NaturallyGin on Twitter

April 2021: Haha, this is so silly. Now my old account is suddenly no longer suspended. I don’t understand it. Twitter is a mystery to me. NaturallyGin on Twitter.

February 2021: I started a new Twitter page: Smiles and Spanks.

January 2021: Oops. My profile image on Twitter was too much apparently. Or maybe it was my profile header of the Bay Bridge…it’s unclear. Either way, Twitter didn’t give me a chance to change the images before suspending my account.

May 2019: I am trying something new. I don’t have any form of social media in my personal life and apart from this Smiles and Spanks blog (Which I guess is considered social media?) Gin doesn’t have social media either, but that changed today when I joined Twitter. Not sure if I will like this social media thing, but I’m giving it a go...tweet tweet.

Smiles and Spanks,

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