Ask Gin!

UPDATE – I am revisiting this “Ask Gin!” segment. I was really excited about it before and then got discouraged because people were getting a little nasty with their questions. Those particular questions were deleted and the ones remaining I will work on. So, I thought I would give it another go. Below is the original post:

Hello spankos! I am starting a new blog segment called “Ask Gin.” You ask, I answer. Simple as that! I’ll do this until people run out of questions. ;)

If you have a spanking related question please message me directly at or leave your question in the comment section.Questions&AnswersSmiles and Spanks,

4 thoughts on “Ask Gin!

  1. What is the actual official spanking zone? I know that it is only on the backside and that it does not extend too far up the back or too far down the legs, but where do you draw the lines on the upper and lower parts of the backside when you are administering a proper spanking?

  2. I’m sure Gin will agree to a safeword if you really believe you need it, but in my experience, it is not necessary, because Gin seems to sense intuitively when you are approaching your limits, and she will always stop if you complain hard enough. But, some people like a safeword so that they can have the feeling of the spanking being out of control. In other words, they want the top to ignore their pleas to stop. Having a safeword assures them that the spanking will definitely stop if they really want it to.

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