Carlo, “Joues Cramoisies” Spanking Illustrations

Carlo was a French artist and illustrator of many spanking and BDSM novels in the 1930s. Below are his illustrations from the 1935 novel Joues Cramoisies (Crimson Cheeks) by Désiré Van Rowel.

Joues Cramoisies is available for trade here.

Smiles and Spanks,

One thought on “Carlo, “Joues Cramoisies” Spanking Illustrations

  1. This would be delightful to read if translated into English. Truly, spanking (if it was ever a vice) is shared by all people and all nations. The French certainly enjoy using the martinet, besides the birch. The most frightening art work is being face down in the lap of the spanker, who is using the birch downwards on your bottom. Many of those spanks will include the inner spaces between the cheeks.
    bottoms up

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