Fontana, ‘Le Pensionnat de Madame Clerval’ Spanking Illustrations

Fontana was a well-known French BDSM and spanking artist. Below are his illustrations from the 1933 novel Le Pensionnat de Madame Clerval (Madame Clerval’s Boarding School) by Daisy Lennox.

“Madame de Clerval has opened a boarding school for young girls, which she is personally responsible for educating. In order for her young students to become fulfilled people, armed for life and useful to society, she has recourse to the means that she considers the most effective: meticulous hygiene, healthy food and the application of corporal punishment. Flogging is proving to be particularly effective in shaping the bodies and souls of these pretty girls, and their mistress herself appreciates the benefits.”

“But it is not only at boarding school that the whip is used with profit: to form ideal wives, some husbands demand complete submission and reserve the right to chastise those who deserve it. But marital spanking is not too brutal: it often ends in tender embraces. It even happens sometimes that the tables are reversed, and that they like to be flogged vigorously.”

Smiles and Spanks,