Adieu Waldo

I did not know Waldo personally, but I loved his work and I was saddened to hear about his passing. I asked my friend who did know Waldo to write a few words about him:

“Waldo left us at the end of March. Belgian from Romanian origins, he was a strong character, a small man walking outside, always with a hat! A charming man with a very good sense of humor and seduction. Waldo was a lover of the “Belle langue française” (the beautiful French language), appreciating and loving French literature. He was a fantastic artist and had done a great number of drawings and aquarelles. Above all, he was a fan of BDSM, talking, writing and being a very active spanker! Waldo was in love with spanking and I am sure that many women have felt his hand on their bottom! Of course, most of his artwork was focused on bare bottom spankings, canings, and BDSM. His drawings were never tainted with vulgarity and always pleasant with a touch of humoristic features. His artwork was honored by an auction in February 2007 at the famous Auction House “Hotel Drouot” in Paris. Waldo loved spanking so much that for some time he made his own martinets and whips. Following a long and painful disease, he decided to leave this life. So we say goodbye to Waldo. We will miss you so much and we will miss your beautiful drawings.” – Mr. L

Explore and enjoy Waldo’s beautiful artwork in the posts below.

Waldo Part 1, Intro
Waldo Part 2, Interview from Wellred Weekly
Waldo Part 3, Nature Scenes
Waldo Part 4, Blank Canvas
Waldo Part 5, Panties Down
Waldo Part 6, Portraits of Women
Waldo Part 7, Over The Knee
Waldo Part 8, Women Topping
Waldo Part 9, More Comics
Waldo Part 10, Mat Time
Waldo Part 11, Sore Bottoms
Waldo Part 12, Men Topping
Waldo Part 13, Action!
Waldo Part 14, More Sketches
Waldo Part 15, Public and Witnessed Scenes
Waldo Part 16, Outro

Smiles and Spanks,

One thought on “Adieu Waldo

  1. Hello, I was a friend of Waldo’s. Yet I don’t know Mister L … What he says about him is true … A versatile artist, he drew the world of bdsm beautifully. I still have his final drawing … very private and which will remain so (!) And his hat that I now wear to feel close to him. Thank you for paying tribute to him …

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