Anonymous, “Récits de la Villa Brigitte” Spanking Illustrations

Anonymous spanking illustrations from the 1911 two-volume novel Récits de la Villa Brigitte: Fessées Gaillardes et Authentiques Racontées par les Membres du Club Sainte Brigitte (Tales of the Villa Brigitte: Cheerful and Authentic Spankings as told by the Members of the Club Sainte Brigitte).

“I began to lay on with a vengeance with the result that I soon brought the blood to the skin, and although her bottom was fully exposed to the air in the rather cool room, it soon became quite warm! She uttered a few groans of pain, but made no attempt to escape my grasp. ‘Now what do you think of my ability at flogging?’ I asked between two hard smacks. I had been laying on the smacks with all my force, and they must have stung her tender flesh severely…” – Excerpt from Récits de la Villa Brigitte

This two-volume set is for sale here.

Smiles and Spanks,

2 thoughts on “Anonymous, “Récits de la Villa Brigitte” Spanking Illustrations

  1. The original text, by F. L. Harris, contained a few line drawings and was published in 1910. The 1911 edition was text only and had the illustrations produced prior to printing.

  2. Gosh, the delightful sauciness of these images is undeniable.

    Yet from this particular submissive’s perspective, the illustrations’ irresistible appeal lies in the glorious glow of the recipients’ freshly spanked bottoms – quite heavenly!

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