Anonymous, “Récits de la Villa Brigitte” Spanking Illustrations

Anonymous spanking illustrations from the 1911 two-volume novel Récits de la Villa Brigitte: Fessées Gaillardes et Authentiques Racontées par les Membres du Club Sainte Brigitte (Tales of the Villa Brigitte: Cheerful and Authentic Spankings as told by the Members of the Club Sainte Brigitte).

“I began to lay on with a vengeance with the result that I soon brought the blood to the skin, and although her bottom was fully exposed to the air in the rather cool room, it soon became quite warm! She uttered a few groans of pain, but made no attempt to escape my grasp. ‘Now what do you think of my ability at flogging?’ I asked between two hard smacks. I had been laying on the smacks with all my force, and they must have stung her tender flesh severely…” – Excerpt from Récits de la Villa Brigitte

This two-volume set is for sale here.

Smiles and Spanks,

One thought on “Anonymous, “Récits de la Villa Brigitte” Spanking Illustrations

  1. The original text, by F. L. Harris, contained a few line drawings and was published in 1910. The 1911 edition was text only and had the illustrations produced prior to printing.

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