Randomness Part 4

Not all spanking related, just saying hello and sharing some randomness.

My print from Linolicious, Stop Fucking Killing Us, arrived recently. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me directly with regard to my Just Walking post.

A lovely mural called Use Protection that I walk by often. It is part of the not-for-profit organization Paint the Void, which gives grants for artists to paint murals on boarded-up businesses as a response to COVID-19. It was created by BloodyGirlGang, a brand dedicated to being an illustrated voice for women’s empowerment.

“Use Protection is a reminder to the community of the very unique times that we are in, to mask up and protect one another. The phrase has taken on a different meaning from the 80s HIV/AIDS epidemic since COVID-19 became a global pandemic. The virus does not discriminate, but its impacts do. I hope this mural puts on smile on faces and serves as a playful pun that we need to spread love safely and stay strong as a community to fight inequality together.” – Shawna Chan, creator of BloodyGirlGang

Beautiful cherry blossoms in Japantown. They really do light up the sky and it is wonderful to see areas of the city start to come to life again.

Sweet William flowers from the Ferry Building Farmers Market, because I do always appreciate having flowers around.

The Doors of Paradise at Grace Cathedral. They are replicas of the famous doors in the Baptistry of Florence Cathedral, the work of master creator and artist Lorenzo Ghiberti.

I recently did spanking play with a longtime spanker at Sacred Muse. Below are the implements we used. Such a fun time and I am still very sore!

I also received my first vaccine dose last week, yay!!

Recently people have been asking if the blog is 100% done by me or if I have help putting it together as well as inquiring if I profit from the blog. Smiles and Spanks is a solo adventure and I do not profit from it.

Currently I have 75+ posts scheduled and I am working on many more, so I hope everyone out there will continue to enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy creating it.

Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

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