Georges Topfer, ‘Petite Dactylo’ Spanking Illustrations

Update: March 30th, 2021. I was able to find more illustrations in The Art of Discipline Volume Two: A Pictorial History of the Smacked Bottom. Originally the illustrations were overlooked because in the book they are listed under “G. Smid.” It is my belief that they are done by Topfer, who often went by G. Smit, so I’ve included them below.

Georges Topfer illustrations from the 1933 novel Petite Dactylo (Little Typist) by Sadie Blackeyes. No new work of Topfer is known to have appeared after 1933, making these illustrations some of the last he is known to have produced. Although the novel has 32 illustrations by Topfer (I was not able to locate all of them), the frontispiece is done by the artist Louis Malteste.

Smiles and Spanks,

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