Special Spanking Treat

Just a few aftermath photos from my spanking play with Josephine Drake over the weekend. Drake used my bath brush, ebony clothes brush and rubber paddle as well as her wooden spoon, leather paddle from The London Tanners and hand. Of course, she still holds the Best Hand Spanking Award 🏆 from me. ;-) Smiles and […]

Hardcastle Part 4, Anticipation

“For every character in a Hardcastle illustration is depicted in as much depth as the principals; there is a beauty, emotion, fright, anger, frailty and courage; tremulous maidenly shrinkings and defiant feminine strength; males can be hard, dominant and ruthless as well as caring and sensitive. Each facial and bodily expression is individual and idiosyncratic, […]

Hardcastle Part 2, The Janus Collection: The Hardcastle Selection

“Mere words cannot, of course, hope to do justice to Hardcastle’s art, for it is more than capable of speaking for itself in all its exciting immediacy. In the pages that follow lies a veritable cornucopia of CP activity spanning all the years this remarkable craftsman has contributed his imaginative and stimulating work to Janus. […]

Hardcastle Part 1, Intro

I’m very excited about this next artist! Hardcastle is an illustrator who created spanking art for the British magazine Janus. It’s an extensive amount of work so I have divided the collection into categories that I will post over the next few weeks. “For readers of Janus, the distinctive style of its resident artist has become so familiar that […]

Randomness Part 4

Not all spanking related, just saying hello and sharing some randomness. My print from Linolicious, Stop Fucking Killing Us, arrived recently. Thank you to everyone who reached out to me directly with regard to my Just Walking post. A lovely mural called Use Protection that I walk by often. It is part of the not-for-profit […]

Luc Lafnet, “Sous la Tutelle” Spanking Illustrations

Luc Lafnet was a Belgian artist and illustrator. He was drawn to erotic and fetishistic subject matter, in particular to spanking art and literature. In such publications he used pseudonyms such as Viset, Lucas O., Grim, Davine, Rich, Pol and Jim Black. Below are his illustrations from the 1932 novel Sous la Tutelle (Under the […]

Martin van Maële, “Camille et Moi” Spanking Illustrations

Maurice François Alfred Martin van Miële, better known by his pseudonym Martin van Maële, was a French illustrator of early 20th century literature and renowned for his work in the field of erotic literature. Below are his illustrations from the 1904 novel Camille et Moi (Camille and Me) by Jean de Villiot. Camille et Moi is a French […]

P. Beloti, “Jacinthe ou Les Images du Péché” Spanking Illustrations

P. Beloti was a French spanking artist and author from the 1930s. Below are his spanking illustrations from the 1934 novel Jacinthe ou Les Images du Péché (Hyacinth or Images of Sin) by Liane Lauré. Jacinthe ou Les Images du Péché is available for trade here. Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

Davanzo, “L’Éducation de Chérubin” Spanking Illustrations

Davanzo was a spanking artist from the period of early 20th century French spanking literature, working for Collection des Orties Blanches. Davanzo could be the same as the artist Wighead, both perhaps being the Italian artist Mario Laboccetta, using the pseudonym Marilac. Below are his illustrations from the 1934 novel L’Éducation de Chérubin by Liane Lauré. Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com