Bottom Lines, Part 1 of 2

As Mike and I sat together last week, keeping a safe distance of course, it was remarked that it had been a while since he had written a “clean rhyme” for me that I could actually post on the blog. Mike, also known as H. Andrew Swinburne, is the author of the delightful book Bottom Lines: Poems of Warmth and Impact

It was wonderful to see and talk with my old friend again, even though he was being rather naughty and more than once I had a strong desire to pull him over my lap! The next day I received this poem in my inbox:

Illustration by Donna Barr

When spankos were evolved, was nature playing some strange game?

I do not think of nature as amusing, or to blame

For how this odd thing happened. But it’s funny, we all know

That we’re fixated on the round, pink, parts that lie below.

The people who are “normal” think that we are sick, or crass,

Because of the attention that we pay to human ass.

We think about it, write about it, picture it, with glee;

And think of spankings we could give or get across a knee.

We seek out others on the web, although they may be rare,

Who also have obsessions about bottoms, spanked while bare,

Across a knee, across a lap, a hand or strap applied

To a “naughty” “boy” or “girl” who needs a well-spanked, sore backside.

Is this not crazy? Yes, to most, from whom we hide this part

Of our dark, secret lives. We hide the writing and the art

Which secretly we contemplate. And soon we will return

To see our Gin, who brings delight and makes our bottoms burn.

The illustration above is by Donna Barr and accompanies my favorite poem, which you can read here: Bottom Lines, Part 2 of 2.

Smiles and Spanks,

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