Red Tails: The Male Spanking Magazine – Volume 27, December 1996

I enjoyed reading the different perspectives on spanking scenes in the “Ask C.P. Justice” column. There was even a mention of Lady Green aka Janet W. Hardy and her book, The Compleat Spanker.

The Academy written and illustrated by Copper was a very good read. The left column is written from the point of view of the spanker and the right column is written from the point of view of the spankee.

Reading the personal ads in “Club Red Tails” made me wonder if any of the men seeking spanking play were able to find a partner – I hope so!

These two were my favorites: “We can start with the pants on and work our way down to a bare red butt! No fancy role playing, just mutual spanking fun.” And, “Pull down my pants, haul me over your knee and blister my bare bottom with a paddle, strap, especially the wooden brush. Pain, shame, squirming, pleading, long, loud tears! Spank good and hard with stern lecturing, corner time, bare butt chores and other humiliations. My dignity ends up with my underpants around my ankles!”

I also loved the comic at the end, Smacking Zack!! by Jonathan. Poor Zack gets spanked (Twice!) in front of all his friends…

Smiles and Spanks,

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