Waldo Illustrations Part 8, Women Topping

All sketches, illustrations and comics of women topping by Waldo. You can purchase Waldo’s books from La Musardine as well as visit the Waldo Blog: Fessée, Bdsm et Fantaisie. Thank you to Mr. L for assisting me in translating the comics.

“My husband is missing. He is short, bald and wears glasses. Oh, I forgot… he’s completely naked and a little bloody!”

“Yes, I am fine… oh no, nothing special, you know… the usual…”

“No, I haven’t been an optician for long. However, one more mistake in the small letters and I will give you a tanning!”

“All you had to do was get me a Yorkshire… and if you growl again, I will buy you a muzzle!”

“I am the new English teacher. I hope you have a mind to be rude and undisciplined!”

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