Roger Benson, “Delinquent Damsels In Distress” Chapter 1: Prologue

Delinquent Damsels In Distress by Roger Benson, 1961

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Illustration by Roger Benson.


Great literary “finds” just don’t come along that frequently, so it was a terrific event when Mr. Roger Benson’s 1961 work, Delinquent Damsels in Distress, recently surfaced. And I was personally delighted when asked to write a Foreword to this important work. 

During the 1947-1961 period I was privileged to be an internationally syndicated columnist famed for my “Swell Exclusives” which included many accounts of the domestic and institutional corporal punishment of naughty teener girls, printed in all the major publications, including Discipline Digest, Reformatory Review, The Hairbrush Herald and Juvenile Justice

Thanks to my personal friendship and professional association with the luminary Hollywood producer, Lamont van Renselier III, many of these articles became the foundation for screenplays that kept the drive-in movies packed in that golden era. Aficionados still recall with enthusiasm many of Lamont’s great films, including “Reformatory Reckoning,” “Spanked Sweetheart,” and “Miss Redbottom Goes To College!” 

Mr. Benson’s superbly illustrated Delinquent Damsels In Distress is a classic totally in keeping with this grand tradition. His account – which is both exciting and morally uplifting – tells of how two pretty, shapely, privileged nineteen-year-old misses – Lorna Jane Welworthy and Kathy Ann Goodchild – learn the lesson of their young lives at the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls! 

Despite their many privileges, these two succulent teeners became involved with two very naughty, juvenile delinquent-inclined boys and – all too soon – found themselves standing before Learned Judge Roderick Pimm-Lansing for a strict sentence of Reformatory Discipline! 

The Supervisory Matrons at the Greystone Reformatory are under no illusions about where the (girlishly plump!) “seat of learning” is located in the case of naughty teener girls, and the thoroughly frightened and tearful Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann soon find themselves undergoing strict and varied disciplinary procedures they could have never imagined!

Roger Benson’s novella is a thorough account of what happened in the reformatories for naughty girls back in that golden era. It is also a most morally uplifting tale demonstrating – as it conclusively does – how the total and lasting reformation of naughty girls can be achieved with appropriate disciplinary measures! Mr. Benson’s Delinquent Damsels In Distress is a major contribution to the finest literature ever written on this “burning” topic! 

Billy Hackmore, Sr., December 2004

Chapter 1: Prologue 

Mrs. Iona Welworthy, a Boston matron of commanding presence and impeccable social connections, decided in 1960 that her eighteen-year-old daughter, Lorna Jane, would benefit greatly from a summer spent with her maiden aunt, Miss Agatha Webster, who then lived in a charming Sussex village in jolly old England. 

And so it came to pass that, one bright morning in mid-June of that year, lovely Lorna Jane departed by steamer for Southhampton. A few days later, she was properly settled in at her aunt’s large, comfortably appointed and well-staffed “county seat.” 

Lorna Jane Welworthy was an attractive brown-haired girl who, standing five feet seven inches in her stocking feet, had the enviable dimensions of 37-25-38. She was also a respectful and properly behaved young lady, thanks to her mother’s firm belief in strict but loving discipline – a view totally shared by Aunt Agatha!

Village life thrives on the careful observation of traditions and rituals. Accordingly, Lorna Jane was expected to attend weekly services with her Aunty and benefit from the blessed wisdom of Vicar Pennyworth. That first Sunday, the girl wore an appealing dress in clinging jersey. Its powder blue coloration was pleasingly complemented by her accessories of white pillbox hat, little white gloves, a waist-hugging narrow white leather belt and glossy white patent spike-heeled pumps. And, since she was to be in a Holy Place, her sheer, tan-hued nylons were held up by an appropriately snug girdle! 

We have said that lovely Lorna Jane was a well brought-up girl but, alas, like all young girls she was capable of making silly mistakes from time to time. This Sunday morning she most regrettably had the uncontrollable urge – during the service – to enter into a whispered, giggling exchange with another shapely lass. None of this escaped the eagle eyed attentions of Aunty Agatha or Vicar Pennyworth. 

Agatha Webster invited Vicar Pennyworth to lunch at her home, an invitation the good man was only too pleased to accept for he suspected that more than food and drink would be involved. Indeed, he was right! 

Poor Lorna Jane, tears trickling down her shame-red cheeks, stood – head bowed in contrition – before her strict Aunt receiving a sound lecture on the fundamental principles of good behavior that young girls disregard at their peril! The unhappy girl was required to hold her skirt up with her hands behind her back, providing a well-pleased Vicar Pennyworth with a view that engaged his fullest attention and, may we say, his fulsome enjoyment! Indeed, the holy gentleman’s face was as ruddy as the vintage port that graced his crystal glass.

