Randomness Part 5

Not all spanking related, just saying hello and sharing some randomness.

I had a lovely pre-birthday spanking last week with Josephine Drake. Below are the implements I brought with me. I picked these ones because I had forgotten what they felt like and needed a reminder. I am also now fully vaccinated, which is a huge relief!

Here are some bottoms by the artist ARL, because I think they are absolutely beautiful. You can purchase a print of these bottoms from the SHADES series here.

“ARL finds inspiration everywhere: from pure beauty to raw imperfection. Being in flow lets her unfold her creativity to convey and explore sensual territories. She deliberately leaves room for imagination in her creations so her drawings grow in the mind and heart of the observer.”ARL Drawings

Compiling, organizing and creating individual blog posts for the work of Georges Topfer is finished. I will post them sporadically throughout the rest of the year. I’m really excited to have completed this, as Topfer is one of my favorite artists and I wanted to give his work the attention it deserves. ;-)

There are twenty or so spanking illustrations by Topfer that are a mystery to me. I cannot seem to pinpoint which novels they came from…which is irritating, but my hope is that when I post the “Unknown Spanking Novel Illustrations” someone out there might know where they are from. Below are a few of the unknown works by Topfer.

Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com