5 thoughts on “Does anyone know this artist?

  1. This is by “Sassy Bottoms,” but there is much to say about her work, and it will follow in a separate comment soon.

  2. “Sassy Bottoms” was the name used by an artist whose output was almost entirely pictures of children being spanked, and that was one reason some thought her work offensive, possibly abusive or
    pederastic. But others, like myself, whose triggers were established entirely when I was a boy of 6 or 7, found this the most erotic spanking art we could discover. As others” write, no actual children were harmed in the creation of these pictures.” The same might be said of the enormous output of George J Churchward, another favorite of mine, much of which can be seen on the “Handprints” site.

    “Sassy” published the Domestic Discipline Digest and similar materials; I wrote a couple of pieces for her magazine and was rewarded with copies of most of her publications.

    After she died (I think she died but don’t know that) it was claimed (probably accurately) that she was the wife of Bobby Beausoleil, a Manson follower who is still in jail. He may have been the actual artist, not she. Perhaps they collaborated. But her work was always signed BBB, which seems to bear the story out.

    See the uncomfortable details at: https://www.mansonblog.com/2013/01/sassy-bottoms.html

    In any case, it gave me a very queasy feeling to know I had been in contact with someone connected with the Manson family, especially because I liked her work and because I know a relative of one of the Manson victims (Beausoleil was not connected with that particular murder, but that is beside the point.)

    None of use can change or do anything about our particular fetishes. I could not change the way my mind has worked for over 70 years. My actions can be judged; my imaginings cannot. In spite of all the changes that can be rung on that particular argument/discussion, if you imagine yourself a naughty little boy or girl who needs a spanking, the art of Sassy Bottoms is likely to be among your favorite of the genre. As to your feelings about the impulses and the people who created this art, as people used to say back when on-line spanking discussions began: YMMV.

  3. I do not see a child in this drawing. I thought this was an adult man in his spanking panties…bit of cross dressing, bit of humiliation, bit of spanking.

  4. While I appreciate the detailed comment and description of the art and artist…personally for me I do not see a child here. Just judging by the size of the person over her lap, it looks as if they are at the very least the same size as the lady doing the spanking if not bigger. But that is just my opinion and what I see in the picture…and I am a little out of it with my online spanking lingo, can you fill us in Mike with what YMMV means?

  5. YMMV means “your mileage may vary” or “what floats my boat may not float yours.”. This might not be a mother and child, but if you check out all of Sassy Bottom’s work, you will see that this was her core interest. Some people will not like that. Some of us are still stuck with our childhood fascination in being spanked – especially if we never were.

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