It is, of course, a pleasing inevitability that poor Lorna Jane’s stockings will be unhooked, her girdle and panties descended to her ripely-rounded thighs, and then she will then be taken over Aunty’s knee for a very strict hairbrushing. 

How many hairbrush smacks, dear reader, should the naughty miss receive? How long after the spanking should she be required to wear her girdle, hose and heels? A snug-fitting girdle does a wizard job of retaining the throbbing heat of a spanking, spike heels tend to increase “bottom mobility” – with obvious implications – and the way stockings tug on girdle supporters simply adds a further nuance of discomfort. 

Finally, when naughty Lorna Jane was required to raise her skirt, it became only too apparent that she was wearing a pair of rather naughty panties under her girdle. Shouldn’t this be taken into account when Aunty Agatha determines the extent of the girl’s chastisement?

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

Meeting Kathy Ann

Back home in the fall of 1960, Lorna Jane became a first-year student at Maydith College, an all-girls’ institution with a fine reputation for proper disciplinary standards and excellent instruction in the gentle and domestic arts. Lovely Lorna Jane’s closest and dearest friend at school was Miss Kathy Ann Goodchild, also eighteen. Kathy Ann shared Lorna Jane’s enviable endowments: 5’7” tall, while the tale the tape measure told was 37- 25-38. This allowed the girls to wear each other’s clothes, creating the impression that their wardrobes were twice as large! Kathy Ann was a sweet and very polite girl who wore her lovely raven tresses in a fashionably shortcut. 

Kathy Ann owed her good demeanor to her mother’s strict but loving attention to proper upbringing precepts and practices. In short, Mrs. Goodchild was an accomplished disciplinarian. She was also a very busy woman with many community responsibilities such as The Ladies Aid Society and other good works. That is why, two years earlier (when Kathy Ann was sixteen) she introduced the practice of having her darling daughter report for her spankings with her buttocks already prepared for discipline. 

As Mrs. Goodchild explains: “That means completely bare from the waist down except for her garter belt, sheer nylons and spike-heeled pumps or perhaps, on some occasions, her bobby sox and penny loafers. At her grown up age, Kathy Ann is naturally considerably embarrassed by this but, as far as I am concerned, that is simply part of the punishment.” 

We can well imagine how poor Kathy Ann feels as she walks to her mother’s bedroom, her heels clicking and so shamefully aware of her swaying, jiggling bare behind! Little wonder the girl is blushing like a beet. Once in the bedroom, Kathy Ann must stand in contrition before her mother for a sound scolding which the good woman delivers while lightly but meaningfully patting her open palm with her glossy black, oval shaped wooden hairbrush. On such occasions, Mrs. Goodchild always addresses Kathy Ann as if she were a child rather than a big girl in nylons and spike heels. Scolding duties complete, Mrs. Goodchild seats herself regally on her bed and – with a crooked finger – summons Kathy Ann to summary bare-bottom justice!

Such punishments are always systematically administered until Kathy Ann’s buttocks and the backs of her thighs – where they are bare above her stocking tops – are very prettily reddened and the sorrowful girl’s tears are running freely. After the spanking, Kathy Ann is permitted to retreat to her room which she does, cupping her burning, throbbing buttocks, and taking those squirmy little “owww, I can barely walk” steps a freshly spanked girl in heels always takes. Once in her room, Kathy Ann will lie face down on her bed and benefit from a good cry. 

Given that Kathy Ann and Lorna Jane are such close friends, perhaps their mothers should collaborate on their daughters’ discipline. It is a tempting prospect to conjure up the vision of Lorna Jane and Kathy Ann bare from the waist down – except for their garter belts, nylons and pumps – and walking side by side down the long corridor that leads to the execution chamber that is Mother’s Bedroom! Perhaps the tearful and frightened girls would hold hands in moral support – a deep reflection of the depth of their girlish affection for each other!

In the spirit of collaboration, Mrs. Goodchild might be interested to know the opinion of Mrs. Welworthy about two matters. First, after Kathy Ann’s discipline, how long should the dear girl be required to remain skirtless and pantyless? Second, if Kathy Ann is spanked before the family supper hour, should she be required to take her supper while sitting on her bare bottom, or should she perhaps be permitted to eat it standing up in front of the fireplace mantelpiece (minus her skirt and panties, of course)?

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

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Smiles and Spanks,

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