Waldo Part 9, More Comics

The last one is my favorite. I’ve always loved the idea of spanking machines! All illustrations and comics are by Waldo. Thank you to Mr. L for assisting me in translating the comics.

“You’re failing in all your duties, Hubert. Leaving me freezing in front of a dying fire, while on your wall you have what it takes to warm me up where I’m cold!”

“…and no more saying that I never bring you flowers!”

“I am so sorry I can’t lend you my barrow, my dear neighbor… but my wife is using it right now!”

“Maybe I should not have told him that I had read all the works of the Marquis de Sade…”

“OK… and besides that, what did you do at your previous job?”

“Me, I make the wrong keyboard strokes… however, his strokes are perfect!”

“I have chosen you for my evening classes because I’m bad, and you have a reputation for being very severe!”

“Please reassure me Mr. Waldo… it’s only a game, isn’t it?”

“Weren’t you the one that wanted to come to the BDSM Inventors’ Fair so badly?”

Written on the wall: Electric spanking machine from Dr. Waldo

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