Waldo Part 9, More Comics

The last one is my favorite. I’ve always loved the idea of spanking machines! All illustrations and comics are by Waldo. You can purchase Waldo’s books from La Musardine as well as visit the Waldo Blog: Fessée, Bdsm et Fantaisie. Thank you to Mr. L for assisting me in translating the comics.

“You’re failing in all your duties, Hubert. Leaving me freezing in front of a dying fire, while on your wall you have what it takes to warm me up where I’m cold!”

“…and no more saying that I never bring you flowers!”

“I am so sorry I can’t lend you my barrow, my dear neighbor… but my wife is using it right now!”

“Maybe I should not have told him that I had read all the works of the Marquis de Sade…”

“OK… and besides that, what did you do at your previous job?”

“Me, I make the wrong keyboard strokes… however, his strokes are perfect!”

“I have chosen you for my evening classes because I’m bad, and you have a reputation for being very severe!”

“Please reassure me Mr. Waldo… it’s only a game, isn’t it?”

“Weren’t you the one that wanted to come to the BDSM Inventors’ Fair so badly?”

Written on the wall: Electric spanking machine from Dr. Waldo

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