NaturallyGin on Twitter

I am trying something new. I don’t have any form of social media in my personal life and apart from this Smiles and Spanks blog (Which I guess is considered social media?) Gin doesn’t have social media either, but that changed today when I joined Twitter. Not sure if I will like this social media […]

Ask Gin!

Hello spankos! I am starting a new blog segment called “Ask Gin.” You ask, I answer. Simple as that! I’ll do this until people run out of questions ;) So, if you have a spanking related question please message me directly at or leave your question in the comment section. Don’t be shy!Smiles and […]

Cabin By The River

NaturallyGin email catch up day after spending time at the cabin by the river. I particularly enjoyed the outdoor bathtub and painting in nature. Yes, I know this is not spanking related. Smiles and Spanks,