Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 3: Reformatory Reckoning

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 3: Reformatory Reckoning

In the last chapter we saw our lovely nineteen-year-old misses, Lorna Jane Welworthy and Kathy Ann Goodchild, being summarily transported to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls as a consequence of their naughty dalliance with the juvenile delinquent-inclined youths – Archie Jackson and Kenny Williams. It was the summer of 1961, and these two young ladies had been brought up on charges as accessories to the delinquents’ robbery of the Pleasant Corners Gas Station. Although they tearfully protested their innocence, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were dispensed without delay or fuss to the tender mercies of the Correctional System.

Before going on with the account of the girls’ “Reformatory Reckoning,” I wish to recount some pleasant water-related experiences both girls had enjoyed. The purpose of this seeming diversion, gentle reader, will soon become clear!

Like many teener girls, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were influenced by the “movie magazines” that told all about the Hollywood starlets. Particularly on Saturday nights – before their “hot dates” – both girls liked to indulge in “starlet bubble baths.” After emerging from one of these, Lorna Jane – like her dear friend Kathy Ann – would put on her garter belt, sheer charcoal-hued Teen Queen “Midnight Madness” nylon stockings and her glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps.

Next, Lorna Jane – her lovely lips formed in a juicy moue – would carefully apply Teen Temptress cherry-flavored, kiss-proof lipstick. Then she would dab perfume behind her ears, at her throat, between her lovely, rounded breasts, at her navel, on the ripe summits of her bare, curvaceous buttocks, and – finally – on her nyloned knee hollows. Like most girls, Lorna Jane thought black underwear was terribly sexy and always put on a filmy bra and panty set in this naughty hue for Date Night. Then she would parade around in front of her well stocked clothes closet seeking a snug skirt and sweater combination that would have Archie slobbering with desire even before the first lingering tongue kiss!

Lorna Jane had also indulged more than once in the naughty act of “skinny dipping” at Lover’s Lagoon with her boyfriend Archie. After a leisurely swim, the well-equipped Archie would spread a soft blanket on the warm sand – while Lorna Jane struck a “glamour girl” pose – as a prelude to a passionate pleasure session!

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann also enjoyed “sleepovers” from time to time at each other’s lovely family homes. On such occasions, it was not unusual for the girls to shower together in their private bathrooms, enjoying not only the warm water but also one another’s lovely presence.

The girls’ experiences at the Greystone Reformatory would be very different indeed.

Arrival at Greystone 

The tall iron gates of the Greystone Reformatory opened and the black van transporting Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann proceeded up the roadway leading to the main entrance. Once arrived, the girls were unhooked from the overhead rail in the van, their wrists were promptly re-handcuffed behind their backs and – still hooded and ankle-manacled – they were marched down a series of corridors leading to the office of Greystone’s Superintendent.

Once inside the office, the attending matrons stood the girls in front of the imposing desk of Superintendent Baines and removed the hoods. Through tear-filled eyes, a thoroughly frightened Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann had their very first sight of the imperious, powerfully-built and coldly handsome woman who would now control their young lives!

“I am Miss Ella Baines,” the woman spoke without further ado in her forceful, deep voice, “Superintendent of the Greystone Reformatory. You shall address me as Madam Superintendent and bow your heads in my presence as indeed you shall with all Reformatory Officials. You are here to be strictly punished for your delinquent pranks. During your stay you shall behave with total, unquestioning obedience and humility. Even the slightest deviation from this requirement will result in additional, strict punishments that – let me assure you – you will not enjoy. Matrons, take these miscreants to the Intake Area!”

It was another long, frightening and humiliating walk for Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann, at the end of which they were turned over to four cold faced, burly Intake Matrons, two for each girl.

Released from their handcuffs and ankle manacles, a sobbing Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were required to remove their bras, panties, garter belts, stockings and spike-heeled pumps – leaving them as naked as newborn babes!

Then they were ordered to get into two large iron bathtubs – standing side by side – filled with lukewarm water that had a strongly antiseptic smell. Both girls were given bars of soap that also smelled of antiseptic, coarse washcloths and orders to scrub themselves as if their lives depended on it! A marked contrast, to be sure, with the many occasions when they had pampered their prettiness with “Starlet Bubble Baths.” Indeed, there was a most unhappy reminder when one of the matrons sharply addressed Lorna Jane, saying, “Scrub harder, young lady! You’re not at home getting ready for a date, you know!”

After the baths, and a rough but effective toweling, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were required to don the off-white elastic garter belts, sheer tan-hued nylons and glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps that were Official Reformatory Issue.

Then, each of the tearful girls, in turn, was made to stand on a small pedestal bearing their name and Official Reformatory Number and pose for photographs that would have delighted the most devoted fan of Penitent Pulchritude magazine!

