Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 2: The Crime

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 2: The Crime

We move forward nearly a year in the lives of the two young ladies we met in the prologue of our tale. On a lovely warm evening in the summer of 1961, the delectable lass Lorna Jane Welworthy, just 19, was out for a ride with her boyfriend, Archie Jackson. Alas, the naive girl did not realize that the lad had juvenile delinquent tendencies! 

Archie and Lorna Jane were accompanied by a rogue of Archie’s acquaintance – one Kenny Williams – and it was suggested that the trio drop by Lorna Jane’s best friend Kathy Ann Goodchild, because Kenny had been “dying to meet her.” As it happened, Kathy Ann’s rather strict parents had gone out, effectively removing any impediment to the naughty girl joining the group. 

Who could blame the girls for the giving in to the appeal of these two devilishly handsome young men and Archie’s “hot rodded” autocar, a 1955 Mercury coupe?

For a lovely hour, the hot rodded conveyance was parked at Lover’s Leap – Lorna Jane and Archie in the front seat, Kathy Ann and Kenny in the back. Decorum forbids too graphic an account of what transpired, but we very much suspect that – for both girls – upper sweater buttons were undone, snug skirts were rucked up over tautly suspendered stocking tops, and pretty mouths obediently opened for adoring (and extended!) tongue kisses!

After such “energetic activity,” the boys’ thoughts turned inevitably to “Burgers ‘n Cokes” while the girls eagerly anticipated an ice cream soda at Ye Olde Soda Shoppe. It is at this point that Archie reflected on his and Kenny’s “funding problem” (that is, their lack thereof). In a whispered exchange with Kenny, the decision was taken to visit the Pleasant Corners Gas Station, staffed only by the genial and much-loved oldster, “Pop” McCord.

The lads didn’t really do anything brutal to Mr. McCord – they simply pushed him around, threatened him and scooped up a day’s honest takings from the till. These are the sorts of things such swaggering youths still do today when it’s two against one and the object of their attentions is an elderly gentleman.

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann remained in the car, refreshing their lipstick, adjusting their attire, and exchanging girlish prattle while the lads pursued their foul doings. The girls, of course, were quite unaware of what their boyfriends were up to.

Then it was back to the car and a hasty, tire-squealing escape. “Oh, Archie, dear,” Lorna Jane sweetly enunciated as she snuggled closer to her virile “he-man.” “Why are you rushing so?”

How fortunate that Officers O’Feelery and O’Lubbery, their Squad Car parked behind a billboard on Fairway Road, spotted the speedsters! Lights flashing and siren blaring, they were quickly on a suddenly frightened Archie’s tail. Faced with the Omnipotent Law, the naughty lad pulled over hoping to lie his way out of the situation. 

His hopes were futile, however. With their Official Service Revolvers drawn, the two policemen soon had the miscreants up against their getaway car, hands on the roof, a very apprehensive Archie and Kenny on one side, a now-tearful Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann on the other. Within minutes, a second squad car arrived. The handcuffed lads were taken off in one while Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were transported off to the local jail under the supervision of Officer Iona Canewell and Officer Agnes Bircher, two burly experts where naughty teener girls are concerned! 

Both girls undoubtedly wondered in their terror which would be worse – the “tender mercies” of the court, or their hairbrush-wielding mothers, sure to punish them soundly even if they were acquitted!

A Brief, Certain Trial

Later that same week, both young Archie and his friend Kenny were quickly and strictly dealt with by Mr. Justice Roderick Pimm-Lansing in his sentence of time at the Irongate Reform School for Male Youths. Despite their advanced ages of 21 and 20, respectively, they would come to be reminded what happens to boys who transgress society’s laws.

Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann were of course exquisitely tearful and contrite as they stood trembling before the Learned Judge, pleading with abject sincerity that they didn’t know what the young lads were up to. But the jurist was less interested in their copious contrition than their well developed curves so appealingly enhanced by snug sweaters and skirts, sheer nylons and spike-heeled pumps. 

