubicle which supplied an adequate – if lukewarm – cleansing spray, certainly preferable to the cold water pressure hose the girls experienced in our last chapter!

As for meals, these were taken in a small dining room – close to the girls’ cells. The girls were not permitted to engage in any conversation whatsoever and two ever-present Supervisory Matrons ensured this requirement was not breached. As for the food, it was plain but of good quality and nourishing. Superintendent Ella Baines was not interested in gratuitous cruelty. She was interested in Discipline and Reform!

Each girl had been given a copy of the Official Greystone Reformatory Rule Book on her arrival and was ordered to study it with great care and attention. A written test would take place in two weeks’ time and inadequate performance would be strictly punished. Both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann found reading the Rule Book a frightening experience and both had to blink back frequent tears. It was incredibly detailed. It provided full specifics on all the Reformatory’s many rules and regulations and the disciplinary measures that would result from any infractions, however small!

In addition, the Rule Book contained much detail on Greystone’s luminary history which each inmate was expected to commit to memory.

As promised, in exactly two weeks’ time Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were required to write a one hour long “initial” test. The passing mark was set at 80 percent. Kathy Ann was lucky enough to receive an 81, but Lorna Jane missed the mark at 78 percent and, at Greystone, close was not good enough!

Under the baleful gaze of two Supervisory Matrons, a tearful and thoroughly frightened Lorna Jane was required to remove her tight, light grey skirt and snug fitting, black and white striped cotton panties. This left the girl attired above the waist in her bra and tight grey short sleeved sweater. Below the waist, she wore only her off-white elastic garter belt, sheer tan nylons, and glossy black patent spike-heeled pumps.

Her wrists were then handcuffed behind her back and her ankles were secured with manacles having a six inch connecting chain which ensured a mincing gait! She was then marched off to Punishment Room Number 4 where her girlishly plump, pale-fleshed bare buttocks received five slowly and scientifically administered strokes of a flexible and stinging Punishment Cane. A salutary lesson indeed!

Back in her cell, a sobbing Lorna Jane lay on her tummy – her luscious bottom burning and throbbing – as she desperately tried to memorize every word in that awful Rule Book.

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

Pedagogical Practice at Greystone 

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann also spent a considerable portion of each day in a special “classroom” that was located in the isolation wing in which they were housed. This room contained, among other things, two old fashioned wood and wrought iron combined student desk and seat units, a blackboard, a high stool, and a teacher’s desk. The student desks were better suited to nine-year-olds than well-developed teenagers in nylons and spike heels.

However, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann somehow managed to squeeze their succulent pulchritude into the constrained space and spent many long, uncomfortable hours on the hard wooden seats while they received lectures on important moral and civic issues, wrote essays on themes such as “How to be a Good Girl,” and memorized various materials that were given to them by the Matron-Teachers. Indeed, the girls received the honor of a lengthy lecture on “The Perils of Juvenile Delinquency” delivered by Superintendent Ella Baines herself!

As with any pedagogical setting there were, of course, pedagogical punishments! These included writing lines, standing in the corner, wearing a dunce cap, and receiving corporal correction. The latter included the classroom ruler and the Official Correction Strap, supplied by the local school board, and approved for use on the soft hands and girlishly plump bare buttocks of naughty teenage girls!

Both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann periodically underwent the painful and humiliating experiences of having to stand in front of the Teacher’s Desk, bare from the waist down except for their garter belts, nylons and spike-heeled pumps, their soft hands extended – each in turn with palms upward – for the corrective sting of the pliant wooden ruler. Tears trickled down the girls’ shame-reddened cheeks and they squirmed and sobbed haplessly, knowing only too well that this was simply a prelude to sound, bare bottom rulerings!

But what the girls dreaded most was being marched into the windowless, brightly-lit anteroom off the classroom. Skirts and panties also came off in the anteroom and, after their hands had been strapped, the sobbing girls were required to bend over the back of a solid oak chair, presenting their ripely curved bare buttocks in the most tempting and vulnerable fashion imaginable for the tender mercies of the Official Correction Strap! After such a session, the girls were invariably required to sit bare bottomed at their school desks.

On one occasion, a tearful Lorna Jane squirmed too much on her hard wooden seat. This earned a stern rebuke from her Instructress: “Stop that squirming, young lady, or I’ll march you back to the Correction Chamber and really give you something to squirm about!”

A Distinguished Visitor! 

A highly intelligent woman, Superintendent Ella Baines realized how important was the support of various influential personages to the success of her institution. As part of her social activities in this area, she decided to invite Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing to an Afternoon Tea to be held in her well-appointed Private Quarters at the Reformatory. She was delighted when the Good Judge accepted the invitation and immediately started planning for the event.

Two serving maids would be required and she decided that Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann would be perfect for this since both girls, despite their foolish fling with two juvenile delinquent-inclined lads, were well mannered and properly brought up. Also, it would be of interest to Mr. Justice Pimm-Lansing to see how the two girls he had sentenced were “coming along.”

In preparation for their serving duties, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were required to remove their skirts, leaving them bare below the waist except for their garter belts, striped panties, hose, and heels. Above the waist they continued to wear their skin-fitting, short sleeved reformatory sweaters (with the humiliating Identification Numbers on the back). This brief attire was then augmented with sparkling white maid’s caps, little white gloves and ridiculously short little white aprons that failed to cover their loins. The girls’ regulation glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps were replaced with the same type of pumps in glossy white patent leather. They were, to be sure, an attractive pair!

