Waldo Part 4, Blank Canvas

Who doesn’t love the sight of a blank canvas? Just think of all the possibilities…

All sketches, illustrations and comics are by Waldo. Thank you to Mr. L for assisting me in translating the comics.

“No! Please! You are going to tie me up, have me flogged, do the worst thing that a man can do to me, violate me like a brute… If not… I will not talk again to you for a whole week!”

“My God! You have gone crazy! You have lost your mind! Don’t you know that it is bad luck to go under a ladder?”

“I am ready darling… Just in case in the next second, you think that I deserve a good spanking!”

“I never said that I deserved a spanking… It is just a favor I am asking you, my dear!”

“You are a lousy salesperson! If you make me try some, maybe I would buy one…”

“Be smart… reconsider my grade… I would rather have a good spanking!”

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