The Awakening of a Spanking Enthusiast

A note from my friend and spankee –

The awakening of a spanking enthusiast: what happened and what it’s like today.

Spanko seeds germinated throughout my childhood beginning with an infatuation with my bottom  blossoming to imagining my bottom being spanked.  In the late 40s through the 50’s, the bottom was hidden and not easily seen so it was a whispered mystery, whisperings accompanied with giggles and mischievous quiet laughter. As a child, my bottom was well covered and only bared for bathing and changing clothes. Such a “private” area.

Along with this bottom infatuation occurred  awakening events of: witnessing a spanking, spanking in newspaper comic strips and movie cartoons and losing a wrestling match with the older girl across the street.

The witnessing:  As a first grader in 1952 in a Texas Elementary school, I witnessed a second grade boy receiving three swats. I was in the hall outside my classroom coming back from the lavatory when the door to the classroom across the hall opened and a boy was brought out by his teacher. She quietly bent him over so his hands rested on his knees and proceed to give him three spanks with a small paddle. I so vividly remember he and I having eye contact as the spanks were delivered. He didn’t cry as I doubt they hurt very much but I will always see his face. It was a mixture of anguish and humiliation probably both from the spanking and the fact it was being witnessed by me even though I didn’t know him. When it was over his teacher looked across at me and for a moment I thought I was next. I remember feeling fluttery.


Spanking in comics strips: About this same time I became aware of spankings in the Sunday newspaper comic strips. So many,  such as Dot, Li’l Abner, Katzenjammer Kids, Dennis the Menace, and on and on.  I couldn’t wait for Sundays. I would get up early to get the comics. Hardly a Sunday passed without some character being spanked. Seeing them gave me a giggly melting sensation.

Movie cartoons:  In the early 50s Saturday afternoon at the movie theater was a happening never to be missed.  Here I started seeing spanking cartoons featuring spanking machines and cartoon animal children being spanked.  While all the other kids laughed, I felt breathless.

The Wrestling match: When I was 10, the neighbor girl across the street, who was 14, challenged me to a wrestling match. I lost when she got me into a schoolgirl pin.  She insisted her prize was to give me a spanking in the basement of her house. She promised it to be a secret so I agreed. The spanking was over her knee, my pants pulled down but underpants remained. It was a long and hard spanking and almost brought tears, but thrilling nonetheless.

I know these germinating events gave rise to, or informed, my innate spanking core today. What they all have in common is the imagining and experiencing spanking as a surrender to a strong but relentless spanker. None of these spankings were triggered by cruelty or out of control anger but more of a firm dedication to delivering a meaningful spanking.

Today, it isn’t “Why spanking,” but more a “Why Not?” It isn’t about making up a reason that requires a spanking (punishment, accountability, therapy, etc). It’s simply about the intimacy of the spanking. It’s the intimacy of being under the utter command of another. The pain inflicted on my bottom becomes immersed with the intimacy of the surrender. It’s the knowing that my surrender feeds my spanker’s sense of intimacy, of an intimate connection. The spanking is a flow of intimacy between spanker and spankee that bubbles up from utter trust. I utterly trust my spanker to take me to an edge and then pull back again and again. My spanker trusts me to unconditionally let her control the flow of the spanking without any need of role play, safe words, etc.  This allows her to be fully engaged in the flow, experiencing her own emotional rush undistracted by my crying out and squirming around. My spanker knows that the pain feeds the trust which feeds the intimacy and around and around. This intimacy is a dance. – Rand


Feel free to share your own spanking awakening in the comments below!

Smiles and Spanks,

2 thoughts on “The Awakening of a Spanking Enthusiast

  1. Whoever Rand is, his (?) remarks and experiences are so close to mine as to validate all of us in my generation who shared these feelings and attitudes. He even posted the naughty pigs!

    Please let him know that I loved his post, I appreciate his candor, and I love the fact that both of us know you and can share our feelings and memories and insights. Hooray for Rand, and for you, and for all of us who will never lose our fascination with spankings and all that they provide.

  2. Hello!

    First, I want to echo the sentiment in the previous post and express my thanks to you for inviting spankers/spankees to share their awakenings (very fun), and to Rand for your eloquently written accounting of your own spanking journey. I can primarily trace my love of spanking back to events that happened when I was 8 and 11.

    On my first day of second grade, I noticed a “Birthday Board” on the wall of our common area that listed the names and birthdates of all my classmates. One day when we convened in the common area for story time, the teacher announced it was the birthday of one of the boys. He was told to come to the front of the class, where she helped him over her lap to deliver his birthday spankings. While everyone else in the class giggled, I was completely transfixed as he received his swats, and so began my obsession with the Birthday Board.

    I checked the Birthday Board almost daily to make sure I knew each birthday so I would have a front row seat during story time. I remembered having a sinking feeling at one point that my birthday would fall on a weekend, and was relieved to find out it was on a Tuesday that year. When my birthday finally came, we all sat down in the common room and the teacher announced, “It’s time for ’s birthday spanking.” I remember making a conscious effort to not seem too eager and gave a completely fake eye roll to my girlfriends.

    Up I went to the front of the class and over the teacher’s knee. I stole a glance at my classmates and gleefully noted they were all watching. Although the eight spanks and one to grow on were infinitesimal taps, I remembered every amazing moment of it and was unable to concentrate on that day’s chapter of Watership Down.

    The second awakening event happened when I was 11 and our babysitter, “Eddie,” was taking care of my brother and me. After we ate dinner and my brother headed off to his room to read, Eddie and I got into a raucous pillow fight using couch cushions. I was a full on tomboy at that point, and had one tremendous swing that landed squarely on Eddie’s face, more specifically on his nose. He began sneezing uncontrollably while his eyes watered, and he let loose a stream of expletives rivaled only by my father. As soon as he got himself under control, he grabbed my arm, sat down on the couch and pulled me over his lap.

    The light from the lamp behind the couch cast a huge shadow of the two of us on the opposite wall. He called my attention to it and said, “Do you see how high my hand is raised? That is what you’re going get!” He gave me about six good swats over my shorts while I watched my shadow self and loved every minute of it! There was also a good amount of tickle torture on my bare feet after that, but I’ll save that story for a different forum. After Eddie decided he was more interested in hanging out with his friends on Saturday nights than taking care of me and my brother, my mother hired “Amber” who was sort of a dud.

    There are other stories, but these two are the most memorable. I’ve had a healthy obsession with spanking ever since and look forward to reading stories other spankers/spankees would like to share.


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