The Tea was attended by Mr. Justice Pimm-Lansing; his Personal Assistant, Miss Moira Ashdowne; Superintendent Ella Baines; Dr. Elaine Fenton, Greystone’s Sapphically-inclined medico; and Miss Agnes Thrasher, Greystone’s Chief Supervisory Matron. Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann, the very picture of blushing, succulent servility, served the tea and cakes. The distinguished assemblage commented openly on the girls’ outfits, unanimously declaring them “most appealing.”

Alas, whilst Kathy Ann was refilling Mr. Justice Pimm-Lansing’s Royal Doulton cup with pungent Earl Grey tea, the poor girl inadvertently spilled a small quantity of the hot liquid on the upper trouser leg of the Eminent Justice’s impeccably-cut Savile Row suit. The Good Judge emitted a most unjudicial screech and then, scarlet-faced, vigorously tongue lashed Kathy Ann: “Stupid girl! Careless little cow! It’s obvious you need a Lesson in Discipline!”

Tears welling in her eyes, Kathy Ann began to blubber out the most abject apologies imaginable. “Silence!” thundered Superintendent Ella Baines. “That piece of stupidity, my girl, will cost you two hours in Punishment Room Number 11 later this afternoon! Now, go and fetch a moist cloth to repair the damage you have done to my distinguished guest’s attire!”

A sobbing Kathy Ann scurried from the room, spike heels clicking, her girlishly plump behind swaying and jiggling in her frantic haste. Mr. Justice Pimm-Lansing and Superintendent Ella Baines exchanged cold smirks.

On her return, Kathy Ann groveled on her rounded, nyloned knees, gently patting Judge Pimm-Lansing’s trouser leg with the damp cloth. Lorna Jane watched this with a rapidly beating heart, dry mouth, and a bare bottom that was literally crawling with the gooseflesh of dread. The hapless, teary girl fervently prayed that Kathy Ann’s fate would not befall her!

After the Tea was concluded, Kathy Ann had her sweater removed, her wrists handcuffed behind her back, her ankles manacled, and a metal “discipline helmet” was placed over her lovely head. She was promptly marched off to Punishment Room Number 11 by two stone-faced Supervisory Matrons.

Lorna Jane, also handcuffed and ankle-manacled, was taken to the Punishment Room as well to witness Kathy Ann’s anguishing atonement. She had been gagged with white adhesive tape, proficiently applied by Greystone’s Nurse Nora North, to stifle the annoying girlish sobs, gasps, and whimpers that invariably accompany the witnessing of a strict disciplinary session!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

The matrons in charge of young Kathy Ann’s punishment were slow, methodical and relentless. They proceeded without undue haste, for they had a full two hours to exact retribution for the girl’s carelessness in serving the good Judge.

A good 20 minutes was expended merely in preparing Kathy Ann for the inevitable corporal penalties. Weeping openly, her discipline helmet was removed – all the better to allow her girlish cries to be heard! She was bound to a crossed pair of beams that provided the matrons (and a few titillated onlookers) with splendid view of her lovely back, firm thighs and plumply perfect hips. Pausing every so often to inspect the strength of the penitent’s bonds or to readjust the hapless miss ever so slightly, the matrons scolded her for her inattention to her servile duties.

In their languorous pace to prepare poor Kathy Ann, the stern-faced ladies managed to heighten the nineteen-year-old’s sense of dreadful anticipation!

Finally, with an unceremonious tug at the girl’s prison panties, her trembling teenaged derriere was exposed, and her real suffering would begin. But here again, the disciplinary matrons showed their experience by moving with a gradual, steady and inexorable progress. First, the back of Kathy Ann’s legs were reddened just above her stocking tops with a simple school ruler. She wiggled helplessly in her bonds as the severe women took a short pause to rest. Then, the girl’s protruding pulchritudinous globes remained pale as the women took turns strapping her dancing nyloned thighs.

Judge Pimm-Lansing and Superintendent Baines watched Kathy Ann’s lengthy and uncomfortable restitution from a well-appointed anteroom equipped with one-way glass. Lorna Jane watched it standing up, tears dripping from her quivering chin, an arm firmly gripped by a Supervisory Matron who ominously warned, “Do not dare to close or avert your eyes, young lady, or we’ll start on you once we’ve finished with your little girlfriend! Do you understand?”

“Mmmmmphhgggggg!” Lorna Jane replied poignantly, nodding her head in such fervent agreement that her tears flew in the air!

At last, when Kathy Ann’s lovely rounded thighs seemed incapable of bearing any more pain, the punishment matrons started in on the area referred to by Superintendent Baines as “the seat of learning for all teenaged misses.” The good ladies began merely by slapping the proffered bottom cheeks with gloved hands, demonstrating that they certainly did not need an implement to reduce a naughty girl to tears.

But it was inevitable that they would indeed pick up an implement to sharpen the pain in the girl’s pink bottom. Moving once again with the gradual pacing of seasoned spankers, the matrons used an old-fashioned birch rod to great effect. They started out with soft, almost mincing swings but quickly progressed to very stern strokes that had Kathy Ann screeching with every blow.

At the conclusion of the thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, Mr. Justice Pimm-Lansing warmly thanked Superintendent Baines for her lovely hospitality and complimented the good woman on the disciplinary expertise of her matrons! There was little doubt that he strongly approved the most beneficial effect the Greystone Reformatory was having on Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann and felt certain that neither girl would every again be tempted to keep the company of juvenile delinquents!

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