Paula Meadows Part 7, Mirrors

I love the use of mirrors in Paula’s spanking illustrations. Especially when it is strategically placed for us, the viewer, to see a perfectly spanked bottom! Explore more in Paula Meadows Part 8, Panties down! Smiles and Spanks,

Paula Meadows Part 6, M/F Spankings

“I was asked by the Janus interviewer, ‘Do you feel pain as pleasure?’ ‘Certainly not,’ I answered. ‘Pain is pain. It hurts like hell and that’s all it does.’ ‘Then why do you do it?’ the interviewer pursued. ‘I need it. I need the after-effect. I’m not a doctor so I can’t diagnose or prescribe, […]

A First Time Meeting

Interrupting my Paula Meadows blogging marathon with this lovely spankable bottom that I had the pleasure to have over my knee. “Thank you so much for the spanking yesterday. I really needed it. It was a lot more intense than I expected, but you were right. I am glad I took it now.  I feel […]

Paula Meadows Part 3, The Janus Collection: A Personal Anthology

“How lucky I have been! I was in the satisfying and enviable position of being able to explore and express my own fascinating journey of self discovery, as well as having the opportunities to find out more and more about the complicated world of spanking. But hold on! I am leaping ahead of myself…” – […]