My much needed spank-free extended weekend

I can’t think of anything spanking related to post today, so here are some photos from my much needed spank-free extended weekend.

Activities included petting a goat, seeing some penguins, baking bread (for the first time), a solo trip to Baker Beach, a solo trip to the cinema, painting (not pictured, still incomplete) and drinking gin with an old friend on his birthday at our favorite place.

That reminds me, people keep asking me if the name “Gin” comes from the drink. It does not. Prior to creating NaturallyGin I actually had never even had gin, it wasn’t until a spankee gifted me this bottle that I tried gin for the first time. It is tasty and I do enjoy having a gin and tonic for celebratory reasons every once in a while, but the name “Gin” does not come from the drink.

Smiles and Spanks,