Next on the girls’ “Intake Agenda” was a lengthy and thoroughly humiliating “medical examination” conducted by Dr. Elaine Fenton, Greystone’s Sapphically-inclined medico, and her faithful assistant, Nurse Nora North. Naturally, the Intake Matrons were present throughout in their “Official Capacity.”

But the worst was yet to come! Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were taken to Miss Cora “Clippers” Coldhart, the reformatory barber! While she sat on a hard wooden stool, sobbing, Lorna Jane’s lovely shoulder-length brunette tresses were sacrificed to Reformatory Regulations! All too soon, the heartbroken girl had a short “boy’s haircut” that contrasted dramatically with the succulent shapeliness of her female figure. Kathy Ann’s raven locks were next to be shorn!

Finally, the two sobbing culprits were outfitted in the remaining items of their reformatory uniform: black and white striped cotton bras and panties, skin fitting short sleeved sweaters with their Official Reformatory Numbers stenciled on the back, and tight, lighter grey skirts ending just below the girls’ rounded, nyloned knees.

Then, wrists handcuffed behind their backs, Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were marched off to their cells in a special Isolation Wing of the reformatory. Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing had directed Superintendent Baines that the girls should not be mixed with the rest of the reformatory population and that the two curvaceous culprits would only be incarcerated until the commencement of the fall college term. Nonetheless, it would be a harrowing two months for our two “damsels in distress”!

Introduction to Reformatory Discipline 

As is well known, the cold water pressure hose is a much-favored disciplinary procedure at the Reformatories for Naughty Girls. Indeed, the 1953 mainstream movie, “Problem Girls” – released by the prestigious Columbia Studios – shows a naughty, squirming and sobbing girl strung up by her wrists in a shower cubicle while a diligent matron supervises the cold water treatment!

The Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls was no exception to this well-established tradition, as Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann found out before their first week of incarceration had passed.

Two Supervisory Matrons arrived at Lorna Jane’s cell and the frightened girl, blinking back tears, was required to put on a black elastic garter belt, charcoal-hued Teen Queen nylons (just like the ones she had tempted Archie with!), and then replace her glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps.

Unknown to the hapless girls, the events about to transpire would – in accordance with Superintendent Baines’ Official Decree – be recorded with an 8 millimeter film camera. Although we are not at liberty to go into details, suffice it to say that this most interesting “amateur movie” would be shared with certain distinguished personages in the noble fields of the judiciary and journalism!

After poor Lorna Jane had been “appropriately costumed,” her wrists were handcuffed behind her back again and her ankles were secured with manacles having a six inch connecting chain which ensured a delightfully mincing gait.

The next stop was the cell of Kathy Ann – who was promptly and efficiently subjected to the same set of procedures.

Both trembling girls were then marched along a series of corridors which ended at a pale green metal door bearing the blood-curdling words: “Punishment Chamber Number 7: Water Treatment.”

Ushered into a small anteroom, the girls’ spike-heeled pumps were removed by the attending matrons. Then they were taken into a considerably larger room, brightly lit and completely finished – walls, floor and ceiling – with shiny, pale green ceramic tiles.

Their handcuffs removed, the girls were ordered to put their arms out in front of them, palms pressed together. Their wrists were then securely bound with rope which was then threaded through sturdy overhead eyelets until both terrified teeners were up on their nyloned tippy toes.

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann squealed with sheer dread as black cloth hoods were now pulled over their heads. While two matrons busied themselves with preparing the camera, another matron – wearing black bra and panties, garter belt, sheer nylons and glossy black spike-heeled boots – picked up the cold water pressure hose that had been coiled in one corner of the chamber and ensured that all the connections were in order.

While Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann poignantly sobbed and squirmed, the movie camera began to hum. As if this were a cue, the booted matron activated the hose.

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann shrieked in horror as they felt the pressurized cold water spray their lovely bodies. Screaming and shrieking out hapless, useless pleas, the two girls twisted and writhed in a desperate attempt to avoid the horrid spray. The grinning matron simply followed their movements with her hose, soaking breasts, bellies, backs, buttocks and shapely, stockinged legs. It just seemed to go on an on.

The cold water pressure hose treatment is no doubt a strict disciplinary procedure but it was highly beneficial for both Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann. Both girls now knew in no uncertain terms what the Reformatories for Naughty Girls were all about and deeply repented their misbehavior with Archie and Kenny.

Indeed, both girls tearfully and fervently resolved to never again have anything to do with juvenile delinquent-inclined boys – no matter how handsome they were or how nice their autocars were – and instead to be “the goodest girls who ever lived!”

However, Learned Judge Pimm-Lansing and Superintendent Baines both wisely understood that Reformatory Discipline is not just about eliciting good resolutions from naughty girls, it is also about properly punishing past pranks. Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann’s slates were still far from clean.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

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Smiles and Spanks,

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