Waldo Part 11, Sore Bottoms

Beautifully sore bottoms after a spanking, or maybe there’s more to come…

All sketches, illustrations and comics are by Waldo. Thank you to Mr. L for assisting me in translating the comics.

“Indeed, he whipped you severely… it is clear he is in love with you!”

“No, Germaine cannot go shopping with you. I made her revise her computer course…”

Written on her back: I am a big dummy.

“You spent the whole evening rejuvenating yourself by fifteen years… and here is the result!”

“Pfff!… Next time I will choose to pay the fine!”

“I know… the new director is not firing for serious misconduct. However, he has a nimble hand…”

“Were you spanked for typos? Do not complain. I know some people who are chained up in basements; that’s how it is at “Whip”!”

“You are back with David again… don’t deny it: I recognize his riding crop strokes!”

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