Ask Gin – Question #1

This question is from spankee John: How common is it for people to cry during a session with you?  Do you find it’s more common for women or men to cry?

Questions&AnswersIt is equally common for men and women to cry during a session with me. It’s even more common if the spanking is for a real life reason.

Some people cry before the spanking even begins and continue through the session. This generally happens during goal oriented discipline sessions, especially when the spankee feels they have let me down or have disappointed me in some way.

Spankees often request to be “spanking to tears” – this is something I never can guarantee during a session. As many of you already know, crying usually doesn’t have to do with the physical pain of a spanking, it relates more to the mental state of the spankee.


Smiles and Spanks,