We must hasten to add, however, that the Good Judge’s interest was not motivated by any prurient proclivities, but rather by his sage judicial belief that the girls’ mouthwatering pulchritude had doubtless “inflamed” the naughty lads to their heinous act at the Pleasant Corners Gas Station on that warm night. 

One doubts that the Learned Judge would take a lenient view given the seriousness of the matter, the dangers of delinquent dalliance, and the fact that his own black Cadillac judicial limousine had often been “gassed up” by the genial and respectfully servile “Pop” McCord. (“A community servant of the old school, harumph, to be sure!” to quote the judge.) 

“This juvenile delinquency business must be dealt with strictly,” the Learned Judge sagely observed before passing sentence in a stern tone of voice: “You miscreant misses will forthwith be consigned to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls where you shall remain at the pleasure of this court awaiting execution of the penalty we shall in our own good time devise!”

The extremely brief trial was covered by celebrated domestic discipline journalist Billy Hackmore, Sr., taking notes for his next “Swell Exclusive.” Among the titles he considered were “Detention and Derriere Discipline for Delectable Delinquents” and “Reformatory Reckoning and Redbottom Retribution for Wrongdoers” – although “Tearful Teeners’ Tempting Tails to be Tanned” retains a certain classic appeal. 

In accordance with Official Procedure, both sorrowful girls had their wrists handcuffed behind their backs and were permitted one hug from their parents (punctuated by a sound smack by each mother to her teener’s snugly-skirted rump). We can well imagine what Mrs. Welworthy and Mrs. Goodchild wished to do to their naughty daughters – and would have, were it not for the fact the two deliciously distressed delinquents were now wards of the court. 

Firmly gripped by their attending matrons, they now made without further delay the frightening trip to the dungeon-like Holding Area located in the bowels of the courtroom. An omen of things to come, to be sure! Naturally, the courtroom spectators watched with great interest as Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann – sniffling and swaying, their spike heels clicking – were marched off to their fate! 

The black van from the Reformatory arrived in about half an hour. The girls’ handcuffs were removed and, under the strict direction of two burly supervisory matrons, they were required to strip to their bras, panties, garter belts, sheer nylon stockings and spike heels. Then their wrists were once again handcuffed behind their backs, their ankles were secured with manacles with six inch connecting chains, and form fitting black hoods were pulled over their heads. 

One of the two matrons from the Greystone Reformatory signed receipts for Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann and then marched each haplessly hobbled girl into the van. The girls’ handcuffs were once again removed, only to be replaced in such a way that each shapely “package for transport” would have her arms drawn up over her head and fastened to a sturdy overhead rod that ran the length of the van’s rear compartment. 

Then it was off to Greystone, one matron driving while the other remained in the back of the van to supervise the two delectable teeners consigned to her tender mercies. One can readily imagine how poor Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann swayed and jiggled – suspended from the overhead rail – as the van bounced along the road. 

As we can see from the illustration, the guard in the rear of the van could not take her eyes off Lorna Jane’s girlishly plump behind as it jiggled and swayed. Quite understandably, the matron succumbed to the temptation to administer a smart kick to the girl’s juicy right buttock. This action produced the most delicious hood-stifled squeal of distress from the shapely miscreant who now realized how horribly different a Reformatory Van ride was from sitting on a comfy car seat being felt up and tongue kissed by an adoring Archie! 

How much Reformatory Time would the girls receive? I feel certain that, whatever it may be, it would surely be supplemented by a judicially ordained fifty-stroke Official Reformatory Punishment Strapping on their girlishly plump bare buttocks. In keeping with the practice, it would be administered some weeks after their arrival at the Reformatory, so they would have ample time to contemplate their fate. And, of course, so that arrangements could be made for certain distinguished guests to be invited – I wonder who these might be? Perhaps a certain “famous, syndicated journalist” might be on the list! 

Illustration by Roger Benson.

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