Waldo Illustrations Part 2, Interview

The following interview is from The Library of Spanking Fiction: Wellred Weekly, Volume 1, Number 9: July 22, 2012. Spanking Artist: Waldo Wellred Weekly explores the spanking art of Waldo. The original interview was actually conducted in Waldo’s primary language which is French. We would like to say a big thank you to LaPetitePeche for translating both […]

Gerhard Windisch Spanking Illustrations

Gerhard Windisch worked during the early 20th century under the pseudonym Alphonse Friaux and Milewsky or Milewski. “Milewski’s work is instantly recognisable for his bewilderingly closely-coupled physical configurations, combined with the emphasis on the buttocks (in which he is not alone among disciplinary illustrators) and the demonic aspect of the punisher – nearly always female. […]

Holiday Spanks!

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season and New Year! I couldn’t find too many holiday themed spankings, but the ones I did find are pretty rosy. From Jonathan, Patty and sadly the third artist is unknown. Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com