Waldo Part 15, Public and Witnessed Scenes

Public and witnessed scenes are always a source of enjoyment! All illustrations and comics are by Waldo. Thank you to Mr. L for assisting me in translating the comics.

“Enough! I cannot take it anymore! I am going to crack! Whenever I stop, she yells, MORE!!”

“No stay!… I’m wrapping up my conversation with Angel and then I’m on my way!”

“Considering myself unable to punish a bitch of your kind, I prefer to hire a man of art…”

“So much trouble for such a small suppository… personally, I wouldn’t ask for it!”

“Set me free, idiot, instead of wondering how I could have done this to myself!!!”

“No, on the contrary, you are welcome! We were just trying to distract ourselves, as there is nothing on television…”

“Keep going… every time you tie your shoelaces, he loses another set!”

“Confess all my faults? I hope you have the time!”

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