EndArt Part 11, Spanking Machine Art and Comics

Along with the spanking machine art and comics by EndArt, I have also included an excerpt from “Spanking Machines” by Februs. It was originally posted on The Library of Spanking Fiction: Wellred Weekly. You can read the article in its entirety here. I love the idea of a spanking machine and have always wanted to try one, the “Mister Spanker” looks like it would be a lot of fun! 🙃

A spanking machine is a device that is capable of automatically administering a spanking. The majority of those which have been conceived (predominantly as artwork) have consisted of rotating wheels with paddles, straps or switches attached. Others have involved spring-loaded arms or levers in which an attached spanking implement, typically a paddle, is drawn back and then subsequently released to strike the buttocks.

One of the earliest documented references to the idea of a spanking machine can be found in Jeremy Bentham’s The Rationale of Punishment published in 1830 in which he considers the issue of how to deal with the various factors that affect the force employed when whipping an offender. He goes on to say:

… A machine might be made, which should put in motion certain elastic rods of cane or whalebone, the number and size of which might be determined by the law: the body of the delinquent might be subjected to the strokes of these rods, and the force and rapidity with which they should be applied, might be prescribed by the Judge: thus everything which is arbitrary might be removed.

Historically, the vast majority of references to spanking machines appear to be merely in the form of ideas or concepts but there was at least one which was actually manufactured and sold.

The DeMoulin Bros. & Co. was originally founded in 1892 and by the beginning of the twentieth century was manufacturing a wide range of initiation items for masonic lodges and college fraternities including mechanical goats, pie throwing tables, collapsing chairs but more importantly something which they termed The Lifting And Spanking Machine!

The patent for this was granted to Ulysses DeMoulin on May 4, 1909 and can be viewed in full on the patents section of Google (see patents 654,611 and 920,837). In the abstract for the original application the device was described as follows:

“…This invention relates to devices employed in initiating applicants for membership in secret organizations, and it has for its objective to provide a device of this class which is known as a spanking-machine, the construction being such that the applicant will be struck with a paddle and at the same time will be given an electric shock, the mechanism being thrown into operation by the applicant himself.”

Presumably, the victim was blind-folded and tricked into thinking that they were about to undergo a test to determine their strength. The 1930 edition of the DeMoulin Brothers Fraternal Supply Catalog includes the following description of the device which was being sold for $32.50:

“…With this machine the candidate cannot kick his own pants, but can have them spanked where his mother used to apply the sole of her slipper, by simply testing his strength.”

Their catalog also featured another spanking related contraption entitled the Invisible Paddle Machine. This operated on a similar principle to the lifting machine but the paddle element was effectively hidden so the would-be initiate would not need to be blind-folded.

Spanking Machines in Art and Fiction
It seems, as has already been suggested, the idea of spanking machines has always had a much greater appeal than any such actual device, although in fairness, there are a number of practical issues that contribute towards that. This appeal can be seen in both spanking fiction and artwork, and particularly in the latter. The hugely popular spanking artist Endart, now unfortunately no longer producing art or maintaining his website, produced a great number of images that featured spanking machines of one kind or another in operation…”

Explore more in EndArt Part 12, Witnessed Spanking Art.

Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

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