Paula Meadows Part 6, M/F Spankings

“I was asked by the Janus interviewer, ‘Do you feel pain as pleasure?’ ‘Certainly not,’ I answered. ‘Pain is pain. It hurts like hell and that’s all it does.’ ‘Then why do you do it?’ the interviewer pursued. ‘I need it. I need the after-effect. I’m not a doctor so I can’t diagnose or prescribe, but it may be that a woman like me, and masochistic men too, although I’m only talking about females, have a low-adrenalin count, or whatever you want to call it. I used to get very depressed and miserable and moody in my younger days. But, any sharp pain, like a pinch, a burn, a slap, always makes the adrenalin spurt, I believe, and energy flows. Once I started this I found that my moods vanished almost completely and that’s why I have no need for drugs, for example, and I don’t drink very much. I like a little tot of whisky now and then, but never compulsively. On the other hand, if I start to feel low, and lacklustre and tired, I simply bend over and have a good old paddling and I cheer up at once! But the spanking, the caning, the whipping, as such, merely hurts, just as it does for anybody.'” – Excerpt from The Janus Collection: A Personal Anthology by Paula Meadows

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Smiles and Spanks,