Bottom Lines, Part 2 of 2

Bottom Lines: Poems of Warmth and Impact is a book of spanking poetry by H. Andrew Swinburne and illustrated beautifully by Donna Barr.

My favorite poem in Bottom Lines is called “A Special Gift.” I was given permission to post it here:


Beneath my hand the flesh blooms like a rose.

The pinks and reds grow darker from the blows,

And spread to every part, to every curve,

As warm sensations penetrate each nerve.

The spanking starts with light strokes, sinking in

Quite slowly, medium force, to paint the skin

Only enough to warm it, to prepare

For harder, faster spanking of the bare

And lovely bottom flesh, now slowly turning

To mounds quite pink, then red, soon to be burning

With heat and pain intense enough to cause

The punished one to twist, and without pause

To thrust her body forward, as if she

Could somehow thus escape. Across my knee

She thrashes as her bottom turns to fire;

Yes, thrashes from the sting, and from desire

For stinging pain to build, build to that peak

Which drives away all other thoughts.

We seek,

Together, we who share this gift, we find,

That spanking, like a drug, alters the mind,

Gives clarity, and energy, and peace,

Provides, like nothing else, complete release

From other thoughts. The lovely afterglow

I see, and she can feel, is how we know

How much we care, how much we share. My hand

Has brought us joy but few can understand.

Smiles and Spanks,

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