3 thoughts on “P. Beloti, ‘Jacinthe ou Les Images du Péché’ Spanking Illustrations

  1. Some very beautiful spanking images. The art certainly shows the era very effectively, specially the clothes of the spankers, spankees undergarments, and the hats. Amazing portrait of a well dressed lady wearing a hat, and the spankee also still has her hat on. Delicious.
    bottoms up

  2. P Beloti sometimes shown as Pierre Beloti is thought by some to be Luc Lafnet, who enjoyed using pseudonyms as an artist. There are strong similarities in the works of Beloti, Lafnet, and Jim Black when compared side by side. Whoever he was, his illustrations are delightful.

  3. It is my understanding that Luc Lafnet and Jim Black were the same person. And yes, the work of P. Beloti is similar and delightful. ;-)

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