Georges Topfer, “Visites Fantastiques au Pays du Fouet” Spanking Illustrations

Georges Topfer was a French spanking artist from the late 1910s to the mid-1930s. Topfer often used the pseudonyms Gaston Smit, G. Smit, GTS and James Barclay. Below are his illustrations from the 1922 novel Visites Fantastiques au Pays du Fouet (Fantastic Visits to the Land of the Whip) by Aimé Van Rod.

“Vigorously handled, it must have been a terrible instrument. Miss Margaret caressed it lovingly as she stood to Miss Josee’s left, that is to say, the side towards which Molly was held, then she raised the whip. ‘May this whip correct you forever of your laziness!’ A ‘whip!’ sound whistling while cutting the air…”  – Visites Fantastiques au Pays du Fouet

Molly gave a heart-rending cry and bent over her hocks. Without the vigor of Miss Josee, who carried her almost on her round hip, she would have fallen to her knees. Her arms fluttered in the air, her head nodded in all directions and her tears flowed into her wide open mouth from which escaped howls of agony.”  – Visites Fantastiques au Pays du Fouet.

Visites Fantastiques au Pays du Fouet is for sale here.

Smiles and Spanks,

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